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Miscellaneous Plus [3445]

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sanjoseca, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Hi all............

    Little less hostile on here,huh??

    Yes K2..I do spend more time with your guys than Dennis....sad,but true..........

    Wow KC.she really bumped up your sale date.........cant wait to hear how much you made..........hope you're feeling better.........

    Dont worry San.I know you're all talk with your dog comments......you would never do that.....

    Hi GM......I feel the same way you do about shopping......not my idea of fun..............

    Didnt do too much today.....went out a bit to the dog park,then stopped by the inlaws cuz Dennis left his glasses there last night....Holly got to visit with "grandma and grandpa".......
  2. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    I was making the comment about less stress to Marcia on our roll call thread, PH.
  3. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    I saw that.......looked weird for BB to be posting on a roll call....

    Imagine our group cruise roll call???
  4. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Well, the Bunny thread has gotten quite big and less manageable, so, the roll call thread works pretty well. It's the same with some of the main board threads that you and I end up on.

    Have you seen the one on C&A benefits? I'm going to see if I can get the OP to send me his ideas so that I can send them on to R.
  5. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Why not just copy the ideas he has posted??? I dont tend to agree with some of them though.....

    I did mention one idea.........check out the thread............

    Agree about our thread..........do you realize we have 20 regulars???Even though some are posting less and less.......
  6. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Hi GANG!!

    I still have my HELMET on ! ;)

    I'm off to buy some coffee for the morning. I think that Desperate Housewives is a rebeat tonight. But don't quote me.......that came from Art.

    Nite....and PEACE!! :girly
  7. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    We'd be more likely to quote you if we knew what "rebeat" meant, K2.

    I don't agree with all of the ideas, either, PH. I guess I could cut and paste, didn't think about it.
  8. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    San-why not just send the link to that thread so he can follow along and see what is suggested???

    Nite all...............
  9. rcicruisers1

    rcicruisers1 Guest

    Quiet over here.
  10. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Morning all..................cold here.........how cold is it??? The bird bath water is frozen!!:lol
  11. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Good morning. Rain showers here.

    Blood tests today.

  12. kasey

    kasey Guest

    Chilly here this morning but sunny.

    San, good luck with the blood tests.

    k2, glad to hear Dorothy is doing so well!
  13. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Good luck with the blood tests............hope you pass!!<groan>
  14. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Well, I didn't pass out when they drew blood. Results in a couple of weeks. Just the normal tests.
  15. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    San-your pal has come up with more ideas.......he/she sure wants alot.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  16. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Hi gang!

    Busy over here today. Went to the Recreation Center w/Art. I'll feel it tomorrow!! The whirlpool was great afterwards!

    PH: Can you give the rest of us a HINT as to what BOARD or area it is that you're talking about to SAN?? Then again it's really none of my business! :cool:

    Still going back and forth with JC Penny's about our mattress. The lady I called today is going to call me back tomorrow after she talks with her Supervisor!! I told her I'd be more than HAPPY to talk to her for her!! Also, told her to pass on to her Supv that I won't be shy about our local Channel 4 News Station or Channel 7 News station that does TV reports on compliants that don't get handled correctly! One of the is called THE HALL OF SHAME!!::eek:

    I'm out of here for now to go to the Veggie Store. We're suppose to get a snowstorm and the weather man told us to get our Shovels ready! I guess that means we might actually get a few inches!! I guess it's about time since it is WINTER!!

    Later all.........

    SAN: Hope the blood was RED when they drew it today and HEALTHY!! Got check that PSA ya know!!
  17. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    K2-hint.......its on CC.=COOL

    You have a veggie store????
  18. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Yea, the guy is over the top, PH. He lost me when he said he may have connections with the RCCL family. Just a BSer! I'm backing away from him.

    K2, it's on the main board....regarding Crown and Anchor changes. It started off OK.
  19. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    San-I am ready to reach thru those boards and strangle that guy............
  20. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    OK, I'll hold your jacket while you do it. We'll just swear up and down that you were over here at Cruise-Addicts the whole time and couldn't possibly be guilty.

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