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Welcome to Cruise @ddicts


Hi all!!!! I found you! ;)

Been a little crazy around here and I gave up on the "white screen" over there on the other boards it was SOOOO annoying!

Took Emily to the Dr. and it seems as though she has a strep infection, not contagious but she has antibiotics to get rid of it. Poor thing was miserable and when I got her to the Dr. had a rash on her tummy (and all of the warm parts of her body) as well as swollen tonsils and adinoids! She's feeling better and starting to eat some too!

I have been watching the pictures and reading the stories out of the gulf coast area - I have to say I am glad Katrina didn't get us - but I truely feel sorry for these people that are in this situation - I can't imagine 20 FT of water!!!! It's mind numbing.

Gary played in a charity poker game last night for the American Heart Association (which is a charity that hits close to home for me) and at $25 entrance fee per person there were over 40 people plus the beers and things they sold. I told him that he needs to take the idea of having another one to the organizer of this one but make it for the Red Cross Disaster Relief for the Hurricane victims.... I just hope they take the suggestion!

And while Gary was out playing poker last night - I ended up at Olive Garden (was supposed to be PF Changs but they were booked) for soup salad and breadsticks with some former co-workers! It was fun.

Little Miss Emily stayed with her grandma and Aunt Missy and had her nails painted - she told me all about it this morning when she woke up!

PH - If I could I would head up there and help in a second - while I know it's hard for dennis just remind him he's helping a good cause! :)

San - Hope Matthew is feeling better - how's the little guy?

HotStuff - Don't you love when you find things you forgot you had! I love that!

Ok - and just to really "annoy" everyone - I already have two Christmas Gifts Purchased and some stocking stuffers for Emily!!!! I am on a roll! :)


Morning all,

Had to make a new sign in name cause of course I forgot to write down the one I used before.

Nice to see everyone, but I still like the other board better. Guess I am just an old fuddy-duddy who doesn't like change!

Jane came over last night & gave me a perm, another reason to NOT like change. Since my hair is short she said we didn't need to use all the curling solution, trouble is I think she missed some rollers cause now I have straight patches mixed in with the curls. Oh well, maybe I'll start a new fashion trend.

Hope all you folks up north don't have problems with Kaitlin, can't believe how long & far the wind traveled.


Good Morning All!!,

Okay "Smarty Pants Marcia" ..........just where do I find all the smileys??? Or do I have to use the list I printed and don't know where it is anymore??? Hee Hee

Hey, once they get the CC Board back to working at a decent speed I'll be over there. After all that is the BOARD I STARTED this year!! Hate to see it go KA-PUTT!!! :)

I'm off to take the sheets back that I bought and washed last night. They're just WAY TOO HARD for me. They would most likely last PAST MY DEATH, but I'll just have to find something else for now!!
I'll let you know if they give me a hard time about returning them. Should be a interesting morning.

Also, have to stop off at the TIRE store again. I have another SLOW LEAK in one of my tires. I must have drove through a place that had a lot of NAILS or something to have all these TIRE LEAKS lately. Bummer.

Hope to see more of you on here today.

GM: Hope the instructions helped you out. PH, I did try and help GM out late last night. I knew you'd appreciate some help since you had to go into the OFFICE!!

Hey, I managed to get the Linen Closet all cleaned out EXCEPT for one shelf that has TONS of shoeboxes full of old receipts from paid utilities. I'm going to go through them later tonight quickly to make sure there's nothing I really should save and then add them to the SHREAD PILE I've STARTED.


<green>Okay here's the updated list of WHO's WHO!! And WHO's not signed on here yet.</green>

BO = Daisymae
SAN = Sanjoseca
Mike = Mike1932
Marcia = MarciaL
PH = PH8
K2 = HotStuff
Roland = Roland
GM = GrandMom
Krispy = Krispy
KC = Keasey

MIssing so far:



Good morning all.
Breakfast with X coworkers this morning, then back down to Santa Cruz to visit MJM. Hollister this evening.
I think it is nice that boB of Cruise-Addicts is helping us out on here....I think we should continue to give him some business even if CC eventually fixes it's problems.


I just wanted to let you all know i was over on www.nola.com checking out some of the aftermath pictures from Katrina in the New Orleans area - OMG - I am almost in tears for these people, I can't imagine what some are going through right now.

If you want to check it out please do so, but be warned there are some pretty heart breaking pictures!


Thanks for sharing Krisy.........I'll have to check it out later.

I was eating dinner out last night and actually felt guilty because when I was BUTTERING my FRESH BREAD I thought to myself..........those people don't even have FRESH WATER, YET ALONE BREAD. How are they all going to survive. The whole frig'ing City and more is under water. They showed the broken Levy (sp?) on the morning news and the water was just pouring in. It won't stop until it comes up level with the levy's height. UNREAL.

They also showed a area in Mississippi that SPENT the EXTRA TAX DOLLARS to build a WALL to protect the city and then they showed the STATE across from them that 3 times rejected a bond to increase taxes to build the same PROTECTION WALL.............yup........they're real sorry now that they voted that WALL down 3 times..........they're under water!! Just unbelieveable.

I think they need to get all those helicopters from over in IRAQ back here and start air-lifting these people to the front lawn of Washington, DC. But then why punish them even more by going there. :(



Breakfast was great....our group is growing.
I heard today that postage stamps with a certain person's picture on them are not sticking to envelopes.....when the USPS and the FBI investgated, they found that people were spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

I agree with the helicopter idea, HS.....you need to make the call to the White House, it's your turn.

Hello R1. Surf's up! :)



It´s a waste of space!

sanjoseca Wrote:

> Hello R1. Surf's up! :)


Hey Roland, looks like fun (?), but sure not for me or Carl. I can think of other ways to use ship space. They need some of us as designers. Wonder what they would pay me for ideas? With some pay, I could go on more cruises.

