MUSTER DRILL! Please post to record your attendance for this mandatory drill


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ATTENTION! Cruise Addicts is conducting an OFFICIAL MANDATORY MUSTER DRILL. You must post a REPLY to this thread to record your attendance. Cruise Addicts in accordance with international maritime law and SOLAS (Safety OF Life At Sea) will be holding frequent and mandatory Muster Drills. Please POST a reply to this thread so you will be in compliance with international and community law.

Failure to comply will result in having to speak with Bseabob. :evil:

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I'm present and counted. Got a real one coming up in 31 days so if you have one while I'm on the high seas I won't be here.

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I may be a little late but I just had my muster drill yesterday at the Aqua theater here onboard Oasis and another one five days ago, so this is my third within a week.
Do we need our life vests here? :biggrin: