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Mobay and Barrett tours

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Nancy M., Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    I booked Barretts just last August (less than a year ago). But, I had many correspondences with her previous to our tour. I have posted my tour and all our activities numerous times on this web site. At least 10 other groups that booked with Carolyn after me, emailed me afterwards and thanked me for suggesting Barretts.
    Hell, Believe it or not, I was buying rounds of Red Stripe for the whole tour group if they stopped at the same Jerk stand Carolyn took us to! And, I didn't even know these people! I have e-mailed Carolyn regading the tour from Hell and expect to get the whole unedited story. I think she owes me that after all the business I have directed her way.
    As a business owner myself, I will suggest some ways that she can help with the damage control and gain back some respect from those that were on that bad tour.
  2. mizzou_racer

    mizzou_racer Guest

    We (Wife, and 2 daughters 5 and 6, and I) are sailing on the Conquest June 27th. We are not sure what we want to do in MoBay. We sailed the Conquest in April '03 and took the ship's Rose Hall beach tour. We had a good time at the beach. The children really enjoy playing at the beach.

    Does Barrett tours charge less per person when you have a large group? Do they customize the tour based on the request of the group?

    Nancy, do you have any others booked with you for that day?

  3. piggs

    piggs Guest

    Hi Russ,
    We are also on the same sailing and booked with Carolyn. We are doing YS Falls, lunch and Margaritaville. There are 15 family members on our tour.(Maximum capacity for her van we were told) Carolyn has stated she would be with us and Nancy has been promised Erroll. From what I understand if you call to book a tour she will tell you about the ones she already has going out that day and ask if you would like to join one of those. I did not ask to keep ours private and I don't know if nancy did either. She may also offer you any tour you would like but it seems that any "badly reviewed tours" have been with someone other than her or her husband.
    I hope this holds true as I am very nervous now about my tour with her, due to the conversations on this board recently. I was also the one who talked my family into this tour!
    Hope all goes well.
  4. Nancy M.

    Nancy M. Guest

    Hi Russ,
    We have another family of 4 booked with us for a total of 6. We would be more than happy to have you join us also if you would like. We are doing the Rose Hall adventure and I would be more than happy to send you info on that if you would like. You can email me offlist at n.mcdaniel@mchsi.com if interested. As Lori mentioned they promised us Errol as our driver. I have heard that both him and Carolyn are very good but again as Lori mentioned there have been problems with other drivers. If you are interested though in joining us we would love to have you and your family come along.
  5. PLG

    PLG Guest

    As I previously said, all was NOT well with Barretts. Carrol or her husband were to have lead our tour, they did not. She said sorry she couldn't be with us, but she had to take the other group and assured her helper(can't remember his name) would take care of us. WHen I booked I was one of the first. She added others to our tour, not me, not that I would have minded, but that bus was crammed way too tight!! That tour bus was packed with over 20 people. There was not jerk chicken stand. They drive in a manner that I do not want to experience again. AND Sodey, why so snotty with the poster. We almost missed our ship with Carrol's crew, how would you have liked that, if we had hit any traffic problems or a tire problem we all would have missed the ship. If the accident in the road would have blocked the road. There is risk here. Be careful.

    Post Edited (04-28-04 10:17)
  6. piggs

    piggs Guest

    When did you discover that you were not getting Carolyn or her husband for your driver? She promised ( I have her e-mail stating that but I know it is not a contract!) she would be our driver because we booked so far in advance and I had told her at that time that I was worried about who the driver would be. She has no information of mine ahead of time(credit card etc.) so I will seriously consider not going if she is not there to be our guide. We can always find something else to do even if it means staying on the ship.
  7. piggs

    piggs Guest

    What "local" travel board did you visit?
  8. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Hey PLG. What "Snotty" comment are you talking about?
  9. PLG

    PLG Guest

    We didn't find out till we got off the ship and had waited 1/2 hour to leave. She then informed us she wasn't going with us and the trip had to change and our options were Black RIver, or Margerettaville. I should have asked questions, we were confused and given no other options. I contend she could have e-mailed us ahead. She knew from earlier that week, she told us so, that the river was too low. We sould have made other plans, with her. I thought the Black RIver trip was the rafts poled , not so overcrowded pontune boat with a bad engine, I kept thinking what happens if his engine goes, it was getting late and did I mention we had been given no chance for food or drink during this time.

