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mistake booking Constellation CC #9140?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by darrenk, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    If Only I had found this site earlier!!! I did tons of research and finally settled on Celebrity Constellation for my first cruise. We knew we wanted a veranda, and when we went to book through the Celebrity website, we saw the Concierge Class verandas. We decided to spoil ourselves a bit and booked the CC room #9140 (thinking higher is better). Now I'm hearing that this may be just a marketing ploy to get people to take the Sky Deck level rooms. People are saying these rooms are really noisy and have that stupid overhang above. Anybody out there been in this room or one of the other Sky Deck CC rooms? Either way, I'm trying to psych myself up for the cruise, no matter WHAT noise there is. Thanks!
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    I think that is was abit of a marketing ploy for sure. That being said there are a lot of good rooms. Check the floor plan for what's above you and take it from there. If you sail well into the future you may be able to change if you think its going to be really noisey (there indeed are some) deal with your TA or the Cruise line if you booked with them. The overhang didn't bother us on the Infinity at all. That's just a personal thingy for most people.
  3. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    Thanks for the info, BSeaBob. Looks like we are under the side deck of the SeaSide Grill. Is that where they usually have the midnight buffet? I guess we'll just have to..."If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and go upstairs! I figure, at least it's not under the bar area.
  4. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    The overhang sucks! We were in room 9099. The overhead noise only bothered us a few times. It was more of a running sound than moving furniture etc.

    What did bother us was the deck washing platform [I guess it would be called]. For the first three nights [14 day cruise] it was parked just outside our balcony. I did get them to move it at the second port. It did move back and forth during the cruise [not on its own volition] but never appeared at our balcony. It really did block the view.

    The other amenities were fine but next time we would not book Concierge Class. Live and learn!
  5. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    I was on deck 9 Concierge class on the Infinity. I dealt with the overhang in Alaska, but this may be tougher to do so with warmer destinations. Also, verandas on the lower decks are even more tucked in below verandas on the higher decks, creating a perfect view of a lifeboat. The extra amenities were worth it; I especially appreciated the pillow menu, expanded room service menu, and actual shampoo containers.
  6. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    Thanks for your helpful advice, guys. I'm sure I'll be able to deal with whatever annoyances I'm given.
  7. We were on the Constellation Transatlantic in Sept 2004, Panorama 8135. Had several friends on the
    Sky Deck in CC category staterooms.

    A constant complaint from them was the noise created from "scraping" chairs being moved around in the Cafe and pool areas. Your stateroom is located on the right side "aft". Directly under the Cafe
    area. The tables that are placed in the "overhang" area are not on "carpet" and you will probably hear
    the noise of the chairs being moved at all times during the day and evening.

    We booked our next Celebrity cruise while on this ship: Summit repo, Alaska to Los Angeles 14 days.
    We booked "CC" class but intentionally booked on the Panorama deck to avoid the excessive noise.

    I would recommend changing your cabin assignment after carefully reviewing the stateroom location
    in relation to the Resort Deck, or moving to the Panorama Deck, same CC class.

    Our next cruise: Grand Princess - Jan 22, 2005 (7 days)
    Celebrity Summit - Sept 2005 (14 days)

    Bon Voyage!
  8. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

  9. hct

    hct Guest

    Deck 7 or 8 is the way to go
  10. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    Thanks for the advice, everybody. I called last night and had my room moved to 8177. It's weird, because on the website, these aren't marked as CC. But, their colorcode doesn't really match anything, so I'm assuming they really ARE CC.
  11. gardenchick1

    gardenchick1 Guest

    What sailing on you on? We booked 8148 (which is around the corner from your cabin) for the Jan. 29th sailing. Have spent quite a bit of time online researching this cruise and the ports. It was a good decision to change your stateroom -- we also hear the floor beneath the resort decks can be very noisy. We always go one deck below and never have a problem with noise.
  12. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    Hi Gardenchick1. We're sailing March 5. I can't hardly manage to wait that long. I'm glad I moved down a floor. I'm a bit of a light sleeper. Any interesting info you've discovered about this trip that you want to pass along?
  13. gardenchick1

    gardenchick1 Guest

    I can't imagine what my husband would be like if we weren't sailing until March! He's been counting down the days every since we booked in November.

