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Miscellaneous Plus (part 2) [6415]

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by PH8, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Re: Miscellaneous Plus (part 2)

    Oh San - Leave it to you to notice how Suer is dressed on the other thread! Just like a man to notice such things.:cool: Sounds like you and Nancy had some nice "US" time. Bet you both needed a break ... You from painting and Nancy from making sure you stayed with the job. LOL

    I too wonder how long it will take the others to realize we're not there any longer. This might be fun!!

    PH - Couldn't resist making that comment on that thread on CC. And of course, her children & their friends were all well behaved! They also were taking up seats in the lounge that could have been occupied by people who were entitled to be there!
    Have you read that thread about the Navigator trip from hell with all those wonderful children running amuck? Reminded me of our Brilliance cruise with kids doing whatever they wanted and no parents ever around.
  2. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    Hey, BB, that's what guys do.....they always notice things like that.....

    I don't think that there is a problem in breaking the rules in the CL every once in a while....Hee, Hee, Hee.
  3. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    There is a problem if it means letting kids in at night......

    Hey BB.that guy that complained about the NV used to post with us...remember??

    No San........I didnt notice....why?? Should I???

    Hope you noticed bOB took care of AGAIN...........thanks bOB!
  4. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    PH - I remember him from when he used to post with us. Is it just me or is hard to understand sometimes now? He's posting almost like English is his 2nd language.

    While waiting for Bert to get back from Gary's house, I decided to head over to our Grill and he planned to meet me there. Talk about feeling like you are in another country! I've heard more English in Cozumel then there was there today. The regular bartender wasn't there, so the guy that was filling in did nothing but speak Spanish to all the Hispanic customers & employees. Oh yeah, he also had loud Spanish music playing.:X
    I finally called Bert & told him I'd meet him at the house. Then to top it off a t-storm came up, so they shut the pool down. Guess which group headed the Grill. I felt like I was in San Juan! That's never happened there before.

    On the up side, Gary & Kris are taking us out for dinner. Unfortunately, it's not my favorite type food, Mexican, but the good part is that this place makes awesome Margaritas and they have a great mariachi band! So it's a trade off.
  5. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Thought you didnt do margaritas after your C and C experience??

    Anyway,have fun........

    I agree, he sure sounds different.........
  6. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Re: Miscellaneous Plus (part 2)

    [quote sanjoseca]

    We might as well stay with this thread, PH. Do you think that you can place the total message count of the other two threads in the title line? I think it's around 6,500.

    .[/quote]To those still posting on the other thread,please read the above...

    and after all,you keep messing up the numbers if you keep adding to the old thread......

    Plus with so many posts, it is getting harder for that old thread to get it up......OHOH-i didnt say that ,did I??
  7. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    Yup.........I think you did say that PH!! (tu) (td)

    Okay, I'm calling it a night on this computer.

    I'm tired, but NOT tired enough to go to bed yet. Might check out the 10 O'clock news first.

    Have a good week everyone!! Sure hope we get some RAIN over here soon. Now that the wedding is over it can RAIN as much as it wants until my Godchilds wedding that is!!

  8. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Morning all............

    KC--bet it will be a long tough week for you........sorry,,,,,,,,

    How was dinner last night BB???

    Hiya K2..see you up and about .....whats the plans for the day??

    Hope to hear from the hard worker(San) today..........

    Back later........
  9. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    Good morning! Sitting here impatiently waiting for a service call from Dish Network. Seems like we have a bad cable connection in our bedroom and can't watch TV in there. Service call is the standard "window" - 8-12. It's now going on 10 and I still haven't heard from them!

    Dinner last night was ok, I guess. The Margarita was the best part! I had the chicken casedilla with rice. To me the rice had a weird taste and came home to eat mints to try to get rid of the taste. Also was disappointed that they don't have the mariachi band on Sunday nights anymore. No wonder the place was half empty. Plus our waiter was awful! Other people came in after us and had their orders taken immediately. Our waiter just kept bringing nachos without taking our order. I finally told him we need to order NOW! Reading back over what I just typed, maybe dinner wasn't ok after all!!

    KC & GM - Sorry the party is over. Hope you gals have a good week!

    Time for more coffee while I wait for the service man.
  10. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Oh heck.I could make a meal outta nachos alone......
  11. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Looks like I have been a bad girl........I have been banned from CC for a month........I really dont know what I did so bad.......I asked them and hope they have the decency to let me know.......

