More Prayers for Leon (JacquieP's DH) please


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Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.

I'm relieved to report that Leon's first infusion this morning went well. Please God, all will continue this way.


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I missed this when it was first posted....we lost power on Tuesday night...and it was out for 14+ hours...then I was busy all day yesterday....I am so glad to read that the first infusion went well and am praying for continued improvement for Leon!


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Leon had his second infusion today. Thank God, things are going well. Both Leon and Jacquie sound much better on the telephone today than they did before treatments began.

While receiving his infusions, Leon has chatted with two other patients who are considerably older than he. Both have been receiving treatment for quite a few years, are doing well.

We all thank you again for your continuing prayers and kind comments. I'll keep you posted until Jacquie does so.

Beryl - glad power has been restored!


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Thank heavens I may actually have my head above water today! Leon says he's breathing MUCH better and he actually made it from the hospital entrance to the infusion room without a wheelchair. That's a HUGE step for him! The fourth infusion and his sleep deprivation EEG will be Monday, so that will be a long day for both of us, but hopefully there will be a break in testing and treatment for awhile. Hey, whatever it takes!!! It has been a big eye-opener for him seeing so many more patients his age or older and also so many patients with various ailments who are in so much worse shape than he is. This experience certainly makes us get our priorities in order. Thanks so much to everyone for all your prayers, support, and good thoughts, because they have helped so much, but please don't stop now.