My ex was released from the hospital yesterday!


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He's doing so well, that they released him two weeks early. Of course he still has a long way to go and has to be up here almost every day for blood work and stuff, but at least he's no longer in isolation here. He does have to be very careful though as he still doesn't have much of an immune system, if any, and will have to wear a mask at all times when not at home. And I didn't realize that when this is all said and done...he will have to be re-immunized with all the childhood shots as he will have a brand new immune system that won't have any of those immunizations.


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That is great news. I am so happy to hear that he is coming along so well.....keep reminding him to "take care" at home. We don't want any set backs!!!!


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Good news! Glad he is doing well and I hope he continues to recover with no problems.

I knew about the shots because a friend's husband has gone thru the same thing. I didn't know it till she told me but it does make sense. He didn't get re immunized till about a year after. He was feverish and cranky too, just like babies! LOL