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My sister isn't leaving the hospital today...



I talked to her this morning, and she felt great! She had a long, sound sleep (difficult to do in hospital!) and was looking forward to going home today. But she just called... she's been throwing up for the last 4 hours, so they are keeping her at least one more day. They will probably have to adjust her meds AGAIN! I feel so bad for her.She won't let anyone come to visit her, she said as much as she hates going to hospitals, she's not going to make anyone go through that. And she does not want her kids to see her all hooked up. She misses her kids, but feels they are better off, though it does tear her apart when her sons call and she can hear them trying not to cry on the phone. Awww...

Hopefully she can get her meds taken care of, get the lessons she needs in getting around and about and get home soon.


Prayers continue. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Sweet Dreams to your sister.....


Prayers are on the way. I know she she must really want to go home, but it makes lots more sense to get all the medication regulated and get the icky stomach stopped so she doesn't have to go back.


Glo...I really understand what she is going through with the vomiting because of drug reactions! it is awful, but they will get it under control and she will recoup quickly from that. Prayers are certainly being said today1

H2O babe

Are you able to see your sister Glo? Maybe you mentioned where she lives and had the surgery and I missed it. Warm wishes coming your way.