More on Ryndam's new Pinnacle Grill



I was asked, on another cruise board, if the menu stays the same throughout the cruise in the Pinnacle Grill and what sort of cuisine is offered. Here's my reply...

Yes, the menu stays the same and, frankly, I hope they keep it just as it is!!! It's billed as "Northwestern" cuisine - and I would add a designation of light Nouvelle Cuisine to that as well.

Some of the menu items include:

Starters - Fragrant Chicken Thai Soup; Ultimate Northwest Clam Chowder (YUMMY); Dungeness Crab Cakes...

Entrees - Filet Mignon (Petite Cut - 7 oz or Pinnacle Cut - 10 oz); Bone-in Rib Eye Steak or Porterhouse (with choice of 3 sauces if desired - Sun Dried Tomato Steak Sauce; Classic Bernaise; Horseradish Mustard Sauce); Grilled Halibut or King Salmon with choice of Lemon Garlic Herb Splash or Sesame Soy Kalbi; Pan seared Rosemary Chicken with Cranberry Chutney; Lamb Rack Chops with Apple Spice Chutney and Drizzled Mint Sauce; Seafood Cioppino with Mussels, Clams, King Crab and Halibut...

Side Dishes (ordered separately) include Scalloped Potatoes, Oversized baked Washington Potato, Grilled Asparagus with Bernaise Sauce, Sauteed Button Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach, Lemon-Wheat Berry Basmati Rice...

Desserts include "Not so Classic" Baked Alaska; warm Grand Marnier Chocolate Volcano Cake, Lemon Berry Angel Shortcake...

One of our group is a diabetic, and they accommodated her with items, including dessert, that would be acceptable to her dietary regimen. This was also true in the regular dining room.

Anyone hungry yet? ;)



You know, that is NOT a very nice thing to do. :mad :devil :mad

What I wouldn't give for a Grand Marnier Chocolate Volcano Cake right now!