Miracles do happen!!!!!!!!!!


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Last night my dh and I were in his hospital room looking at going home the next day to wait and see when his foot got worse. In walked his interventional cardiologist saying that he thought it was worth a try to open his 100% blocked thigh artery and if that was successful he would keep on to try and open the vessels in his calf. Of course we said yes it was worth a try. He said that if the blockage was hard as cement like they can be sometimes he would be unable to do it.l

Today the doctor was able to open up all of the arteries, talk about a miracle. We are so excited and the dr said he would fix the other leg next week.

Thank you everyone that prayed for and thought about us this week.


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Awesome news. So glad that your DH was able to have the procedure. Continued prayers for the other leg are coming your way.


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So nice to read good news for a change. That truly is a miracle.
Prayers will continue for a speedy recovery.


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:clap: GREAT NEWS! Sending positive thoughts that the dr. is successful with the other leg and your DH has an uneventful recovery. :clap:


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They have sprung him from the hospital and he will go back in a week or two to have the remaining problems fixed! It is soooo nice to be home!

I know that the prayers from here and other places really helped in our situation.

Thanks again to everyone!


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WONDERFUL! I was about to post on your other thread, and thought I'd read this one first. I'm glad I did. Thoughts and prayers continue...collectively, they seem to be effective.

Hugs to you both.