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Ok This is my 1st post. I have lots of ?'s. I'll start with the easy one 1st and see how things go from there. I will be sailing on the Carival Pride on Sept 28 03. Once it is sailing the Mexican Riviera. Has anyone stayed in cabin 1142-1146 or 1154. We have them book right now. Are they nice rooms? How small are they? And can you hear anything from the floors above you?


Hi Minniegidget. :wave I wanted to welcome you aboard. I have not sailed on Pride but I have sailed on her sister, Carnival Spirit. The cabins are quite spacious on the Spirit-class ships. I did not saty in those same rooms, but I do know that all their cabins are spacious compared to most other ships' cabins.


All of these cabins are on the lowest cabin deck. At best the outside will look right at the pier. If you are lucky, it will just be just above the pier. All regular inside, outside and regular balcony cabins are 180 SF, which is a very good size. There should not be much if any noise from above. The inside cabins are below the sports bar which won't get noisey unless there is some type of tournament going on TV. It is not a huge lounge. The outside cabin is under the rear corner of the casino. Again, unless someone strikes it rich up there, I don't think you will have a problem. I did not realize that the Pride was changing her itinerary in the Fall of 2003. Sounds like a good new itinerary for Carnival. I love Long Beach. I hope you can plan to stay an extra day or two in California. We sailed on the Pride last February. Just email me if you have any questions.
Bon Voyage.


Just wanted to say welcome to the board! Sorry I can't help with your questions but as I see is already happening I know the fine people here will help you out.

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Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the board. I have not been on the spirit class ships, but some of the other addicts on the board have and will be glad to help.

I see that NanaTravel has come to the rescue, she is very informed and has been a great help when we were planning our southern cruise last year.




we have spoken in chat but i wanted to WELCOME you to our family i hope you stick around :)


Nanatravel, I think I heard the Glory was going to take over the Port Canaveral spot. Not sure, just something we heard when we were there last month.

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