Mille, Zenith or Century?



Looking at booking a cruise in Jan '04 on one of these ships. We were all but sold on the Millennium, but then read a scathing review. . .don't you hate that? Now I'm not so sure. We are early 40s with a 5 and 7 year old, love the white-glove treatment and peace and quiet on vacation. Thanks for any suggestions you have!


The Millie is a great ship ,sorry you read a bad review but I don't think of the Millie in a negative way.The Century is one of our favorite ships and the Zenith is a nice smaller ship.With young kids I would go for the Millie,as they have a great kids area as compared to the other 2 ships.With kids I would not recommend the Zenith as there is not nearly as much to do .The Century has a kids program that is in the middle of the other 2 ships.I have never been as pampered as when we have sailed on the Century. That being said the Millie also has good service but I would give the Century a notch or so higher.Not to say anything is bad on the Millie and with a family you will all find what you want on this ship.You can have your service and quiet places and the kids can have the pool and the kids playarea.If you want to shop or go to a show or disco you will find a good selection although some of the shops are very pricey,we just window shop those :lol the shows are good and they have a nice stage that has sections that can be raised or lowered under it.So bottom line for what your needs are I would say Millie 1st Century 2nd and I would not really recommend the Zenith because of your kids sailing with you.

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There isn't one ship that has not received a scathing review. "You can't please everyone all the time". Unfortunately things can go wrong and for one reason or another can not be put right. You will probably have a great time on the Millie or Century. The Zenith is very nice and you could also have a very good time onboard. If
"the peace and quiet on vacation" appeal to you then the Zenith might be right for you also.



We sailed Millie during her inagural season and are booked on her again next February along with our 3 grandchildren. I agree with the statements above. The Millennium will be the best of the 3 ships to please everyone in your family. Check out the FV cabins at the stern. With only a $400 per child cost, you can spend a little more on a bigger cabin. The children's Fun Factory and their evening no fee programs will help keep all members of the family active and happy. The T-pool is adult only which mom & dad may really enjoy when the kids are taking part in the youth program. There is a 2 storey Music Notes room and library Words. Entertainment is varied and service is usually great. Also, the itinerary is a decent one for family activities on shore. It won't cost a lot to see the ports on your won unless you wish to play golf or invest in a lot of ship tours. Each port can be easily toured on your own (except maybe Casa de Campo). There isn't much out there yet for tours and there is still some conflict with the new schedule.

We are booked for 2/22/04.
Email me if you have any questions about the ship.


We are booked on our second cruise this year on The Millennium. We loved the ship the first time and are looking foward to our November cruise. I can't imagine what would make anyone post a scathing review of this ship. gIt is a beautiful well kept ship with great food and staff.


You always get good and bad reviews, regardless of what ship or line.

The Zenith was built and entered service in ' 92 and wasn't really built to accomodate kids. Therefore the kids programs aren't that great. I would look closely at the Millie or one of the other bigger, newer ships for a cruise with the kids.


THANKS EVERYBODY for the great advice. Feeling much better now about our choice and I know we will have a great time on the Millie!



I have been on the Millie and Zenith and will be on the Century in October. I just got off the Galaxy 3 days ago which is a sister to the Century.

Do the Millie. Also, if I read one or two bad reviews, I take them with salt. Unless there are dozens of bad reviews, I discount them to personal tastes or issues.

You and your family will have a great time on any of the three ships, but the Millie will be a little better.

Have a great cruise.


Quick question for you: My wife and I love to ballroom dance, and did plenty on board Explorer last year. We are looking at cruising on Millenium and would like to know if there is ample opportunity for ball room dancing? Any info is greatly appreciated!


Benjamin Smith


Love to ballroom dance? Don't go on the Millennium. Go on the Century. Or Galaxy, Mercury, Zenith, or Horizon.

The Millennium is an OK ship at best. I don't particularly think it is a very well designed ship. Much of the ship is shops, one part of the ship meeting rooms, another part of the ship a big flower shop called the conservatory. There's silly design in this ship like the long wings in the dining room, the lack of writing desks in the library, and many other things. The Millennium class is a huge disappointment in terms of Celebrity's creativity. Go on the Century, Galaxy, and Mercury and you go on 3 different ships, although each are unmistably Celebrity. Each is a custom ship with its own dining room, own Rendezvous, own, foyer, own furnishings with their own layout, own personalities showing different aspects of Celebrity style. Go on the Millennium ships and you find carbon copies of the dining rooms (different colors and textures but same furnishings and layout) and most other public rooms from the Millennium to the Infinity to the Summit to the Constellation.

