Movado Watches-Good Prices or not?



My son is wanting to purchase a Movado watch on our cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas or St. Marteen's. Do any of you have any experience in buying watches here or is it in your opinion just as cheap to get in the States?

Also, my mom just went on a Alaska cruise and bought a "Phillip Stein" watch. I think that is how you spell it anyway. She was told it was made to have magnetic waves or something in it to help with stress and pain and many other ailments. Anyone ever buy one of these watches and if so, is there any truth to this?




I have bought a Movado in St. Maartens. Not counting taxes, I saved over $300 dollars by buying in St Maartens instead of at home. Also St. Maartens will have some European models that you will not find in the States, St Thomas or the western Caribbean. There are many reputable stores but if you prefer e mail me and I can send you the address, 800 number and web site of the jeweler I use there.


My wife just bought a Concorde watch in St. Maarten. The list price for the watch in NY was $2790 plus tax. We spent just $1300 with no tax on the same watch. We went to Little Europe which is right in the center of town. They will bargain with you to a point. We talked them down an additional 5% from their original offer which was 40% off their list price.

They will also ship products to you free of charge if you want to price something after you get home. We were pricing Hidalgo rings there. They told us that they would sell the stuff to us with no tax, and they would pay the shipping.



I would advise you to go online and look before you cruise. has many movados. you can print out a page or two and compare (also for tanzanite).