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Miscellaneous Plus [3445]

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sanjoseca, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. bOB

    bOB Guest

    >>>You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy!<<<

    Yo.... are we talking redneck here or taco bell master chef, he probably has a recipe for rattlesnake and just adapted it...........
  2. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    Couldn't get on earlier. No rain over here, could use some, as I put more dirt around my tomatoes...getting about 3-4 a day. Not bad for container tomotoes. They are all heritage, just 4 different type.

    Just took my peach cobbler out of the oven (sorry San, but it's better than talking about iguana). Cooked lamb shanks in the pressure cooker (my new Wolfgang Puck programmable one :))

    We do have a pool (I think it was K2) that asked. Gary loves the pool, along with Brandy (she loves to swim). I like to float and read...also has a hot tub attached. When we decided to move to Florida and saw the size of the pools, Gary decided he wanted a POOL. Ours is 18x40 and made for swimming, no fancy shapes for us.

    Saw PH at Lowe's today. Went looking (and purchased) new carpeting for the living room. Needed a little color.

    Going to check out the FL thread...need to see what the illness of the day is...
  3. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Ok San.the only reason I was nice is cuz D emailed me real worried she might have major illness........I did feel bad for her.......she usually does not complain.

    I know what you mean KC about roll calls.................all of sudden my EN roll call has been taken over by a group who has cruised together and they make all kinds of plans and totally ignore the original members(who have not posted since.....they got scared off).anyone wanting to kill a thread feel free.......Enchantment Aug 23....just leave my name outta it........wish i was ballsy enuf to tell them to f off....but Im too nice..........
  4. kasey

    kasey Guest

    Ph, whew, I just read thru most of your roll call....I see what you mean.......that "chicky" broad is a real piece of work......
    Are you going to try to meet up with these people or just do your own thing???????
  5. PH8

    PH8 Guest


    No, not meeting up with any of them.......usually dont when we have the inlaws with us......just in the beginning, the original ones asked where to meet and what time.......I suggested pool bar at sailaway.all said good idea........now these morons come on and say 3pm at some bar....I really think it will just be their group and none of the original people.........yea, they sure sound like an unstanding group dont they?? I think Phil needs to join the roll call...

    Another medical expert on the F thread..
  6. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Good Sunday morning! Looks like we have a bunch of sleepyheads around here today.

    KC - Your roofers there yet? I hope they didn't wake you up again.

    PH - I didn't even know there was a roll call for EN. I forget to ever check that part of the boards.

    Well guess who didn't get the hint after my post yesterday on the F thread? Who else but B who's still spouting about her illnesses. Now she can't put a shoe on??? At least she has a foot ... unlike poor Phil.

    Boy, did it pour here late yesterday afternoon. They said on the news last night that we got over 2 inches of rain in about 20 minutes!::eek: Our lake is now totally full and then some. The overflow is spilling into Toho like it's supposed to do. Big change from the beginning of May when the lake was about a foot and a half down.

    Had fun at Missy's last night in spite of the fact that a lot of the people they invited didn't show up. There's that Florida thing again about no shows. Same thing happened back in April for Ethan's birthday. People say they'll be there and then you don't even get a phone call to say they aren't coming. I just don't get it!
    The good part about so many not showing up is that I won't have to cook for a day or two. There's so much food left.:)
  7. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    [quote Breeze]
    . People say they'll be there and then you don't even get a phone call to say they aren't coming. I just don't get it!

    They sure dont do it like they do up north,do thay BB??

    hey,great idea....go post on the roll call and you and I can make plans......
  8. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Good Morning GANG!!

    Didn't get a chance to sleep in. Had to say goodbye to ARtie. He's off to go to Canada for a reunion on his Mothers side of the family and then camp with Jill and the Kids. SIL is in Chicago. ME=== I'm smart and at HOME!! YES......it's wonderful!! Eat when and what I want until Wed a.m.

    Birthday Party Bash was FANTASTIC. We had people fly in from Santa Monica, Phoenix, Dallas, Ohio and Upper Michigan too. Got home at 2:00 A.M. X( Guess you can say that means I had a great time.

    It's going to be up over 96 + degrees and HUMID here. It's hot already.

    I went to the ATM machine early this morning and on the way back just before I turn into our Subdivison a DEER flys out in front of my car and I just missed its back leg!! ::eek: I had been looking at this one Italian guys garden that faces the main street and when I turned I see this FLASH and realize I just almost hit a DEER!! UNREAL. Now get this.......the name of our Subdivison is "DEERWOOD"!!! Too funny.

    Have a fun day all.
  9. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Just checked the EN roll call. Thanks, but no thanks, on posting there. Wouldn't want to interrupt their continuous chatter amongst themselves. And the way they have to continually quote what gets said .... ahhhhh!!!! I'm sure we're bound to see them around the ship. Hopefully, they won't be using the CL.

    K2 - What a close call you had with that deer. See ... That's what happens when you're not paying attention to the road but checking out some guys garden.:cool: Next time keep your eyes on the road!!!!
    Lucky you to have so much ME time this week. Whatever will you do with all that free time?

    Hi San!:wave I see you lurking.
  10. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Good Sunday morning.

    John is almost to Chicago now, on his way to Rochester, New York. He was over an hour late leaving SJC so he is going to miss his connection. I don't know what time he left Gilroy, but his flight was supposed to leave SJC at 6:30 AM.....those eastbound flights are killers....I remember them all too well....takes up your whole Sunday to get to Rochester.

    Going to take Nancy down to Watsonville this afternoon for the Red Hat Dudes Tea. Matthew, Joseph and I are going to do something. Angeline and Angelia will be there also.
  11. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Hi all.........

