My take on Carnival's Short cruise market



I'd love to see some short cruises from good ole Boston and return to Boston. There are some 7 and 10 day cruises from Boston, but some of them don't even return to Boston.


Bay...Thats' rough. Maybe call the cruise line you like and speak with customer service, for teh most part they are usually helpful, and who knows! they may already have something in the works for what you are saying. IE..I thought i'd never see the gorgeous Carnival Miracle. Carnival informed me that Carnival Miracle will be in NY for a short stint. So give them a call.

Jenni...I know you're busy with your new home and all, but Carnival Legend has a wonderful cruise to the Eastern Carib. It's tried and true, cuz that's all it does from NY.

Her first stop is San Juan, which takes two sea days, gives you some to lurk around and get aquainted with the ship.... St. Thomas/St. John, and Tortola. Not much time in Tortola, just four hours, but we swam with the dophins which made me love life even more becuz my history.

But she's been sailing that route since she came out, Aug of 2002, so she's-a-waitin for ya! Who knows...if you and DH decide one season, we'll see about a small get together.

P.S. Norweigan Dawn sails this route all year round every sunday, her home port is NYC I wonder what they did when the river was frozen solid last month.

Edited to say that Norweigan Dawn does not sail the same route as Carnival Legend, just that it goes to the Eastern Carib. :thumb

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Ken, that sounds wonderful! Love those sea days!!! I was just looking at taking a cruise out of NY.....get the guest room ready! HA! :)