I'm here San, I have been jumping all over the place. Glad to find you over here. See how long it takes other to find us.


Too long?

MarciaL Wrote:
See how long
> it takes other to find us.
> Jewel - Baltic 


Well, that wasn't very long. Hi R and M.
Matthew is in the hospital for his Crohn's disease.....probably through the weekend. Going down to Santa Cruz shortly.
Picked up tickets for EN this morning. No upgrades once again.
CC is really impossible to get onto right now.
Got your message on FR, R, I wonder what the announcement is going to be.


Found ya.....thanks for the heads up,San.............maybe we should email the others,the name of this thread............

In fact,I'll go and do it now.....................


Hi all Friends.......

R. did not mean to be too short. Let's see - what do I need to talk about. And so good to see you drop in.

San, so sorry about Matthew. I sure do understand. I've seen Ed go thru so much with this stuff. How old is Matthew? Ed (SIL) is 45. Sure hope they get Matthew's under control again. Please keep us posted. I think Nancy said that he did NOT have the Angeleosing Spondalitis that often goes along with it (I know I murdered the spelling of that). That makes it all the worse.

BB, you made me so hungry the other day that we had Corned Beef and Cabbage and Potatoes for dinner. Then I can fix Reubens with the corned beef.

Did lots of running today - in the pouring down rain. Carl had an appointment with the skin doctor, then we went to Good Will to drop off some stuff, then to Lowe's, then to Bob Evans for lunch, then to Meijer for some groceries and then stopped at the hardware store.

PH, did Dennis make it to Mobile O.K., hate to see him go into some of those places, but I know they need help.

Back later.......


Hi M--------------Yes,he got to Mobile..............I tried calling him a few times and I kept getting a recording,no service in the area cause of the storm.....................Hes headed back this way and will turn right around and head to the Pensacola area......................think he'll be real busy with all this emergency stuff.............Might even have to work the weekend............It is hearbreaking to see all the damage...........

PS--i forget since I havent been on this board in awhile.............how can you edit a post???


Look at the yellow bar below your post - Options and the last item should read Edit Post.......


Hope Dennis keeps himself safe while up that way. Will you be going with him this weekend?
I see W is in San Diego, defending the war...he should be in Hawaii....that's even further away from the suffering of the people in the gulf states. Sorry....but doesn't he think about the effects of his actions? I know...I should shut up about this stuff.

I don't know how to edit, PH.
MJM is 34 Marcia. They have him on steroids for the rest of the week.....they will decide whether or not to operate on Friday.
I think R was responding to you saying "I wonder how long it will take others to find us?", Marcia.


Hi there EVERYONE!!

It's a good thing that I have this little black book with all my Passwords and User Names written down. I'd be lost without it.

Glad to get off that other board. All we need is a place to talk that WE ALL CAN FIND. Just have to make sure that Eddie and Mike and BO and BB and Krispy, KC, NAV, GM and Negc & Rita find us over here.

Okay, let's see if I can PASTE my message on here from that I wrote for the cruise critic board. Hopefully, we'll be able to get BACK on the Young and Restless Cruisers thread.......hate to see my thread get thrown out to SEA TO DIE!! Hey it looks like it worked......see below!! Man I was really ticked off when I wrote that ......wasn't I???!!


SAN: I agree with you about the OIL COMPANIES pitching in and doing MORE than there fair share.......but don't hold your breathe waiting for it to happen. They want "US" the USA PEOPLE to dig deep and contribute to the National Red Cross to help the devastated area out ........which is okay if folks can and want to do that.........BUT.......I heard right from GW's lips today that we the United States have provisions and funds for disasters such as this one and the people will be helped!! Yeh right. I want to ask BILL & RITA if his MOM got any help from the Federal government for her house last year and just how much it COST HER on her income tax filing!!

I better STOP now before I get too many of you nice folks pissed off at me for going on and on. We can send our boys to Iraq to basically die and feed every other poor country around, but we here in this WONDERFUL U. S. of A. have homeless and starving people in each state and on most street corners in the downtown areas. Such a tragedy. OKAY I'M DONE!!

How's the weather by everyone??? Sun never really came out full force here today. Just MUGGY as all HE*L and ready to rain any minute!!

I'm off to go to eat at one of my favorite Italian resturants. Carabas's is on the list for another day!!

SAN: I truely hope that Matthew will be alright. Perhaps surgery is really better than having him in pain and on all kinds of meds. My prayers go out to him. I know that you and Nancy will be on top of all this and keep us infomed. We could all use the address of the hospital and his home address too!! Cards from even strangers are always a good "cheer up" when you're down and out. So send us all a e-mail with the information please!!

Later..........PH.....I might have to pick that book up if you tell me it's good reading. Let me know.


Hi all,

Watch your blood pressure K2.
Dennis shouldn't run into many problems now, but he may be overworked for a while.
Marcia, it has almost quit raining here, got over two inches of rain so far.
San, Hope it all works out for Matthew.


Slowly but surely,our flock is returning home............

HIYA Mike!!

Gonna go read awhile............



Hi Everyone-- Found Ya!!! Greetings from SE New Hampshire!! Thanks for the e-mail.

Lots of heavy clouds today with just a sprinkle of rain. More rain expected tomorrow and Thursday from Katrina. What a horrible storm!! Had company the last couple of days but they have left. John's teaching starts tomorrow night again so I get a few more evenings of no cooking.

We booked our hotel in Rome for next May. Right across from the Vatican and in front of the Vatican Museum. The Hotel Alimandi Vaticano comes complete with breakfast and an airport shuttle to and from. Glad all is taken care of now. The only thing left is getting to the port and back to the hotel post cruise.

Have a good evening all----


Wow..........now I have to learn all the NEW sign-on names. I kinda wish mine was different, but I guess I'd have to start all over again and register with a NEW NAME. Not up to it right now.

BO = Daisymae
SAN = Sanjoseca
Mike = Mike1932
Marcia = MarciaL
PH = PH8
K2 = HotStuff
Roland = Roland

MIssing so far: Eddie

MIKE and MARCIA: Sorry about the rain you guys are getting. We here in Detroit Metro Area are just getting a very fine spitting mist right now. I actually took a walk in it just a little while ago. Refreshing, but still MUGGY out there.

Okay, I've stalled long enough BACK to the CLOSET. This is turning out to be a rather interesting job. Finding a few things on the TOP SHELF that I actually forgot about. Hand crocheted fringe on pillow cases my GRANDMOTHER gave me years ago for my shower!! I might just wash all of them and start to use them. What the heck am I saving them for............the Smithsonian Institude maybe???? Hee Hee.

I kinda of miss my Smiley Faces and colors and fonts!! I'm going to look into finding us another board to get on when I get some time. I know E-Z Boards have the fun stuff.

Nite All...........Have a great day HUMP day tomorrow everyone!!


Oh great...............does this mean I am going to have to set the alarm 5 mins earlier so i can post here too???

Heard from GM-she is having trouble registering on here,,,,,,,Maybe some one can help her?(while I go to work--yuck!!)

Well, GTG........



OK....I figured it out, but have no time.
PH...it's more like 15 minutes earlier now!!!
See you all later.


Good Morning all, :) Hope everyone has a good day :grin

See, you can do all kinds of things here....... :roll

So everyone have fun :cheers