    Sorry Sodey, I just though your comment about the street light was curt, unlike those typical of folks on this page. I am adventurious, I back pack in Minn. back water, canoe, whitewater raft, too, but this wasn't an adventure eccept an adventure in overcrowding and bad driving.


    Post Edited (04-29-04 21:46)
  10. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    The street light comment comes from many noted speakers (Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters etc...) and it's about taking risks in life. The ones that take the greatest risks are usually the ones that experience the greatest rewards. I know people that analyze everything to death until the opportunity expires or will always choose the path of least resistance out of fear of the unknown. To criticize me for that comment puts me into the company of some of the most successful business leaders of our time. So, thanks for the compliment.
  11. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    I booked my tour with Carolyn two months ago. She has told me all along that she was going to be our guide for the day. Now, just a couple of days before we leave, she says that she will not be there. She has a bus (for our group of 20!) arranged with a driver - hmmm, sound familiar? She had told me herself that she would not make the mistake again of letting a bus go out without her on it. I cancelled with her this afternoon. So now, just days before our cruise, we have nothing schedule for MoBay.

    It seems as though her daughter just decided to get married. Certainly a good excuse, but we had booked Carolyn based on her reputation. I did not want a substitute driver. I would rather not risk a trip like Pat and Mychelle's with our children with us. I am a risk taker when it comes to myself, but not with my kids.
  12. Mychelle

    Mychelle Guest

    So sorry to hear about this JW, but at least you were lucky enough to find out BEFORE the trip! We were not told until the day of the tour. I have heard good things about A-Z Planners in Jamaica also, you might want to look up them, but I have no personal experience with them.

    So I hope you all see, that possibly it's not that PLG and I have a vengence for this company. We truly did have an awful tour, and have been offered nothing to make up for it. As jwm's post suggest, maybe the Barrett's are not all they are made up to be on this board.

    Sodey, I'm very curious, you seem to think Carolyn owes YOU an explanation, even though you had only one tour with this woman. Are you somehow gaining from all the business you send her way? Your refusal to admit that maybe a good company has gone bad just seems a bit odd to me, unless you have something to lose from it. I'm sure I'll get slammed for this comment, but I just had to ask. Most of your posts on these boards are singing the Barretts praises and that's about it.
  13. Mychelle

    Mychelle Guest


    Here's one of the many local sites you can find. Try asking around on

    Or just do a search on jamaica, but stay away from any place that advertises tourism and travel. Look for the REAL Jamaican sites.
  14. piggs

    piggs Guest

    Mychelle,------Thank -you for the info. I will look into other options. I did try searching Jamaica and all that came up was travel stuff with links to Barrett Adventures.

    jw- I'm with you. I have been told that Carolyn will be our driver and I will cancel if that is not the case. I will not be responsible for 15 people having a good time. I will even know to cancel last minute thanks to the advice from Mychelle and PLG.

    Now I have to try to plan a second option. This is not what I was hoping for when I booked Barrett. sigh :(
  15. Mychelle

    Mychelle Guest


    Your very welcome. If you look just a few topics down from this one, you'll see the other "Barrett discussion", where someone else has come forward and said they too did not have a good trip with the Barretts. Again...neither Carolyn or her husband showed to take the tour out.

    Be Careful, hope it all works out for you!!!
  16. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    I do not benefit in any way by referring business to Carolyn Barrett. She provided a service to me which I believed to be an unbelievable value for the money.
    When I receive that kind of service from a company or individual, I reward them with referrals. I have based my whole professional life on this and it has rewarded me back many times over. However, in Carolyn Barrett's case, she can't reward me back in any way. So, I have absolutely no selfish reason for referring her to others. My motives are purely to help others experience Jamaica the way I was able to. Until your trip from Hell, everyone (about 10 different groups) thanked me for suggesting Carolyn. Owning my own business, I know that sometimes no matter what you do, the whole transaction can blow up in your face. Usually it occurs when something happens completely out of your control or you assume something to be true and it ends up not being true. In your case, Carolyn had some things happen out of her control but she also assumed things that she shouldn't have. The vehicles breaking down were out of her control, but assuming the driver of the bus could handle the "people aspects" of the tour just because he had heard her do it many times before was a bad assumption to make. Even though it "Always rains" in the hills doesn't really mean "Always" in reality. She also should have done a lot of "What If" planning with her tours. What If a vehicle breaks down. What if we discover low water levels, What if people are late getting off the ship, What if I'm sick or can't do the tour myself, so on and so on.

