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More Prayers please - different request



Here is the update on little Katie, my friend's Granddaughter. Kudos to those who suggested migraines.

Thank you all for your powerful prayers for my 10 yr old granddaughter Katie. The cat scan showed nothing abnormal. Dr. says her symptoms are just like those for pre-puberty migraine headaches, and doesn't necessarily mean she'll have migraines as an adult. They're also not related to stress. Katie's been given 2 small pills a day which should help control it and unfortunately has to give up eating yogurt and cheese which she dearly loves. Her gymnastics can continue but at the slightest notice of any dizzyness, she's to stay off the balance beam.

Our thanks again for your prayers.


Mary Ann, I can truly sympathize with this dear child...Hugs for her and her family

When I was around the same age, I too suffered with terrible migraines. Problem was, back then, it did not seem to have a name. My mother was so busy with all of us children, and all the others she took under her care. When I would be so very sick, and not knowing what it was, made it all the more awful. I also had a sister who had it worse than me. She would be sick for days.

Back then, my mother would figure it was the flu, give us Vernors to drink. I don't think they ever gave us aspirin back then.
We just had to deal with it, and try to find some quiet in that little house filled with romping kids.

Thankfully, there are some wonderful meds out there today, that give us some relief. It was a miracle for me when this stuff came about.

I am so glad to hear that she has nothing more serious than the migraines (as bad as that is though) and that she is on some meds that will help her, I'm sure.


Mary Ann - I am sorry to be so late reading this but I am relieved to see the good news about Katie. I hope that the pills work like magic and her problems are resolved.




I am so relieved. Of course, I am sorry to learn she has migraines, but they are pretty much just a major bother with no long-lasting side effects. I send her my hugs and good thoughts.


Not that migraines are easy but I am so thankful that it wasn't anything too bad for this little girl.


Thand goodness this sounds like something she can out grow. Keeping her in my thoughts just the same.


Again, our thanks to all of you. I gave my friend the link to this thread, and we're certain that all the prayers helped.

Mary Ann

Cruise cutie

AH.. glad they have coping mechanisms in place, May she get all better..hug Joanne