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Miscellaneous Plus [3445]

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sanjoseca, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    KC-Maybe they can give you some medical advice...they could have stayed at a Holiday Inn last night:)
  2. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    KC.you need a toe truck??

    Think I ruffled some feathers on the EN thread.......dont like those people..
  3. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    32 years, PQ.

    Back at the painting tomorrow.

    I suspect K2 will be posting more tomorrow as Art is coming home and she will have to behave once again.

    Gotta go check the EN thread.
  4. grandmom

    grandmom Guest

    [size=small]KC, did't you say the ant bit you in the office??? Workers comp claim. I think you'll need at least 3 months off to recover!!! Better get that claim in tomorrow.

    I think I may ask you to stop at a drug store so I can get some suntan lotion after I get there. Never thought of leaving it there. I have to make sure I won't have any other liquids to pack.

    PQ, can't wait to meet you too. Anyone get ahold of Pattie yet?

    San, great job you're doing with the painting!!!

    K2, you do not have an exclusive hold on that nasty hot weather. I have the same thing here.

    Later everyone.[/size]
  5. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    GM, don't listen to Kc....that's how she gets all her shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen for free. Don't fall for it.

    hey PH, do you need Phil's help on the EN thread?
  6. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Good Morning All! =goodmorning

    It was suppose to be COOLER here by now and it's actually just the same if not more MUGGY and HUMID. The plants love it!!

    Kasey: I really think you need a "Specialist" for that Ant Bite on your toe!! And don't put off getting that MRI done. I see Total Disability Benefits and early retirement for you soon from this!! =lolgang

    Last night with the girls was a blast. Royal Oak, MI is like the YUPPIEST AREA around here. Tons of sidewalk seating for eating. The place we went to had those extremely high ceilings and was noisy as all get out. Made it hard to talk. The good part was we could be as LOUD as we wanted and it didn't disturb anyone.

    PH, Kasey, BB : I had my first Mojito Drink! WOW......I loved it. It went down just too fast! I could see those creeping up on you real fast. I loved the pieces of mint leaves in the glass.

    Okay, today it's "LUNCH AT THE CLUB"!! Hee Hee. WOW......I could get use to this type of living real quick. Only thing is I'd have to have a "Personal Trainer" to keep my body in shape from all the food and drinks!!

    PH: I'll have to go and see what you had to say on that other thread if I can find it.

    SAN: You are just ROCKING and "ROLLING" (get it) with that paint job. I wouldn't "CHANGE" the carpet either unless it was really horrible and I can't imagine that being the case in your home.

    Our choir director who just sold his huge house for a Million Five hundred thousand went back after the sale to see if the NEW OWNERS needed to know anything about running the various furnaces, A/C's and other electrical equipment as a favor to the new owners and got the surprise of his life when he walked into this home which was only 5 years old.
    The new people had gutted the kitchen, ripped out all the carpet, taken out all the light fixtures and ceiling fans, etc. He was SHOCKED! He asked about this one huge ceiling fan that was in the Great Room that he put up just before his first wife had passed away (that was my very special friend if you all remember) and they said oh it's in the pile in the garage if you want it just take it......so he did just because it bugged him so much.
    The Morale of my long story SAN is don't beat yourself to death over getting this house ready to sell. What you think is just beautiful and neat the new people might not. And they might do the same thing.......GUT it and start over!! Spruce it up, but don't go overboard!

    Okay, those are my WORDS TO LIVE BY for the day!! Hee Hee

    Kasey: Was your sister ever Baptised when she was first born? Or is she just changing faiths??

    BB or one of you gals:Can you e-mail me the Tortelinni Salad recipe PLEASE!! Thanks

    PQ: Sorry you can't post anymore from work. MIss you on here during the day.

    I'm off to get some cereral and go WATER my plants. SEND RAIN PLEASE! I fear that my WATER BILL NEXT MONTH will be coming by way of a BRINKS TRUCK because it'll be so HIGH!! =helpsign
  7. kasey

    kasey Guest

    San, awww why did ya have to go & spill the beans on me.....I've got a cruise coming up in a few months & I need somemore sunscreen...

    Ph, cute.....yeah I think I do need a toe truck....
    I think your Ench thread is a lost cause.....half the people on there don't think they are doing anything wrong & the rest are ignoring you....their loss .....

    Had my computer crash on me at work yesterday....luckily the computer guy was able to get me up & running pretty quick...
  8. PH8

    PH8 Guest


    That EN is too much....and you know whats funny(BB and SAn,you can relate)...someone on there is named SLICK!! Deja Vu!!

    K2-so,you're a Mojito girl now,huh??? Thats a darn shame about the house........I cant imagien buying a nice house only to gut it......(sent ya the recipe)

    KC-----hows the toe today?? Bet having the rest of the week off helps,huh?? Enjoy the coffee........I just got the coffee today in an email.thanks,but no thanks.........remember,it comes with sugar in it so dont add any sweetener..

    GM-we have already emailed Patti.......she'll call me if she can make it.......