    I am still doing some research on this cruise. I think we've decided to stay onboard ship at Casa de Campo. Doesn't seem to be a very popular port and with so many stops on this itinerary we would like to be able to enjoy the ship a little more.

    We did book an excursion in Antigua -- Eli's Eco Tour (www.antiguaadventures.com) We hear this is a fabulous tour and a great way to see Antigua.

    We are heading to Paynes Bay in Barbados, Grand Anse Beach in Grenada and Megan's or Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas (after shopping there, of course!). On our previous cruises, we didn't get near enough beach time in port and are planning on doing more relaxing this time. We usually cruise with a group (families) and this time it's just the two of us so we're beaching it.

    I am new to this forum (have done a lot of research on other similar websites) and have already picked up interesting info. Anything you have to pass along would be appreciated also.
  14. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    haha! I think I'm probably a lot like your husband. Waiting until March is going to kill me. Every morning I tell my boyfriend how many days we have left. This is our first cruise!

    I've heard pretty much the same thing about Casa de Campo. I HAVE heard that Altos De Chavon is a pretty fun place to see. But, if I miss it, I won't die. I would love to see DR, though, since there are so many Dominicans living here in NYC.

    Barbados, we are doing the 5 star catamaran/sea turtle encounter. Grenada, undetermined...probably just the beach near the ship and shopping. Antigua, we're taking the helecopter to Montserrat. It was pricey, but that's my birthday, so I'm treating us. Never been in a helecopter...so I'm excited. We'll be beaching after the morning chopper ride.

    Not sure what we're doing in St. Thomas, other than shopping. Maybe St. John's, maybe snorkel. We're staying in San Juan Saturday night when we return.

    Heard that this trip in November was skipping Grenada and going to Dominica instead. Not sure if we're still hitting Grenada or not.

    What are some of the other websites you've been searching?
  15. gardenchick1

    gardenchick1 Guest

    Sounds like you've got a great trip planned. You'll love the helicopter ride. We did one in Alaska and it was lots of fun.

    I am pretty sure we will still be stopping in Grenada. I have been on some tourism sites for the island and they said the Constellation has been there since the first of the year. The island is pretty devastated and most trees are bare, but we will enjoy the beach nonetheless.

    One way of researching that I find helpful is to Google the question I have such as "best beach in Barbados." Lots of sites open up and I try to pick one that isn't related to a resort. After researching this way, you get a good idea of what's available. I also like the cruisecritic.com website. It is similar to this one and great for information from people that have actually been there. I wouldn't plan a cruise without doing a lot of searching on these sites.
  16. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    Just returned from Constellation. We were in #6143 penthouse deck.

    Starting with our sailing, ALL 1A categories are now CC. There no longer exists a 1A. So we had all the extras of CC for 1A price, plus our balcony was oversized becuase of its peculiar location. Check it out.

    I will be writing a review of our cruise soon.

  17. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    hurry up and post your review. I can't wait to read it. drop me a line when it's up. That huge deck DOES look great!
  18. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    When do you sail?

    By the way nice choice for your 1st cruise......ours was on Carnival, and almost never went again.

    Thank goodness HAL came to the rescue.

    Now I am torn between the two Celebrity or HAL....(this was my first Celebrity), I guess price will decide next time!

    I will write my review on the Cal Train up to work tomorrow.

    I am also going to post pictures, though not many are of the ship, mostly places and the cabin. I also do not care for the new gallery format, and can't find the pictures of past cruises I posted.

  19. darrenk

    darrenk Guest

    I'm sailing on March 5th. I did a lot of research before deciding on a cruise. Celebrity just sounded like the right mix for us. Where do you live that you take the Cal Train? I used to live in Monterey and went to college at UC Davis. Love N. Cal. Live in NYC now. It's gonna make the warm weather feel even greater when I go. Let me know when you post pics.
  20. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    Used to live in San Francisco, but still work there.

    Live in Mountain View for the moment, so have to Cal Train into "the city" for now.


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