My Niece and Her Family Could Use Many Prayers...


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It breaks my heart to post this but you all have always been generous with your prayers. I need to reach out to everyone I can for my niece, well I guess for all of us. We are in shock.

I got a phone call this morning from my niece, who is 11 months younger than me, that her son was one of the Marines killed in the accident in Nevada last night. She and I grew up and went to school together, we are very close even though she is living in California and I am in Illionois. Her son was 1 year younger than my daughter, they grew up together too.

He was a wonderful young man who had been to Afghanistan and to Iraq. It's ironic that he was in these dangerous places and was killed here stateside. My niece told me this was his last training mission and he was going to be out next month. She could not deal with making all the phone calls to everyone here and asked me to do take care of this for her. It's been a rough day and still more family to notify. I just needed a break, my head and heart hurts so bad.

He called me late November/early December when he got back from Afghanistan about some plans when he was done. We talked a long time that night. I am so thankful for that last conversation with him. He was one of my favorites and I am so heartbroken. My niece is in California and I wish I could be with her right now, to help her cry, to shield her from anything she doesn't need to deal with. She says they have to wait to see his will and what his wishes are and hopefully will know more tomorrow what the arrangements will be.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


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I am so sorry to hear of your sad news. I send our deepest condolences to your niece, you and your family. (((HUGS)))

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Marie ...I am so sorry, NOTHING I can say/type, and wish can make *ANY* of it prayers and good thoughts are with you and yours..Hugs GF..It sucks, no other way to put it.. it just DOES.... and may Good Memories hold him in your heart;in the really rough times ahead......XXOO. Joanne


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Oh, how very heartbreaking for you all. Please know that I wish you and your family peace and comfort at this very difficult time and I send you my deepest sympathies. May God bless and keep this young man who sacrificed so much to defend our country. Hugs to you.


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I haven't been over this way in a while & am sorry I am so late in replying. My deepest sympathies to you and your family in this terrible loss.


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Thank you all for every prayer and thought. I keep telling my niece how many people have her in their thoughts and prayers and it means a lot to her.


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It has just been heartbreaking these past weeks knowing your families pain Marie. Prayers continue.

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I am just catching up lon threads.

I am so sorry to read this.

You, your niece and and all family members have our deepest sympathy. Prayers for all of you.