    So please keep posting here........so I can stay in touch
  12. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    I can too, if they're good ones. This place makes their own, but they're very, very dry and tasteless. The salsa they serve with it is thinner then tomato soup ... It doesn't even stick to the chips.

    Now I'm pi$$ed! Dish Network just called to say that the service guy is running late and won't get here until around 1. Also just talked to our mechanic and he said that the AC still isn't fixed, as he still can't get it to do the clicking noise long enough. He suggested we wait until the AC stops working and then get it fixed. I suggested that we just sell the d*mn car and be done with it!
  13. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Looks like this is my new hangout for a month........

    Sorry your car is taking so long BB......but please make sure you return that rental before next Monday!! I need it..
  14. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Ghessss, whad u do, mention Cruise Addicts over there........ <img src=http://addictscay.com/bob.php?image=laughblue.gif>
  15. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    That last statement is so true.bOB.thats what got me (and someone else) banned.........guess they dont appreciate my saracastic sense of humor.........pfffffftttttttt.....whatever......
  16. ruttie

    ruttie Guest

    morning everyone..
    gosh Ph i went over and read through your last few posts nothing lookled bad?? Let us know what you did......
    Hope everyone has a great week
    The boys are inthe pool and i am borrowing moms computer to pay bills etc.... Hopefully the PC will be fixed soon i do not like doin g bills on my laptop.....
    I am really tired from all the traveling and teh boys just want to stay home and do nothing so that is what we will do for a fe days... we still plan a 2 day trip to Lido beach soon and we were thinking of staying at disney vero beahc for 3 days but othet than that it is rest time.....
    I really wish i could have made the lunch.. but when i got home and teh computer was not working and then they sirprised us with cubs tickets... it was like a huge tornado sucking me in.....
    Ph how is teh puppy doing???
    hope evryne hAS A GREAT WEEK....
  17. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    bOB - That's too funny!!

    PH - Do we need to send K2 over there to kick some butt?:lol
  18. Kathie-K2

    Kathie-K2 Guest

    PH: How SAD that a grown woman had to be "BANNED" for a Month from posting. That's just NOT right at all. Maybe a WEEK!! Hee Hee

    Just tell them the Devil in you made you post whatever it was they didn't like. They must have a "NUN" monitoring those boards. Pfffffttttt!! [​IMG]

    if we ever get that bad over here......please send us a E-MAIL and we'll shape up right away. This board is so much more friendly!! Lot less WACKO's on here too.

    BB: It must be take your car to the dealer time. Art took his Escape to Fords and they are going to REPLACE the back brakes. Get this, it only has 16,000 miles on it. The guy said they had others that have been coming in with the "Chirpping sound" in the back lately. He said we should get it back today. The place was empty. 4 service people just sitting waiting for cars to come in to get written up. I guess that's a GOOD SIGN for the buyers. Some of the cars must be getting made better.

    Okay, I'm off to pay bills.

    SAN: Hope you're almost done with your PAINTING!! Now it's time to "STAGE" the home for the sale. I just read about a company that does that here. They even bring in the stuff to put around and tell you what to take out, etc, etc. I think it's worth the money if you have some extra CASH to do it. If anything I would be willing to pay someone to come in and give me a OBJECTIVE OPINION of what to get rid of..........sometimes we think everything is just so perfect and lovely and to the person coming into the house it's horrible and a turn-off!! Good luck.

    Later.........bills still waiting for me.:(
  19. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    I don't know about the others on here, PH, but I am so proud of you for getting banned from CC. As much as I have tried, it never seemed to happen for me.

    Create another account on CC with another Email address....atleast you will be able to see what's going on and be able to post.

    Dentist appointment today at 10, then back to painting. It's the hallway today

    Busy weekend for us. Ordered a Buick Enclave from our dealer in Gilroy yesterday. Will take 10 to 12 weeks to be built and delivered.
  20. Breeze

    Breeze Guest

    San - You can't get banned on CC because everyone there knows you're just a big fluffy puppy who's all bark and no bite! Now PH is another matter!! You need to start paying closer attention to her "style"! LOL JK, PH!
    So you've got another new car in your future, huh? Must be nice to be a rich Californian! Seriously though, that's great.

    Still no Dish guy!:X Once he's out of here, we'll be heading for Dunnellon to pick up the Caddy and then to return the rental car. I'm sure Laurie will be glad to hear that! Now if I could only get Bert to visit a car dealer ...

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