    I have mentioned to Carolyn that she "Has to" do these things so that no one has to experience the kind of trip that you did. Notice, I have never disputed your claims or argued with them. I have accepted them as fact. However, I have seen some e-mails from people on your trip to Carolyn that border on complete extortion that say: "Unless I get my money back, I am going to ruin you and your business by blasting you all over the internet message boards!"

    I think that reaction is a little bit agressive!

    I believe Carolyn will do everything she can within reason to get these issues resolved but she is not a rich woman running a national corporation. It's her and her husband, 2 minivans and an occasional chartered bus with a driver if a larger group wants to go to the same place. I have told her that in my opinion, she should only do a tour if it's her or her husband and get rid of the bus concept. She makes more money without the bus and the tour is more personable etc...

    So, that's my story, that's my involvement, that's my concern.
  17. Mychelle

    Mychelle Guest


    Thank you very much for your honest reply. I hope that noone is making you feel at fault for referring the Barrett's. I too am in a small business for myself, and depend largely on referrals. So I do understand how important they are. But on the same line...it's also important to satisfy the unhappy ones, especially when there is a group of them.

    I am in no way out to ruin Carolyn's business, and whoever emailed her that type of letter is being ridiculous. Nor do I wish a complete refund of the tour. But let's face it, for most people, me included, another trip to Jamaica will not be happening anytime in the near future. So the offer of a free tour was pointless. My husband I were refunded $20 for our group of 4. No, that is not an acceptable refund when we wasted our one and only day in Jamaica.

    The thing that worries me about it all, is the post I saw right on this thread. Someone just cancelled with her because she emailed them and said neither her or Errol would be taking their tour. So much for learning from your mistakes?

    My opinion....not that it really matters. The Barretts were once a great family business, but now are taking on more than they can handle. And yes...it may just well ruin them in the process. But I don't think that will be anyone's "doing" but their own.

    As I said above, for alot of people, this will be the one day in their lifetime that they will be in Jamaica. And they deserve to know the facts about this company, and then decide if it's worth the risk. Yes, I will post my opinion when I see questions regarding them, but I only post on this website, so I don't think I will be ruining their business.
  18. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Very well said.

    I would probably be in the same boat (no pun intended) had I been put into your situation. I am booking some tours for my next cruise this August and hopefully my stops in the Eastern Carib will be like my Jamaica experience and not yours.

    Take Care,

    PS: Are you getting the feeling that you and I are spending way too much time on the message boards?
  19. Mychelle

    Mychelle Guest

    Well I don't know about you, but I suffer from Geek/Geekette Syndrome....work a little...then post a lot....work a little more......

  20. Nancy M.

    Nancy M. Guest

    I have been reading these posts since I originally posted this message. I have to agree with Mychelle that I am wondering about my tour with Barrett in June because of the post made today about Carolynn not taking one group out and putting themon a bus instead. I am going to wait it out and see what happens. I have been told in email with Carolyn that Errol will be taking my group out and I am really looking forward to that but if for some reason he or Carolyn are not going to be the guide for this tour there is a very strong possibility that I will cancel as well.

    I am a fair person though and will be emailing Carolyn with my concerns in the next day or two to hopefully ensure that we will be getting one of the two of them. Me and my husband booked this adventure because of the great reviews we heard about their personal service and that is what we are counting on receiving. I am hoping that we are not one of the ones that will be put onto a bus tour. If this happens we will probably just cancel and take a taxi to the Rose Hall beach anyway. On the good side we do have a second plan just in case.

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