[quote sanjoseca]Her Mom and Dad are really nice, also.

I almost think that a little cocktail party is better than a sit down dinner, it would be easier to mingle and be able to talk to everyone...I didn't really get a chance to talk to Art in YVR because he wasn't sitting near me.....Not complaining about the ones I was sitting near, though.....I had a good time.[/quote]

We're gonna have 7 kids so that wouldnt work..........besides dont know where we could have done that........

Nite all


Okay SAN........just make me feel really BAD about picking up the $20.00!! :( I could put a "AD" in the paper. Twenty dollars found in Sweet Shop.....please call if you lost it!! Yeh Right!! I'm smarter than that.

How is that SICK, ITCHY kitty doing Kasey??? Do you have to go around the house and spray and wash the tile and carpets to get all the other Fleas to die?? Do they have FLEA BOMBS that you set off in the house after you take all the animals outside and yourself and let it do it's thing?? If they don't they should. This could get expensive if they all get it. I haven't a clue about anything I just said so just disregard it if it's annoying. Just trying to help.

PH: That's a LOT of people. I think a stand up munchie would be much easier on everybody and less expensive for Monty and NAV and her whole group. Yikes good luck!!

Eric is sleeping and I'm about to hit the sack too.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be on these boards hit and miss the rest of the weekend.


Good morning.

John and Angelia are coming by this morning. He is going to change the oil and filter on Angelia's car....rotate the tires, also.

Later, we have a birthday party for Angelia and Anthony down in Gilroy.

I know, Kc, I'll make it to one of those get togethers one of these days. 5,000 miles for a dinner is kind of expensive.

I know the dinner is best, PH, I was just thinking out loud.

So, where are you going to spend the $20, K2? Gonna buy something special with it?