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I agree that the last thing I want to do is ruin her reputation as a tour guide. I do not think she is deceptive, and I do think she learned something from the "tour from hell." She knew that I wanted her as our guide, and I appreciate that she let me know beforehand that it was not going to work out. Nothing in the world would keep me from my own daughter's wedding. When I cancelled yesterday, she wrote me a very nice note:

Thank you for cancelling now rather than being unhappy after the fact. I appreciate that.

I'm sorry to not be able to be in two places at once, but I missed my oldest son's wedding because of 'commitments' and I won't do that again.

I hope I will get to take you on tour next time.

I agree with you Sodey, she is not a wealthy woman running a huge business. She is working in primitive conditions. She applied for a land phone nine years ago and still has not gotten it yet, so she is unable to even surf the net - she gets e-mail through her cell phone with an infrared port for a modem. I hate it that she can't see the message boards and know what is being said.

If we ever go to Jamaica again, I would still love to go with her and get to meet her. We had corresponded quite a bit by e-mail and I am sad that we will not be going with her. But I would ask lots of questions - as I did this time - how large will our group be? Who will be our guide? Is there an alternate plan and what is that should plan "A" not work out. Nancy, I still think your tour will work out. I think ours was extenuating circumstances. Just ask lots of questions!



I would encourage you to keep in contact with Carolyn before your trip and again about a week before, specifically ask how many are in the tour group and who will be your guide. Had we (jwmc is our group) not asked those questions specifically, we would not have been told beforehand. Carolyn answered our questions honestly, but did not volunteer the info. We had been told that she or Errol would be our guide and that she would never book a group that big again... but that's what happened. So, just be specific.

Have a great cruise! We leave in just 2 days to cruise in 3!!!!


Hello, I have just returned from cruising on the Conquest last week. I just have to make a comment about our (my oldest daughter, my sister and myself) tour of Jamaica with a great guide, Winston Edwards. He was GREAT!! My daughter arranged the details with him several weeks before the cruise. She told him what we wanted to do and see and he customized the tour for us. He has a newer van, with A/C, very careful driver, had a cooler with soft drinks, water and of course Red Stripe beer, for us at no extra charge! We wanted to see the country, not just the 'hot spots'....he took us into the mountains, breathtaking it was! We went to a straw market, had lunch at a wonderful jerk stand, with extremely clean restrooms, went to Margaritaville, and to a bird sanctuary to feed the hummingbird' was a awesome day, he has been a tour guide for over 21 years and is very knowledgeable about his country and their traditions. I highly recommend that everyone check him out...we spent the whole day with him, just the three of us!!! for $140 bucks!!!!!! I'd go again tomorrow if I could.
His site is
You can tell him The Country Cruisers recommended him, not that it will get you anything, but we told him were gonna recommend him to any one going his way! He is a wonderful, careful,very pleasant man.


I am out to ruin NO one, but if I had read a review like mine I would never have booked, and risk ruining our day and really our live, that drive back to the boat was dangerious. I did stay in contact with Carrol. I booked only foe 4, I paid full price for 4, $80, others were added by Barretts. None of us got a divided by 20 rate. She offered no compensation. She didn'r drive nor did Error as agreed. A back up plan is the best plan for future Barreett's customers. Pat

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