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my sisters are back from diamond princess alaska

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by dusty, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. dusty

    dusty Guest

    sunday i made two trips to the airport to pick up my sisters and thier husbands from their diamond princess alaska trip. the neice, her husband and his parents flew to oklahoma city. i could not have gotten all of them in my car with all the luggage if they had came in at the same time. i cant beleive all the huge bags they took for all the clothes to wear ( and did not use ). they wish now they would have listened too me and taken under half of what they lugged around.

    they loved the diamond ship ( at the beginning of the cruise ). i did not get alot of details except it is huge and there are so many things to see and do they didnt get all the places visited. they did not like the open seating for diner. alot of the passengers reserved seats for all the nights so they might as well make it early or late seating (these are their words not mine ) and they finally did the same thing so they could all set together. there were 8 in the group. one poor solo passenger sat by herself the first night so she was invited to their table the rest of the cruies. and they had a very hard time setting together for the buffett or other eateries since there were 8 in the group. of course this would be a problem no matter what ship you were on i think. one sister had a inside cabin which was very nice but the room steward did not give them new towels or even come to their cabin for two days. also they never recieved any towel animals or the other ammenities they were so looking forward too. i told them i would have thrown a fit at the pursors desk!! when they spotted him in the hall way he said they were short handed and could get there when he could. NO WAY. i told her to call princess and complain up a storm. my other sister who had a balcony cabin mentioned what was happening to her room steward and he went to the inside cabin and did the room and finally they got towels and robes like they were supposed to have. he was very embarressed about it and apologied all over the place for the other steward. he got a very nice tip from both sisters for being so nice and going out of his busy schedule to take care of them.

    they loved the food and the rest of the service was excellant. they wished they had been inland more than out in the open water. they will know the next time to go a different route. and they did not have as long in some of the ports as say carnival does. they were glad i had talked them into the southeast horseback riding tour. they loved that but were sad they did not take a whale watching tour. and the junea salmon bake was excellant but they will not pay all the extra money the next time to eat off the ship.

    the last night of the cruise my nieces father-in-law who was part of the group triped over the towel that was on the edge of the shower step-up and broke his leg. they took exrays and put a cast on it . and he left the ship in a wheel-chair . the whole group were the first ones off the ship.

    was it a good cruise----yes, but there were a few things that happened that put somewhat of a '' i think i will try a different cruise line for the next trip '' in their heads.

    they loved alaska, the tours and ports and will be going back. on a different ship i am sure. also they would like to go back to seattle and spend more time there. sorry i will not be able to answer more specifics about the ship. i am just going by what they have told me in a short amount of time. i hope this is of interest to some of you for plans for a cruise. im sure the diamond is a wonderful ship, but there were a few glitches with this cruise for my family.
  2. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Hi Dusty,

    I'm leaving on the Diamond Saturday. A bit concerned over your sisters review. I'm traveling by myself and they told me I have to take the Personal Choice dining which I didn't want. I'm afraid of the scenario you described where I am sitting by myself at dinner. I couldn't believe there wasn't a table of people traveling alone. I'll eat in my room rather than sit as a sore thumb each night.

  3. Howie

    Howie Guest

    I do believe your sisters should have contacted the pursers desk or more likely the room stewards manager when they were not provided clean towels and such things. They also should have put down their complaints on the survey at the end of the cruise. On Princess there is usually a card in the room with the number to call directly to the stewards beeper for service. One thing they should NOT expect though is towel animals. Not all cruise lines have towel animals. I have never had towel animals on Princess. I also never received towel animals on Celebrity. The first time we were on NCL they never had towel animals but they did start to teach their stewards how to make them after a while. I am not sure if they do them on all NCL ships.

    Doreen I would suggest you try to ask the Maitre D to seat you with people if possible. I am sure they will try to accomodate you. If this does not work and you wind up alone you do not have to eat in your room there will always be the buffet or pizza parlor. If this still makes you feel uncomfortable and you do at some point decide to eat alone in you room you will be able to order from the dining room menu, so do not just settle for the room service menu. I would suggest you ask to be seated with others though. You may also make friends during the day and you may want to ask them if you could join them. Do not pass up on the dining room experience if at all possible.
  4. doreen

    doreen Guest

    thank you Howie
  5. dusty

    dusty Guest


    im sorry if my post has upset you. it is very possible that the single table person did not know that she could have asked to be seated with others. im sure she could have been accomodated if she had asked like howie mentioned. please do not set in your cabin because of my post. i will feel so bad if you do. as it turned out she sat at a table with a great group of passengers, 'my family' and had a great time. so will you i know. when i went last sept (solo) i was adopted by so many nice passengers i could not beleive it. they invited me to lunch at the buffett, the shows and even their shore days for shopping. it was so nice. you are going to have the time of your life. dont be afraid to get on the ship and mingle. you will soon have many new cruising companions to hang out with.

    and i totally agree with you howie. i would have made a path to the pursors desk and got some action immediately. but she is very nice, rather shy and did not want to make a scene. i sure would have. i still want her to call princess and complain. i am hoping it was just a case of a very short handed crew that week and all will be well from now on.
  6. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Thanks Dusty. I plan on requesting a table with others traveling alone. Odds are there has to be a few solo passengers out of 2,600 besides me.

    I'll post upon my return.
  7. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    "they wished they had been inland more than out in the open water. they will know the next time to go a different route."

    This is the part that caught my attention. I don't see may reviews that mention this. I'm planning an August 2005 cruise and had already eliminated the Diamond and Sapphire even though I just love this class ship :(
  8. DoctorB

    DoctorB Guest

    Hi, sounds like they had a better trip then my wife and I had aboard the Sun Princess last week. We just returned Monday. We took the Southern route. We were very dissapointed in the food and crew of the Sun Princess. I posted a few details on the Princess section of the message board called Dissapointed in Sun Princess. Even with the poor service, rude waiters, and fair food we had a wonderfull time. Alaska is amazing.
  9. dusty

    dusty Guest


    im glad because of alaska you had a good time. who would not love it??? i will stick with the ship i really enjoy for my alaska trips. cant wait to go back again next may.

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