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Miscellaneous(part 3....or is it 4?)

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by PH8, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    So does this mean you found one(or 2) to book??

    I can not get back on CC.........I swear,if it wasnt for a few,I wouldnt bother.....

    I did post there are alot of military/resident rates for the SS coming up the next couple of months,,,,,,,,,
  2. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    D*mn! CC is a PITA today. One minute it opens up just fine and then NOTHING!!:X I know what you mean about posting there as some people don't come here.

    Oh I found plenty of cruises to book. Only problem is too little money to do them all.:( Why wasn't I born rich????????????????=huh
  3. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Instead of beautiful??? Damned if I know,I ask myself that very question every day.. :lol :lol :lol :lol
  4. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Hey, if you have enough money, you can always buy beauty ... Unless you use the same plastic surgeon as Wayne Newton, Kenny Rogers or Phyllis Dillar!!::eek::lol
  5. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~~~No thanks........they are really scary looking!!!
  6. ruttie

    ruttie Guest

    hi guys found you,.. I had to come home today Micahel is throwing up again.. I may need to take him to the dr.. it only just occured to me that it could be a form of his peanut allergy. we have had problems inthe past with the lunchroom tables if someone sits at the table before him that has had peanut butter even when they wash.. (which may alsio be teh culpret becuase of teh dirty sopay wash water) anyway hs arms break out form the exposure to the tables so he carries wipes with him and wipes the table in front of him before he sits down. he has been doing that since he was in Kindergaarten.. anyway it is possibel that he could be havibg an allergic reaction..although when i finally went to clinic to get him (i had ot wait for my break) anyway teh clinic had already sent home 21 kids for throwing up and fever. i just donlt know whatto do about this I am glad i am not getting it but the boys including richard keep swapping it.. we wash everything change sheets etc..... it is driving me crazy... I am glad i have a great parent who does not mind doing science for me.. Plus we are making snow in my room this week so it was a fun lesson for herto do...
    My dad made it through surgery they were gonna decide during surgery if he was a canidate for something called an OXFORD KNEE and if so they were gonna do that iinstead of a total knee replacement,,, it is suppose to be the newestthing and less recovery they keep a portion of teh knee bone and fuse it with an artificial one??!! anyway I can;t go see him now becasue i dont want to take the chance on gettinghim sick, PLUS i am not sure i should go to a hospital with all those sick people a week before my surgery,,,,,
    San i read your post about the quaesadillas LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM made me think that is what i am gonna have for dinner I buy the taco bell kit at teh gorcery store all you have to do is add the chicken, yum yum.....
    So you are puppy sitting have fun... Half moon bay sounds familiar is it an all inclusive??
    I priced a florida ressie rate on disney and for a balony for 3 days it was 1400 not bad.. for a couple it was only 8 somehting PH I may get you on a disney one yet..... Ooops got to go I haveto get Ale in teh car line between 2:15 and 2:30 ooopss we are late......
  7. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Poor Ruttie.....................sick kid again........I think a doctor visit would be a good thing.......hope he gets rid of it once and for all..............

    Glad to hear your dad's doing ok..........sounds like an interesting concept(the Oxford Knee)......hope he gets up and about soon........

    I know someday we would like to try a Disney ship......they look beautiful...........only problem is I dont get any C and A credit for it.... :)D

    Turned out to be a nice day.............
  8. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    [size=medium]Hi Everyone!! We just can't seem to STAY AWAY from this site too long .....can we?? :girly Love having the Smily's to use on here.

    I'll come over and check every so often.

    KC........if you're reading this.......stop in and say HELLO . PLEASE!! Miss ya girl.

  9. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    And we are getting titles back soon....... (tu)
  10. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Glad the surgery is over for your Dad Ruttie. Before you know it, yours will be over with.....and lkess pain.
    Half Moon Bay is all inclusive....has it's own fire and police departments etc etc. Actually, HMB is known for it's pumpkin festival.....it's a small town right on the coast south from San Francisco....nice little town that gets very crowded on the weekends.
    I think Angeline and Anthony had a good time on the weekend....although they said that it was pretty costly for a small tent and walk to bathrooms. They could hear the Pacific at night....so I guess that that was what they were paying for.

    Too bad you're not doing the TransAtlantic with us in September BB. I guess the mariner will be a nice getaway for you.

    I don't think Kc likes most of us anymore K2.
  11. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    San - Sure wish I was doing the transAtlantic too, but this just isn't our year to do it. Too much other stuff going on. I'll be with you all in spirit though. Does that count for anything?

    Ruttie - Glad your dad's surgery is over. That Oxford knee sounds interesting. You've got to love all the new stuff they keep coming up with.
    Sorry you've got Michael sick again. That's the last thing you need with your surgery coming up so soon. The way our weather has been up and down, it's no wonder everyone is getting sick.