    Thats ok BB.I know you're not a roll call kind of person.........usually,I like them.have met people that we have kept in touch with that way...and on the JW,will be cruising with them again.........

    Sounds like you had a nice time K2....2am.that is late.....another hot day for you,huh??

    We just came in....grilled and laid outside and swam quite a bit......then it was bed time for someone....

    KC---roof done???

    Have fun with the guys San....btw-is your hosue on the market yet??Im not sure.........
  12. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    BB: One of the first things I did today during "ME TIME" was take a UNANNOUNCED NAP!! Wow, it felt so good!! :loveya

    SAN: Have fun with the kids while waiting for the "RED HAT" lady to get done with her TEA!!
    I think having a TEA on a SUNDAY is strange. It would seem like they'd do that kind of thing during the week. But then again, maybe some of the ladies work during the week.

    Okay, I need to finish reading the newspaper from this morning.

    Tonight I'm treating myself to a BBQ RIB dinner at the "BONE YARD RESTAURANT"!! A nice Serbian fella owns it. He has 3 of them in different areas. He's well on his way to becoming a Millionaire like his Dad & Mom did through being successful in the Restaurant business. Nice kid too......always gives me a hug and kiss when I come in. He was in Sunday School Classes the same time Jill was at our church.

    QUIET ON HERE TODAY........Later all.
  13. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    House is not on the market PH. Tomorrow I am going to get serious about getting it ready. Have some painting to do, shampoo carpets and some repair work. The painting will be the biggest pain.

    You ain't fooling me, K2, you don't care about ribs.....you're just going for the hugs and kisses from the young restaurateur....tell the truth now.

    Think I will stay away from the FL thread.....Lois is thinking Phil is legitimate.

    PH, I think that we have real honest to goodness role models on here when it comes to people with medical issues. Bill, GM and Ruttie always handle themselves so well no matter what is going on and I am so impressed. I don't see that at all with some of the FL characters....that's why they botther me so much.
  14. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    I dont blame you San.......I have little to no sympathy for the others....it was just Daph had emailed a while ago and was really quite frightened about what she might have......you did notice she is the only one who got the message.......
  15. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Couldn't agree with you more about the Fl thread, San. Some of those people are just plain strange. Our little group has been through a great deal and everyone is supportive of them. S & B on the other hand just seem to be doing a pity party of which they are the stars!

    Quiet around here today. Around 1 Missy called to ask Bert to bring them some water where they're doing a curbing job. They had already finished off what they brought. Well here we are over 3 hours later and he's still not back! I talked to him a little while ago. Once again he's giving quotes. As of right now they are booked until September!

    K2 - Glad you enjoyed your nap today. And aren't you the sneaky one heading for a place where hugs & kisses are guaranteed while Art's away!:D

    PH - Sounds like you and Dennis had a nice afternoon. What time does he have to hit the road?

    Well, well, well ... guess who decided to come home. I think he owes me a late lunch!:D
  16. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    K2----wait for me..Im hungry.....is there enuf hugs and kisses....ummm.I mean ribs to go around???

    Dennis gets up around 9pm,if he can sleep that long......usually has trouble sleeping during the day after getting a good nights sleep the night befroe........

    OH BTW....to all those Ice Road Trucker fans.....tonite they are gonna show ALL the episodes starting at 7pm....and after the old ones run, the new one will be on at 10pm.........I set my DVR so Dennis can watch them......me too since I never have........(Im assuming its the same in everyones area)......
  17. kasey

    kasey Guest

    Hi all.......

    Yep roof is DONE!!! They showed up around 8:30 this morning & finished up about 2..looks good & they cleaned up the yard pretty good too!

    K2, are you sure it was the guy's garden you were checking out or the Italian guy you were checking out??? Anybody have Art's cell phone number?? he may want to cut that camping trip short......:D

    BB, sorry Missy had a bunch of no shows for the party...it's a pain cause you never know if you have enough food or not.....

    san, good luck getting the house ready...I know it's a pain but just think of all the extra money your work will bring in....

    Guess I'll go see what the Fl. whinners are crying about now.....
  18. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Just got back from the Grill. Actually had beer for a change. It was too hot for wine "at room temperature"! Also had one of their yummy pizzas. While there I got 2 calls ... Missy to say they are bringing all the food to our house and that Jimmy is taking me for a ride on the pontoon boat FINALLY! Second call was from Kris to find out where food is being served tonight. Oy, it's going to be one of those nights!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on Ice Road Truckers. Now I know how I'll keep them all amused after they eat!

    Guess I better go get ready for company ...
  19. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Watching IRT right now....and holding my breath the whole time.........no way,no how,would I do that....couldnt pay me enuf!

    Glad your roof is done KC.....another project down.......bet your neighbors think you're getting ready to move........

    Enjoy all your food tonite BB......I had leftovers from carabbas
  20. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    [size=small]Still "licking off the BBQ Sauce from my fingers"!! Mmmmmm yummy ribs!! And I got a EXTRA HUG & KISS for you PH!! :kisses[/size]

    [size=medium]It's 90[sup]o[/sup] at 11:00 P.M.! WOW, like a furnace when you go out the door!! [/size]

    Off to check the other thread and try to watch the news on TV.

    Oh Kasey: Glad the roof job is done and you're happy. Just make sure to walk around with your "FLIP-FLOPS" on for the next 4 months until you pick up all the "NAILS" hiding in the grass! And you WILL FIND THEM ......trust me!!

    Have a good week everyone!!

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