Ph - I have told BB we are here - who knows with company coming this weekend if she will make it here! :)

I also heard that they were going to use the ships! I hope they do - these people need a place to stay with a hot shower!


Grandmom, what might be more familiar to you since it is used on CC, is what is called
UBB Code. This is a simple form of creating functional tags that change text.

UBB uses the brackets to enclose the command [ and ] , the command must be enclosed
in these brackets. All commands must have an opening and a closing in order to work and
it is very important that the closing have a / (slash) as the first item in the closing.

To create color text you would make your entry like this:

This is blue text and it will produce This is blue text

you can use red, yellow, green, white, orange, or just experiment, I haven't even tried all 256
internet safe colors.

This is bold text will produce This is bold text

most important always remember the closing command (tag) and always remember the
slash /

Have fun,


Well.........here I am the night owl posting this late or early in the morning. Depending on how you look at it.
Been busy cleaning. I even scrubed out Art's Shower! Now ain't that just NOT like me!! Hee Hee. Hard to believe I'm going to be ripping out the wallpaper in his bathroom real soon. It looks so nice all organized and cleaned up. I even found $65.00 one dollar bills while cleaning the tall built-in cabinet. WOW!! Okay, I left the money where I found it. It's his poker money !!

My legs are killing me so I'm off to put them up on pillows, even though I have the mattress elevated a little. Old age can kill you if you don't get a grip on it. Hee Hee

Have a quick day at work LADIES!

KC: I think you should invest in that scooter. I've seen people in the Hamptons that use it to get to work. I didn't think people rich enough to live in the Hamptons have to think about working.......yet alone actually do it.!! :)

I got a e-mail from EDDIE and he said he couldn't ge on here........so I gave him instructions like I did for GM. Let's hope he can follow them!! DUH!!

NAV: Almost time to hit the road!! I'm excited for you!!


Good morning to everyone!!!

No time to chat, but I want to thank Bob for the lessons. I understand it, but no time to play this morning.

Everyone have a great day, and PH & KC, have a great day at work.



To the working gals, have a good day, and everyone else also.

We are waiting for the Furnace Man to come and give us an estimate, and the Kitchen Center people to come and rip out the old tile counter. We had to clean everything off of the kithen counter yesterday and finish this morning. So now the living room looks like a disaster area also.

Will check in when I can.



Hi all! Just had a BAD EXPERIENCE over on the CC Board!! Wrote a nice LONGggggg post and it didn't make it. HATE THAT

I'm still cleaning away over here. Got up at the crack of dawn and had my robe on and I used SIMPLE GREEN on the big garage door. It had some shadows of grease from when Art fixed the motor and chain and it bugged me enough to do the whole door. I used a old broom and sprayed it down with the hose after. Looks great!!
Then I moved on to the front glass doors. Boy did they ever need a good cleaning. You can actually see in through the leaded glass now!! What a concept!! Clean glass doors inside and out!!
Washed all the bathroom rugs. Cleaned the junk off the kitchen counter. Not much paperwork on it, but I don't like any papers on my counter!! So nice not to have a MAN around here right now to get under my feet and make messes as I clean. Love it!!

I'm off to buy a new VACCUM either at Costco or Kohl's. I have a 15% off coupon for Kohls. I'll just have to waste the gas and compare brands and prices. I like Costco's return policy if I don't like it. JUST BRING IT BACK!!

Gas last night at Costco was $2.89 a gallon for regular. I put in $10.00 to top off my tank. UNREAL!! 3 gallons and something is all I got.

NAV: You going crazy over your way??? Not sure that you come on this board. I'll have to try and get a message over on the other board sometime today to say GOOD-BYE and HAVE FUN!!

SAN: Hope you're having a good day today.

PH: Try and think CALM thoughts before you go to the doctors. Hope things go okay for you. I know how you worry about this Blood Pressure stuff you're going through.

Eddie: Thanks for the e-mail. Glad you know the difference between the two Kathy's/Kathie's on here!!


Hello Every one.
We are having a great day and it is supposed to be like this for the next week or so.
We are going to a senior citizen's cookout today. I would have liked to play some ping pong but no one else showed up.


K-2, slow down, you are over doing it.

As I posted elsewhere. Kitchen is now a disaster area. We are eating out tonight. Since I have no counter top or sink, that is a good idea. WOW, glad Carl thought of that.

Back later.


Hi Cayman,

Just got back from Applebee's. Had ribs and a Carona. Ummmmm, and no dishes to wash.

You all have a good evening.


Hi all!

I posted on the other board a little while ago. It actually worked right away! Miracle of Miracles!!

KC: I just wanted to let you know that I saved one of the new sets of SHEETS in the PKG so that when you come up to visit I can put them on the bed and you'll be able to have that FRESH SMELL you like so much! Too funny!!

I just put the last load of new Costco Martex White Wash cloths in the washer. I cut each tag out of each one of them. Hate those hard paper tags. I always carefully cut them out. For those of you who shop at Costco I'm sure you know just which WASH CLOTHS I'm talking about. ..........24 pcs for $10.00!! They're just the best ever!!

Okay, break time is over.

TGIF to all the working Class on here!! WOW.........didn't this WEEK GO BY QUICKER THAN USUAL???


Evening everyone!!! Too late to post anything. Have to get to bed. See everyone in the morning.

San, please let us know how Matt is tomorrow.

Marcia, how was Mike's first day at work?


Good morning to all of you.

Hope everyone has a good day, and that the work day goes by quickly for PH & KC.

See you all later.


Morning all.

G.M. Mike was pretty tired after his first day. But he said that everyone offered to run any errands he needed - to go get him anything.

Not much time this morning.

Need to go move my car, don't want to blocked in the garage. Late all.....


Hey there Marcia: Good luck with the Kitchen Counter Tops today!! Remember to take it easy once they leave ...........you don't have to clean ALL those cabinets today!! Say "Hello" to Carl for me!!

Sure is nice to have all the Windows open around here today..........and the SUN is out too!! Life is good.


Ribs and a Corona... AHHHHHHH :)

Now that is good stuff... 9 more hours until I am a DDM... WOOHOOOO!!!


Yep, they sure were good, wish I were having more tonight. Actually, don't know what we are eating tonight.

Leaving in the morning, will check in when ever I can.

Everyone stay safe.