Milleninium or Zaandam?


Mary Judson

We are looking at E. Caribbean New Year's cruises on these two ships. Hubby and are on either side of forty and our daughter is nine. Does anyone have the first-hand experience to help me compare the two in terms of kids program, activities, etc. on a holiday sailing? Looks like we would get a much larger stateroom for the same money on the Zaandam, but we're worried that our daughter might have trouble finding enough to do. (Wouldn't think of taking her on HAL unless it was a holiday time!)

Thanks for any info you could share!


During the Holidays there will be a number of children on board either ship. Other than during school holidays, HAL does have an older crowd onboard. The full suite on HAL is excellent and considerably less money than a Royal Suite on Celebrity.



Can't help from personal experience, only observation. On our HAL Zaandam cruise, there was a great mix of ages and quite a few kids. The parents we spoke with said their kids were having a great time and got great individual-type attention, enough kids for socialization, but not the massive amounts on other lines. The Zaandam is a great ship and the crew is fantastic!!!