My porch today--photos



LOL, love the glass Butterfly (mariposa) in the first photo. It would fit in so well with my lovely butterfly collection.

Wonder if I took the time to sit outside for more than 10 min I would see any of these beautiful creatures like you do connie. I just might give it a try. Do you see all of these birds and then photograph them? or do you need to look through the photo lens to spot some of them?

Hugs, mari


I sure do wish i lived in a place with birds and stuff like that to see. i am in big city now so all i see is thugs running around outside :( I have a nice cat but no birds and butterflys to see. Thanks for nice pictures i am missing out. i wanna move to alaska and see moose and bears everyday.


I live in a nice suburb of St Louis, and our park has a fishing lake. So, it attracts lots of wildlife. And I feed everything on my porch, too. I just go sit out these with my camera and wait, and soon something happens by. The hummers have no fear. Sometimes I will let Maxie sit with me, and they don't even worry about him, altho they will come and hover a foot or so in front of us, telling us this is THEIR porch.


Connie, that last picture of the hummingbird is truly an "award winner"...The transparency of the wing...super!

And the butterflies are stunning too.

Kitties....well yours look very well behaved, compared to the "holy terror" we have living in our house right now! :)