    Missy is due here any minute, so I better get going. I'm sure she'll be looking for something to munch on.:cool:
  12. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    [size=medium]Hmmmmm a OXFORD KNEE?? I'll have to look that up on Google. Sounds awful Preppy to me!! :cool:

    [size=large]Here is what I found on Oxford Knee! Looks like a great idea if you don't need a full replacement.

    Ruttie Hope you and your family will find a way to get that horrible "BUG" out of your house soon. I think you need to exterminate the house. Good luck kiddo. You need to be well for your own surgery on Feb 27th.

    I went to get the mail from the mailbox and MAN OH MAN it's FRigin FREEZING OUT THERE!! ::eek:
  13. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Trying this thread....too many damn moving avatars on the other one screwing up the works.

    OK BB....in spirit....I guess that will have to do......interesting who you cruise with.......guess Marcia, Bill and I are chopped liver.

    I have Tony knees K2....the best kind.

    Ruttie....it was Fajitas...not quaesadillas......there, naow you have to cook another meal.
  14. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Looks to me the avatars on here move too..........so whats your point?? =huh

    I was gonna say I didnt know Taco Bell made chicken quesdillas...........I personally LOVE plain old cheese ones........then again,I love anything with cheese........

    Watching the Biggest Loser..........good tips on there.too abd I dont use any of them.. :lol

    Waiting to go pick Dennis up........should be home around 10........

    BB likes to cruise with the cream of the crop.......hahah

    BTW--she's crusing with Bill in Oct.
  15. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    [quote PH8]Looks to me the avatars on here move too..........so whats your point?? =huhThis board was set up right and can handle it
    I was gonna say I didnt know Taco Bell made chicken quesdillas...........I personally LOVE plain old cheese ones........then again,I love anything with cheese........We went to ElAmigo's, not Taco Bell.

    Watching the Biggest Loser..........good tips on there.too abd I dont use any of them.. :lol

    Waiting to go pick Dennis up........should be home around 10........

    BB likes to cruise with the cream of the crop.......hahahSo, you're telling me it's me she won't cruise with

    BTW--she's crusing with Bill in Oct.[/quote] DITTO
  16. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    Good Evening...busy day at work and at home, so this is my first time here today. Gary has been working a couple of hours over each night...but it upsets our typical schedule. I do have my posting priorities to think about :p
    San - saw on the bunny thread that you were planning on going to Stonyford. I used to dirt ride up there (before Tracy was born, so a good 27 years ago). I had a job at Daly City Honda/Suzuki (bookkeeper/office manager) and had both a street and dirt bike. Friends of ours had a ranch up there, 4-Q ranch, and we spend a lot of summer weekends up there. I remember the children's rodeo, especially the sheep riding by the little kids. Is it still pretty remote? or?
    Watching American Idol, and am taping Big Brother, will see how the DVR works.
    BB - congrats on booking 2 cruises...I'm sure you, PH and company will keep the ship rocking. I have to wait until October to go.
    K2 - I see the Queen Bee is back...try to keep warm. It's suppose to be in the 30's tonight. Hopefully, the plants I did this weekend are okay.
    Patti - glad you found us. I hope you boys get well soon. Thank you so much for the space shuttle powerpoint. It was great.
  17. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Yea,basically, she is saying it is not you she'll cruise with,Tony........I dont know why.......I sure would if given the opportunity,;)

    I guess I mixed up with Patti saying Taco Bell............sorry.........

    Hiya Christine.......Im watching Biggest Loser and recording AI...actually recording both so Dennis can watch BL..........

    I say we use our names on here....why not??

    Did you notice the powers to be are keeping this thread at top??? Even if newer threads are posted....

    Thanks John and bOB!! We're glad to be back.............
  18. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    Kathy - "real" names are fine with me. Didn't get into Biggest Loser this time...but this is the first time I've done Big Brother...my sister said it was great. She's the one that got me to watch TAR. Glad they are keeping us on top. We must be good kids...One question, when I post I have to go back into the thread to read...is there a way to change the settings so when I post, I'm still in the thread (does that make sense =huh ) I end up back at the forum list.
  19. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    [quote PH8]Yea,basically, she is saying it is not you she'll cruise with,Tony........I dont know why.......I sure would if given the opportunity,;)

    Man, that really hurts my feelings. She also cancelled that Ultimate Alaska cruise that Marcia and I were on...oh well, poor, poor me.

    This will be the first time at Stonyford Christine. It probably hasn't changed much....but I'll let you know what it's like. Bikes have probably changed a lot since you worked there....I know ATVs have.

    All the previous posts are above this box as I type. Are you sure that you're not looking down instead?
  20. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    It's not the posts...I can see them...it's after I post it takes me outside the thread, so I have to click on the forum to get back. I'm sure that's as clear as mud. Let me try again...on CC after you post it takes you back to the posts, when I post here, it takes me out of the thread.
    When we used to go to Stoneyford, there was one General Store and bar. That was it. Hope you enjoy it. I'll be interested to know how it is now.
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