Monster Omelet ( makes 8 servings for my low carbs Breakfasts).

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Kitchen Sink Monster Omelet

16 eggs whipped
2 tablespoon margarine..

1/2 cup chopped Bermuda onion

1 1/2 cups meat chopped ..(I use pot roast, chicken, turkey, Hot Italian sausage, steak, boneless pork name it or a combination of..)

1 cup broccoli slaw ( from the salads section)..
1 1/2 cup sauteed mushrooms..

*on occasion I take a dozen grape tomatoes, cut in half,and pop in
also a 1/2 cup sliced black olives etc too.(.the reason it's kitchen sink is I toss in whatever is on hand...:)*

3 cups ( by me - I Hand shred ) shredded faves are Colby, Mozzarella, Jalapeno Monterey Jack , and Cheddar..( we have major cheese producing Co. here in Vermont.. and it's always on sale!).

melt margarine in a Pam spray BIG Skillet saucepan..on low..

pour eggs in pan ...layer broccoli slaw on ;then onions, mushrooms, meat and then the cheeses...salt,pepper etc spices to taste..Cover with pan cover....I slow cook on low heat for about 20-25 minutes..till it is all cooked through//and then cut it like a pie..makes eight slices.

.I microwave a serving each AM for my work days....or if I'm on a day off it's oftentimes brunch!!

basic carbs count is about 4 grams for each serving.
(will not taste very good with egg beaters substitute!! JMHO.)... .enjoy..:smile:Joanne


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Do you put the onion on raw or do you saute it earlier? You mention sauteed mushrooms but not the onion:scratch:
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onions are raw..I love Bermuda so keep them on hand but scallions or white onions are great too..
in the summer I use fresh chive.from outside in my garden..:biggrin:the great thing about *Kitchen sink* is you use whatever you times I have added shrimp, bacon ,etc..enjoy!!!!!!!!


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Joanne, doesn't this have to be stirred? You talk about this all the time; I happen to have a dozen eggs that have to be used by tomorrow, so thought I would try this. I have made omelettes and scrambled eggs, but I usually stir. Also, you don't add any liquid? (milk/cream)

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NEVER stirred...simply slowly steamed through on low.covered ....on occasion I add a bit of heavy cream or 1/2 and 1/2...enjoy....Joanne