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Miscellaneous(part 3....or is it 4?)

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by PH8, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Tony....we'll keep our fingers crossed for a preinaugural,but I bet you have to have like 100 credits these days or you can qualify kathies way with only 1....Hope your visit with Nadine went well today.

    mmmmm............nothing like the smell of melting chocolate,Kathie......bet they are really yummy......

    CC is really the pits...........
  2. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    [size=medium]Kathy........the Truffles turned out REALLY GOOD. I tried one today .......just to make sure they were okay.......Hee Hee and they were.

    Have a great Sunday everyone. Tony,while I'm singing in church I'll say a prayer for Nadine and the all the rest of us too.

    Nite. =sleep
  3. mickeyboy7

    mickeyboy7 Guest

    Is it possible to find a seat at a $5 blackjack table anymore? I've had no luck lately.=twocents
  4. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Dont play blackjack ,so cant help you.............sorry..........

    Happy Sunday all.................trying to post elsewhere without luck...........
  5. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    :wave Hiya Paul... You having trouble too(getting on CC?)
  6. BillG35

    BillG35 Guest

    I can get to the CC board page but get a data base error message if I try to go any further. If anyone is interested in sailing to Bermuda from Boston next Fall on Jewel of the Seas, Vacation Outlet has chartered her again for one 5 night sailing. If past history is any indication, the prices will be outrageously high and more than what RCI is charging for the repo cruise from Boston to Miami.
  7. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Hi Rita.......

    So what you are saying even if it is chartered out,its gonna be really $$$$$$$$$$$?????
  8. BillG35

    BillG35 Guest

    It's Bill, not Rita :) I'm saying that because it is chartered by Vacation Outlet it is going to be expensive. They have done this in the past and they charge prices far higher than the regular RCI cruises out of Boston. Since it will be the only one going to Bermuda, they can pretty much charge what the traffic will bear and still fill the ship. In the past, however, they seemed to make deals with local radio stations and awarded trips on this cruise to listeners who won station contests. It gets them free advertising on the media and probably results in additional sales. We'll see what happens this Fall when the sailing date gets closer.:cool:
  9. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    OOPS.sorry, BILL..........my mistake.......

    Thats just not right they do stuff like that....but nothing can stop them,right?? Dont think we'll be taking that cruise...........did you see those really low TA cruises for this spring?? Holy cow....wish we could take advantage of those............maybe next year........
  10. BillG35

    BillG35 Guest

    I did see them and wish that our westbound was similarly priced.Our first TA in 2002 (westbound on Brilliance) was a similar bargain but it has been quite some time since I have seen deals like these eastbound sailings.
  11. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Im saving my money for a last minute fund next year!!
  12. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    O.K. I found you all over here......

    Our teenagers at Church did a 30 hour fast...... Started yesterday at 6:00 a.m. with a lock in at Church. At noon they took $1,100.00 that they had earned and went to a discount grocery and with 11 grocery carts, spent the whole amount. Then took all the groceries to a trailor park that they often help out and went door to door handing out food..... Then back to Church for the afternoon and night and Church this morning....... There were 13 teens and 2 mothers who did the whole thing. Some others came by during the day for moral support. As Church ended, the parents headed out to pick up the Pizza for lunch...... Really proud of those kids.

    I fixed New York Strip steaks for or noon meal. And then took a nap.

    PH, thanks for reminding were this was.......

    Hi to everyone else....
  13. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    After I posted, I found out I had no Avatar and that my signature still showed Alaska 2007 for my next cruise...... Had to remember how to change stuff........
  14. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    ACHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im allergic to cats.. :)P) Guess I could go ahead and update my signature too.......
  15. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    Now PH, my cat will not hurt you at all.... Just pet her, and no allergies....
  16. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    (tu) Now thats my kind of cat... (tu)
  17. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    Kathy - didn't realize you were allergic to cats...glad Clarence didn't bother you yesterday.

    Paying bills online and needed a break....went to El Taxco for lunch with Gary, mom and Tracy. Tracy wanted to see her grandmother before she left, and she had just got back in town from a run to Kentucky. Mom left after lunch for home and just called to say she was home. Beautiful day outside, a little breezy, but nice and sunny.

    Glad to see you Marcia...what great kids, the people at the trailer park must have been suprised.

    Well, back to the bill paying...ouch...
  18. PH8

    PH8 Guest

  19. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    Hey PQ, wish I could have joined you all yesterday... I really do love St. Augustine.....

    We had New York Strip Steaks for lunch, with spinich and sweet potatoes.... So don't need much for dinner..... Just snack
    a bit........
  20. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    And a big good morning to myself. And now where did everyone go? Anyway, heading out to the Foot Doctor......
    and then the Wellness Center and the store.

    Back later........
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