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Mom might be discharged today!


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:sunny:Yesterday they removed the drainage tubes and she is in a regular room. She might be discharged today but they want her to go to a rehab facility for 3-7 days for PT...she isn't happy about that but I think we have her convinced that it is the best for her recovery :doubleup: Thank you everyone for your prayers and best wishes.:sunny:


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So glad to hear this. PT can be a bear, but it really will assist in her recovery. Prayers continue she has an uneventful recovery.


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Encouraging news about your Mom, Denise. Glad you convinced her to go to PT even though it's not the easiest thing in the world.

Prayers continue for her recovery.


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Good news on your Mom. I'm sure the PT will be really helpful in her recovery and I'm glad that you were able to convince her to go! Special hugs to you today Denise!


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This is certainly good progress. I'm sure the therapy may not be pleasant, but it will help. She will continue in my prayers.