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Monarch is getting bad reviews

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by jester95008, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. baseballmom

    baseballmom Guest

    Hi Joyce,
    I also saw reviews on cruisereviews.com that were less than favorable, and I briefly got a little nervous. My bottom line is that it took me 50 years to get on a cruise, and I wasn't about to let anything ruin the week for my son and me. I did not experience ANY of the negatives the other cruisers found. We thought the Monarch was great, and a wonderful first-time experience. If indeed it is a training ship, then they're doing their job well because the service was exceptional.

    I hope you enjoy your cruise!

  2. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    hey Joyce , looks like you and I will cross paths ... When your getting off the monarch , I'll be getting on (my sailing date is Sept.27th) the 5day one to SD , Ensenada , and Catalina Island.
    By the way , I'm going to research that about the Monarch being the ship they train everyone... I never knew how they trained them , but if anything its a good thing because you have employee faces that are anxious to help still unlike a bartender in his 5th yr like some of Carnivals and you can see they aren't too excited about what's going on anymore.
  3. joyceyw

    joyceyw Guest


    I agree, I was stating that it was a training ship to maybe justify why there seem to be inconsistencies in service. I really don't necessarily think its a bad thing to be on a training ship either. But with anything in which people are training, there will be kinks that need to be worked out. My doctor's office works with a local medical school therefore sometimes there are 3rd year med students there seeing patients. They have to learn somewwhere, and as long as there're not perfoming surgery on me, I'm cool with them doing an initial consultation and then conferring with the attending doctor. On the ship the waiter may forget which side to serve to food from, or may forget an item, I can handle that he's learning. I would be nice if more people would give the benefit.

    BTW the other site I was talking about is CruiseCritic.com, but I'm going to check out the one you mentioned as well. I usally take reviews with a grain of salt.

    Yep, I'll be taken off the ship last kicking and screaming. You will wonder why your embarkation is taking so long, they will announce that one of the passangers refuses to get off.

  4. kitten

    kitten Guest

    In defense of the Monarch, employees have to get their training somehow, they're not "born" that way! I can put up with the inconsistinces, I'm not a fussy cruiser, as long as my meal's are served and the bed is made, I'm happy! I think people out there nowaday's expect alot more than their money's worth, these employee's on the cruise ship's are not our "slaves" at not at our "beck and call" all the time. If people want that kind of service you need to cough up the extra moola and cruise QE2, Crystal Symphony, or any of the more upscale cruise lines. Just My Humble Opinion.
  5. joyceyw

    joyceyw Guest

    Uh Kitten,

    We're saying the same thing. Relax.


    Post Edited (06-21-04 17:22)
  6. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    I read two reviews on another site, about the Monarch. Both reviews were for the same cruise, same date. One person could not say enough about what a wonderful time they had, how good the food was, what a wonderful time was had by all. The other person could not complain enough about everything (I have to admit, some of it sounded pretty bad...)

    I guess it all has to do with the attitude you pack!
  7. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    I've now started to read cruise reviews in much the same way I do movie reviews. I look for reviewers who seem to share my sensibility, and when I find them, I discover reviews that are much more helpful to me. So if you're choosy about food and service, it's wise to seek out reviews by people who seem to be similarly inclined. If you're more laid back and consider anything beyond the basics to be terrific, then reviews authored by others with that attitude will serve you well.

    G-Lo's comments really go to that point. Same ship, same sailing, two different passengers, and two very different reviews. Despite the fact that you're on the ship with thousands of other people, the cruising experience is ultimately a personal one. And a lot of what you get out of it depends on how you choose to perceive it.

    We've even discovered that the same people can have pack distinctly different attitudes. My wife and I have taken two cruises so far, and I'd give our onboard attitude an A on the first cruise (Rhapsody last August) and a C on our second cruise (Mariner last month). Even though our Rhapsody cruise started horribly (our car transmission died on the way to the port), we resolved not to let it ruin things, and we didn't. In contrast, our Mariner cruise experience was smooth as glass, but our impatience with crowds and rude passengers really sapped our enjoyment. As I mentioned in the review, that was our problem (and no one else's), something we addmitted to ourselves even as it was happening. We could just as easily have let it all slide and enjoyed ourselves more. But we didn't.

