More Prayers for Leon (JacquieP's DH) please


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I was waiting to see if Jacquie posted, but since she has not as yet, I am taking the liberty of asking for your prayers for Leon.

Leon started having some shortness of breath yesterday, and the doctor wanted to see him today. The bottom line is that the medicine isn't working fast enough, thus the shortness of breath. It is a life threatening condition, so he starts IV Immune Globulin infusions in the morning on an outpatient basis. There will be four treatments, and results generally occur within 72 hours. Needless to say, it was a HUGE surprise...

{{{HUGS}}} Jacquie and Leon.

Mary Ann


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So very sorry to hear this. Positive thoughts are on the way for those meds to kick in right away.

Shipmaven, I agree with you about the calls. The thoughtfulness & caring behind the calls is wonderful but speaking from my own experience when Mike was 1st diagnosed with cancer, I can tell you that it was hard enough trying to hold it together for him without having to answer well meaning questions about his condition when dear friends called. Emotionally you are raw & trying to come to terms with the news you have just received. Jackie needs time to digest everything she has just been told. People could always send her a PM with personal thoughts & offers of help & support. Just speaking from my own personal experience. Leon & Jackie, you are both in my thoughts.


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This is such difficult news to hear. Leon is such a nice man, he was a delight to share a table with on the Duck cruise. Prayers that this comes under control and there are no lasting issues.


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Prayers & good thoughts continue from MN for the both of you.
I hope the new treatment helps Leon.
Thnaks for letting us know Mary Ann