The reason that I say go on the Century and not the Millennium? The Millennium is 91,000 tons yet only has 2 dance floors and fewer public areas than Century. The Zenith is 47,000 tons and has 3 dance floors. The Century ships also have 3 dance floors. On the Millennium, and the other ships that are Millennium class, you get a Rendezvous lounge that has a duo that performs and people can dance. You then have, directly above it, the Platinum lounge martini/bar that has a hole in the floor where you can listen to the duo and watch people dance. You can not go directly below via a stiarway to dance you must exit the top Platinum lounge area and go downstairs to the Rendezvous lounge to dance. Silly design. Both are H-shaped walkthrough areas and not destination areas. The only other option for a dance floor is up in the observation lounge where the disco is and is not a ballroom type atmosphere. And you have to go a long way to get there.

On the Century what do you have? A 1930s re-creation ambiance in the Crystal room. It is aft in the ship, is not a walkthrough, has a wonderful dance floor, chandeliers, and looks like it comes straight out of Fred and Ginger. Galaxy has a somewhat similar room that may be even more stylish. Nothing whatsever like this exist on the Millennium or any of the Millennium class ships, those ships may sport the specialty dining room, that doesn't exist on the Century class, but they are lounge deficient, they don't have nearly enough lounges or public areas for their size. They don't necessarily have intimate spaces either. The spaces are large on the Millennium and are not separated into intimate sections with railings and different levels as is done on the Century and Horizon class of ships. For this design faux pax Celebrity turned their oversized Michael's Club cigar smoking lounges into piano bars. But they didn't put dance floors in them. On Century class these remain smoking bars.

The Millennium ships are nothing but revenue producing-designed ships for RCI/Celebrity Corp. These were not designed with the daring and creativity that the Century ships were designed with. They were not designed from the ground up to give a uniquely Celebrity experience the way the Century and Horizon class ships were. These are go-with-the-Joneses current generation ships.

The Century is a fabulous, unique, timeless vessel with a magnificent dining room that surpasses the Millennium ships in both luxury and style (much more work was put into the Century's dining room ambiance to get it right than was the Millennium, according to the designer of the both of their dining rooms, Birch Coffey). The Millennium, for all of her luxury content, is run-of-the-mill premium mass market ship. Want to ballroom dance? Century has the venue and they do ballroom dancing onboard frequently in this room (that's the purpose and music that Birch Coffey had in mind when he designed the room). Millennium lacks the venue for it and offers it in a much less ambiance-filled observation lounge when it is offered. Put pics side by side of Crystal room vs. Platinum club. Both rooms are stylish, but Crystal room has dance floors and more intimate seating and sections and more "period" feel to it.

I'd cancel Millennium and go with Century if you want the *real* Celebrity and not the Celebrity/RCI hybrid that the Millennium class ship is.

For me, look past the newness of the Millennium and her sisters, and it is a very flawed ship.


I agree with Ben mostly.although be advised that I have not been on a Century Class. You would want to consider the kids programs/set ups on the Mille class however for sure over the Zenith and Horizon. Also the Zenith and Horizon and Century class do not have the Azu Pod system problems.


Wow... Ben told us what he really thinks... LOL!

Much of what he said is accurate, but a different take based upon what is percieved (we liked the hole in the floor, but then, we don't dance, and that was one poster's question).

Century is my favorite Celebrity ship, at least so far, and we have sailed all three classes. I would still agree with the majority of posters that if you have children and they are interested in the children programs, the Millie class ships are the best bet, Century class is OK, and the Horizon class well back in third.



Oh, we have kids alright...4 of them. And they are NOT coming with us! LOL Not this time anyway. Maybe once they can contain themselves, but not now. We've scrapped the Millenium idea. I cruised on Century before and I enjoyed it very much. We're considering the Galaxy (southern caribbean) as well - since the itinerary seems terrific. Any thoughts on Galaxy? Comparable to Century? Should be, but 'ya never know.

We want: exceptional service, excellent food, intimate lounges and lots of ballroom dancing. No disco's please. Or mirrored balls hanging from the ceiling.

Thanks to all for the great posts!

Benjamin Smith

Yes, Galaxy is a Century class ship but she's quite different inside. She improves on Century in having better access to the dining room via a 3 deck aft foyer, adds a quiet aft pool (usually quiet). Her Tastings is different, more private feeling, her Cova is in a separate area (some call it the poodle lounge). Her observation lounge is improved, it is on 2 levels and has dramatic, tall windows with exceptional views.

Her decor is quite different, not only colors, but the furniture is different, different foyer, dining room (nothing like the Century's), etc. I think the differences are interesting and I like the Galaxy better than the Century and Galaxy most of Celebrity's fleet. Staterooms are the same size.

Dancing, Galaxy has the same 3 areas to dance, Rendezvous, Savoy Lounge (Galaxy's Crystal, somewhat similar to Century's Crystal but jazzier), and the Observation lounge/disco area. Galaxy's Rendezvous has a larger dance floor than Century's. I just hope you get the ballroom dancing on the Galaxy, I sailed the Constellation on the Southern Caribbean route and was very annoyed that there was little ballroom dancing aboard that ship (had plenty of it on Galaxy and Century in Alaska and Europe, respectively)

Galaxy should be fine for you if you enjoyed Century.