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Missed Grand Cayman due to weather :(


Dream Vacation

We were scheduled to dive (hubby) and snorkel (me) at Stingray City in Grand Cayman on Feb. 18th, but our ship (Carnival Sensation) got turned away due to bad weather - rough seas.

Since this was our first cruise, we were very disappointed, especially my husband, who dives in Maine (can you say 'brrrrrr') and had heard great things about Grand Cayman.

They told us the last time this had happened was last March. Has this happened to anyone else.......? Just wanted to commiserate.

But what can you do about the weather? Nothing! This just gives us a reason for crusing to Cayman again :)


you are not the only ones who have missed GCM recently, but it DOES give you an excuse to plan a land based trip there. It is worth a whole week there, especially if DH dives.


Missing Grand Cayman is not in the least unusual. The last two years in a row we skipped the port, but 6-7 times in a row prior to that we made the port
Just hard to predict the seas around that area.
Keep cruising and trying. You'll make it.

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We are 2 for 2 with Grand Cayman, just lucky I think as rough seas causes cancellations here all the time. Hope my luck holds out later this year when we are scheduled to stop there again. Too bad for those who miss it, although there is obviously nothing you can do about the weather/sea conditions, it must still be a disappointment. Hope you will get there next time!

Colo Cruiser

There has been a lot of that lately, we are lucky on our 5 trips there having never missed it. Almost did with the swells last March on the Coral Princess.

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Is there a certain time of year when the weather is worse, causing more of a chance to miss Grand Cayman?. I've been twice, once in late Aug. and once in Feb. But we are going this yr late Nov.


We've made it in 3 times but the last time our Stingray tour was canceled due to rough seas. The time before we missed jamaica altogether.


Yes, Grand Cayman seems to be one of the perennial leaders in "missed ports". I think that having an unprotected anchorage for tendering is a major reason. Naturally, exposed ports have the worst problems with this. Belize is a tendering port but you rarely read about cancellations there and I would assume it's mainly because Belize is protected by the barrier reef and islands from the swells and rough waves.


We were very fortunate last week. We were in Grand Cayman and had very calm seas and beutiful weather in the last week of February. Perfect for Stingray City!


We sailed on the Paradise the week before Christmas of '03. We did get to see GC from the ship but were refused to tender in. The ship had to leave and our next stop was Cozumel. We arrived there at 7 a.m. and had an extra six hours in port. That was a treat.

Have booked on the Miracle in Dec.'04 and GC is again one of the ports we are supposed to do. Let's hope so.