    Holly goes for a recheck this am.......then home I'll stay.........

  9. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Guess what I am going to be doing today? Besides Watsonville this evening......

    I'm just sprucing the place up a little, K2, not rebuilding. Remember....I'm pretty cheap!
  10. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    San - Hang in there with the painting. In the end it will be worth it. By the way, do they have those companies out by you that will come in and make suggestions as to what stuff you should remove or put in storage? Then they "stage" your house with just the right props to make people want your house. They keep warehouses filled with their props and furniture. Only recently did I hear of them coming into this area. I know they definitely are in southern California.

    K2 - Enjoy your last bit of freedom before Art gets home! Sounds like you and your friends are having a great time together.

    GM - Have a safe flight down tomorrow. Can't wait to see you and the rest of ladies tomorrow. I'm going to spare Bert and not make him attend a "hen session". Missy is coming with me instead.

    Time to give my TA a call. I feel the need to book a cheap Sovereign cruise in September!:D
  11. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    I almost booked the SS last night........dang...we can do a 3 nighter for 440(thats an inside).OV not much more......and I know those 4 nighters are just as cheap..........remember when that was the prices we used to pay??

    What time is lunch tomorrow??
  12. kasey

    kasey Guest

    Ph, how did Holly's check up go??
    Not sure on the lunch time... it all depends on what time Gm's flight get's in......around 11:30 ish.....if she get's in on time.
  13. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    They have had staging companies around here for years, BB......they charge a minimum of $2,500 and it goes way up from there. I think we can put quite a bit of stuff in storage and kind of stage it purselves....being cheap and all.

    Yea, GM, have a safe flight down to Florida. Wish I could be there for lunch.....oh wait, BB said that it is a hen party.....Catch you next time.
  14. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Holly has to go back.....my vet was in surgery.....the other ver could see her,but I wanted Dr Ed........after all, he saw her last and would know if she was getting better......I wish they had called me..........oh well.going back friday.....
  15. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Back from the "CLUB" and lunch with the "girls"!! La-Dee-Dah!! Let me tell you I REALLY could slide right into that kind of lifestyle!! Lunch was nice and I had another Mojito. But lasts nights Mojito was much better!

    SAN.....CHEAP is good when wanting to save on expenses!! :D I don't think you'll have a hard time selling that house at all.

    Hope you all have a BLAST while GM is down visiting you. I really think SAN is "HINTING" for a invitation from you to be able to join you all. Come on he's one of the "girls" now on here, so it wouldn't be much different if he showed up for lunch!! Every good HEN PARTY needs a Rooster to keep the girls happy!! :girly

    I'm off to sit down and watch the news. I'm tired from all these SOCIAL EVENTS. Tomorrow it's choir practice and Sat the Wedding. Yikes way too much going on this week.

  16. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Pretty soon you'll be like me,K2.....looking for the best Mojito in town.So far, the winner here is the Melting Pot.......I see you have one in Troy.....you should try it if you ever go there......
  17. powderqn

    powderqn Guest

    Good Evening. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    San-that's a long time in one place. I'm sure you have lots of "stuff" to go through. We we moved here from CA, I thought that was bad (all the extra stuff we had) and we had only lived in that house for 7 years. I still have a few boxes in the garage that haven't been unpacked

    K2-Miss you guys during the day too. I sometimes peek, but try to keep my time online to a minimum. It's the emails I can't read that drive me crazy. You know...in case one of my cruise buddies sends me email :D
    I may have to try the mojitos, just to see what all the talk is about.

    PH-Sorry your roll call is full of wiennies (sp). It always makes the cruise a little more fun when you can meet some good people online. Our last Mariner cruise (10/06) had a great roll call, and it's still has life.

    KC-You need to request a handicap placard for your car, I know you can't walk with that toe. Hope you can drive tomorrow.:p

    Going to check out the other thread.
  18. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Hey Kasey I just thought of something!! You could always use that "bad Toe" to keep a door open .....you know like a TOE JAM!! Hee Hee. Darn I think I've been hanging around FD too long and picking up some of his lines!! :D

    I'm actually going out for a walk. It cooled down here and is really nice out there. I have a jacket on if you can believe that!! Sure would be nice if the weather just took little dips and not 25 degree dips.

    Speaking of Dips......we could use one on the price of GAS around here. It's went up .30 cents a gallon in the past 2 days!! YIKES....highway robbery. It's back up to $3.35 to 3.40 depending on what side of town you're on. #$%^*(
  19. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    I noticed the gas hike tonite.........the local station went up 20 cents.....its now 3.09........might be a little cheaper at other places,but still too high.......

    Better go to bed....have to get up early if im gonna be ready for KC at 9..........

  20. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Morning..........it was hard crawling outta bed at 7:30 since I didnt go to bed till after midnight.glad that thing called work doesnt interfer like that..........IF I ever went back to wrok,I'd have to work afternoons.........

    KC and PQ should be here soon.......

    Have a super day all.........

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