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YIKES!!!! Leatherneck needs to be careful out there.

Pucci's teeth are chattering seeing Louie and Georgie outside without sweaters! In winter (yes, I know - our version of winter), I keep a sweater on Pucci 24/7 because he trembles. Well...he IS almost 11.

To all on the Eastern Seaboard who are angry at your C@ weather reporters, we're merely the messengers.

Please stay safe, all of you.


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Mary Ann....I am kicking myself for not buying them sweaters when I was at PetSmart on Tuesday but I wasn't sure of the sizes. I had planned on taking them back today as they were doing a fund raiser for the Humane Society taking pictures with Santa...wanted to get their pictures taken and buy them sweaters. Day late and dollar short :(


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You already have what we're expecting. We've gotten very little thus far.

Here's a picture that Mal took around 7:45. As you can see, we had very little then. We expect a good dump this afternoon and another one yet this evening. :( :( :(


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Still no snow in Central Jersey. The sun was out 2 hours ago.

Edited to add: The snow just started.

Stay safe Denise.
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Ooh, that looks absolutely beautiful! (of course, with the mood I have been in since my test Wednesday, everything looks beautiful, lol). I love to get a good snow like that once or twice a season, and then on to spring. The last time Saint Louis got that much snow it brought the whole city to a standstill. I couldn't get my car out of the driveway for 2 weeks. Thanks goodness we had a 4 wheel drive, too. We actually went to my parent's house the day it snowed to shovel for them, and on the way pulled a tow truck out of a ditch.

We have a dusting of snow, just on the cars and lawns. Maybe more later this week.


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At 2:50 we are still snowing. Here are the lastest pics. Leatherneck had to go out and clear snow from around the heat pumps...I took the pictures from my sitting room widow. The snow measured an average 17". Then he cleared off the walkway for the 4th time. Julio said he and Jacob will do the driveway tomorrow.

Tree down

Clearning Heat Pumps


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Beautiful photos! As others have said, please be careful, especially when using the shovel. The snow can be a lot heavier than it looks.

Nothing to report here...yet. Our expected totals have been upped to about 10"-12", most of which will fall tomorrow.


Please take care of Bill and get him in house--too steipous for him--enjoy the far some thing warm to drink and dream of tropics. Great pictures Niecie


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Corky, our town here in SC goes nuts with a few furries
Yeah, I know what you mean. Susan didn't get nearly that much in NC but she declared a "snow day" at her office so her employees could stay home and be safe.

Some great pics Denise.
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Sis, I wish I could send it all to you.

By the end of the week, they're calling for warmer weather and showers on Christmas day.