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Mystery Guest on the Legend???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Kristina (CFF), Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Just seen on the cruise tracker that a Mystery Guest will be on the Legend with Toto, E, Red and John and Deb this weekend. Cant wait to hear about this weekend. :D :D
  2. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Can we start guessing?
  3. Kathy  Atkins

    Kathy Atkins Guest

    Hmmmm, I wonder who it is :?
  4. Who do you think Seawall?? I have no clue.
  5. Kathy  Atkins

    Kathy Atkins Guest

    I would guess it could be Jamie, John's girfriend?
  6. No, I think she was already going.
  7. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    go for it guys.... this should be good... but do not expect me to confirm it... The is why they are called... MYSTERY GUESTS hahaha
  8. Churchill

    Churchill Guest

    us chickens know how to keep our beaks shut :grin
  9. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    I'm guessing Tero.............
  10. Kathy  Atkins

    Kathy Atkins Guest

    Okay, is it someone we all know? Animal, Mineral, or Fish? :grin
  11. My guess after some thought...is Sunshine.
  12. Kathy  Atkins

    Kathy Atkins Guest

    Hmmmmm, Tero's a good one! Let's see, LinerDan? Aussie-Traveler?
  13. Well, John had a post yesturday that said for Sunshine to call him ASAP. Then that post disappeared. They were looking for someone else to go after a cancellation. :)
  14. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Barry and Lori???????? Aw, c'mon Red...Churchill...someone please tell us!! :grin
  15. Barry posted this morning that they were going. Not them.
  16. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    I know....maybe it's one of us but we forgot to check our e-mail and don't even know yet that we're going????????? :grin :grin :grin
  17. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Nanny Nanny Boo Boo .. I know but have been sworn to secrecy by Lynn. :grin

  18. surfergirl

    surfergirl Guest

    My guess was Barry, but obviously that is wrong.
    Sail7Seas???? Or Jamie-as her name hasn't been mentioned in posts-I don't think.

  19. Oh E...you are cruel!! :lol :lol
  20. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    Oh, who can it be??? Einstein and Red *know* something. :grin

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