my Sister's Surgery


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Cis went to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital yesterday. Her surgery is scheduled for September 14th. She likes the Doctor and his staff, and that's a big plus!

She needs to go for a few tests between now and then.

We thank you all for the prayers and good wishes and would appreciate it if you could continue them.


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Prayers will continue. I hope all goes well with the surgery. It's wonderful when you find a doctor you really like.


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I will continue the prayers. I truly hope all goes well, and I agree that finding a doctor you like can make a big differece in the recovery. Thank you for updating us here.


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Sis - you know Cis is in my prayers for successful surgery and a complete recovery, same as another of my close friends.


Mary Ann


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Thank you for the update. Our thoughts and prayers are with your sister and family. Let's pray the surgery helps.


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A reminder that Judi's sister, Cis, will be undergoing lung cancer surgery tomorrow (September 14th).

Your continued prayers will be appreciated.


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I missed the lung cancer part. I am way too familiar with this condition, so prayers will be said during the day tomorrow, and my thoughts will be with her all day.


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The prayers never stopped, but we'll send extra today and hope for a good outcome. Cis, we're thinking about you and wishing you well! HUGS!!!!