    Like I say, it's all in the attitude....
  8. I want to go, I want to go today! Unfortunately I have to wait until January. I'll be looking forward to some more reviews. Thanks, everyone, for posting!
  9. MizSuzannah

    MizSuzannah Guest

    Hi there! I'm leaving on Monarch on 7/5...just a couple weeks off...I was onboard her in May and I don't know what folks are complaining about. Where do these people live, who cooks/serves their meals at home, and what is in their fridge, I wonder???? What are they talking about??? Surely they were on Carnival Ecstasy and made a mistake by saying Monarch??? Was I on the same cruise as some of these rude, demanding, and controlling people? If I was, I'm glad I never noticed them....

    The Monarch is a very beautiful ship...yes, older than the rest of the fleet....a beauty if I ever saw one...but then again, I was the one who took her first cruise on the Viking Serenade aka the "Bubble Boat" and thought she was the most beautiful thing ever....

    *MizSuzannah shakes her head in disgust*....unbelievable what trivial things people complain about, and incredible what they will simply make up as they go along. *rolleyes!*

    Post Edited (06-24-04 22:42)
  10. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Maybe a lot has to do with the sailing. We had one excellent cruise and one not-very-good cruise on the Monarch. There were a lot of factors that went into them that made them different, including our attitude. One was business (yuck) and one wasn't. :? :? =huh =dunno
  11. baseballmom

    baseballmom Guest

    MizSuzannah, I agree with you completely. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our Monarch cruise June 7 - 11, and we have some great memories to last a lifetime (I say this after getting a consultation on BRACES for him today...so much for another cruise in the next few years :-( .

    Sure, there were some rude and pushy people, but show me somewhere you don't run into that! We let nothing get in the way of this special vacation, and indeed, it really is all about attitude (and second helpings of scallop risotto).

  12. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    This turned into a pretty hot topic! I guess I'm going on a ship that everyone knows about .
  13. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    baseballmom - I feel your pain. :( :( I had two kids in braces at the same time - one son in Phase 1 and the other in full braces. LOTS of fun.

    One is now out of the braces but has to have his retainers in 24/7/365 which is a huge pain, esp. when cruising. He has to take his retainers out every time he eats on the ship and has to be careful not to loose them.

    THEN, you have to worry about broken retainers. After 1 month, I had to replace his retainer when he popped it out of his mouth and it broke in half. That was a quick $275!! The other son's retainer also broke AND he still has the Phase 2 of braces to go through. All of this for perfect-looking teeth!! Neither one of them had that bad of looking teeth to begin with! =grrr

    Once this is over and done with, then it's college tuition we need to start thinking about. And you can imagine how that's going to cut into the cruising budget!! =eek =eek
    Sigh.....the joys of motherhood...... =cuckoo =screwy
  14. baseballmom

    baseballmom Guest

    Ohhhhh, Lady Jaq, I had very briefly forgotten about college tuition! As for the braces, can we all say "Home Equity Loan?" Somehow, some way, we WILL get on another ship!!! I paid for this trip thanks to a generous tax refund from Uncle Sam, so between my full-time job and my part-time gourmet food business, I will simply make it happen. My next goal is a 5-day cruise in the Bahamas or Caribbean, which we'll sandwich in between school, baseball, and orthodontist appointments. :)

    A little off subject: In two years, the top retainer my son will wear will only have to be worn at night, and the bottom retainer is a thin wire inserted in by the orthodontist. Far different from when I had braces as an adult 25 years ago. His teeth also aren't all that horrible, but extremely crowded in front and definitely need straightening.

    Now, back to our regular programming: Any experience with 5-day Bahamas/Caribbean cruises?
  15. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    bbmom - My oldest son has 6 months left of wearing his retainers 24/7 and then it'll be only at night time, thank God. It's very inconvenient when on cruises and shore excursions! The funny thing is, neither my DH nor I have had braces, yet somehow our sons both "need" them as they "might" have problems with their bite later in life....you know how it goes... :dizzy

    I think there's a huge difference in 4 night cruises and 3 night cruises. I would definitely opt for the 4 nighter, as that one extra night makes a big difference in the passengers on the ship and your relaxation time. At least you have something to look forward to! Look at it that way! :grin

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    i think the cabins are larger on carnival. but what rccl lacks in size they make up for in service. anyway how much time do you spend in your cabin. we were always on the run.
  17. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    I asked this on a thread one time, and it turns out that actually, a LOT of people spend time in their cabins, especially if they have a balcony. I am sure we will, it will be our sanctuary of sorts from the hustle and bustle of the cruise.

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