San, tell MJM we send our love and prayers. Keep us posted.


I agree, R1, but I think it is going to really give them something unique to advertise. I don't see the rock climbing walls used very much, but see them a lot in advertising. I think they need to have a good off road vehicle track, personally.

Marcia, if they let you design them, then we would be inundated with cooking shows and shops. Then I would have to switch cruise lines.


krispy, hope Emily get's to feeling better soon! I checked out that web site the flooding is just terrible. We really are fortunate that Katrina didn't make the turn into Fl.

It's been raining here most of the day, guess the Cubbies won't be going outside to play tonite.

san, glad you had a nice breakfast.


SAN: Love that STAMP comment!! I think I can figure out just who you're talking about!! Hmmm???

The old CC Thread showed up WHITE for me this afternoon.

Krispy: Your picture of GAS PRICES couldn't have been BETTER TIMED. I bought GAS YESTERDAY mind you for $2.59 a gal for regular. Today the same stuff is $3.19 for regular, $3.29 for mid-grade and $3.39 for Prem at some places......most want more for prem than that. Now that's just going a little too far........hurricane or NO hurricane. Sure hope the gas station Moguls are enjoying their scalping while they can still do it. I'm e-mailing the HOT LINE for GAS GOUGING here in Michigan. Hope the Governor sends me back a reply!! Yeh, like that will ever happen.

KC: Have fun at the Cubbies meeting.

Sun's out here and it's hot and muggy. Of course NOT as HOT and Muggy as in New Orlean!! It was 98 and 100 yesterday.

SAN: Any news on Matthew??? Send us his home address. The kid could use some cards from all of his UNKNOWN FRIENDS!!

NAV: You all packed and ready to Zoom out of town??? Hope so. Just remember "Don't leave home without your American Express Credit Card"..........or whatever one you use the most.........after that it's just ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!! Oh and by the way.........get ready to hear "ARE WE THERE YET"!! :) :)


<font color = green>Home from another hard day at the office......hehe!! Rained all day and no end in sight.....so much for getting the grass cut.............

Glad you figured it out GM..............Kris---maybe you need to help you MIL with this...........hope Emily is feeling better.................

Dennis heard on the radio that they are thinking of using some cruise ships as places for people to stay(talking about the Katrina area)Anyone else hear that??

Gas went up from 2.59 to 2.74 right before my eyes this am as I was at a red light........cutting back on the running around............wonder if the pizza places are going to up the delivery charge(can you tell Im hungry??)...........

Well, gonna go watch the rest of TAR.............back here or there later!!</font>

Edited to close font tag


Wrong San, on a ship, I want someone else to do the cooking. Not me, and I'm not the one into Cooking shows. And there are enough shops for me to spend my money. Don't need more. If I want to do anymore shopping I will do it in port. So there. I have some very good ideas, but I'm not gonna share with you since you don't think my ideas are any good.

PH, did not hear anything about cruise ships. There are 3 Naval ships and 1 hospital ship on their way to the Gulf area. Probably do not want anymore ships, just the small ones that can do search and rescue. Our local Sheriff has 6 deputies on their way with a semi full of water and medical supplies, and I got an e-mail from Church that UMCOR need cash donations. The United Methodist Church Out Reach. They are always one of the first into any disaster area world wide. Check has been written. One of the ladies in our Sunday School class has a Granddaughter (she and family is in Atlanta with other family), their house in Gulfport is gone and everything that was in it. They have nothing left.

Hope everyone has a good evening. :loveya

P.S. OH BOY, I'm not a Ships Photographer.......... That's my kind of job. :kitten


Was checking out all the pics and info on the Freedom..............all I can say is,that is not a cruise ship...................it is a resort on water...............I like the bigger ships ,but that one is just too much for me..............Surfing?? Gimme a break!! Come on RCCL,bring back some smaller ships.........One of very favorite cruises was on the Empress!!(BTW-----I am not begruding any of you going on the Freedom....it just doesnt "float my boat")

Been fixated on the news.................really and truly breaks my heart..:cry.............


Hi All!!

Wow........busy day over here with "Cleaning" and washing inside windows in at least the front of the house. Sprayed water at a Rabbit a little while ago and now I'm going to go get some Mexican food for dinner.
PH: We should live closer so we could at least EAT OUT together when the Hubby's are away!! :)

SAN: Any further news on Matthew?? What are they doing for him now? Perhaps, antibiotics to try to get it to calm down. Hope things go for the BETTER for him real soon.
How's the baby and Mom doing during all this??? Must be hectic.

KC: You said something earlier about me returning the sheets after they were washed. I ALWAYS wash sheets and bedding and towels before I use them. They have that Fire retardent stuff on most of that kind of stuff and I DON'T like the SMELL when I open the pkgs. Different strokes for different folks!! Hee Hee. K-Mart didn't bat a eyelash about me returning the stuff. Tagged it defective and gave me all my money back. I told the girl that maybe "Martha" can handle the roughness of some of those sheets, but it just didn't feel good to me after I pulled them out of the dryer.

Artie just called from day 1 of his bike trip and all is good. He said they pushed WIND all day today and that he would be sleeping REALLY GOOD!! Lucky him!!

Later all............. We need to get ahold of Eddie and BB. I helped out GM.........now somebody else take it upon themselves to get those 2 on here! Thanks.


Evening everyone!!! Have to figure this thing out yet.

Marcia, Where'd you find those emoticons? OK, BOB answered some of that, but what's an html tag?
I miss my colors and bolds, etc.

Kris, hope Emily feels better soon.

San, still keeping Matt in my prayers. Keep us posted.

Have to run. TAR finale is tonight.

BTW, I got on CC real easy tonight. What's with that?