Naples, Rome, Florence & Villefranche



We just returned from the a 12 night med. cruise on Millenium.

Naples - we chose to take it easy that day because we knew Rome & Florence were both 9 hr tours. We chose to go to the Isle of Capri - it was wonderful, beautiful & relaxed. We charted a boat from "Relax the boat" for 130 Euro's we had a boat to ourselves and a 2 1/2 hour ride around the island that included stopping at the Blue Grotto, swimming and a very relaxing boat. The front end (bow) is cushioned and covered with towels and pillows to just layout and relax. Go to and click on the link for Relax the boat.

Rome - we chose limo in Italy for a private tour. This tour by far was one of the best we had. There were just two of us so we were picked up in a Mercedes Sedan and whisked through Rome. Our driver Paolo was incredibly informative, funny and a pleasure to spend the day with. This tour didn't include the tickets for the Vatican or the colusuem/forum but Paolo knew the time of day to take us and we had no issues. The cost was a little more than the shore excursion through Celebrity but I calculated the cost difference to be equal to the tickets for the Vatican and Forum and we were in a car vs. a bus with 40+ people. We were able to set our own agenda.

Florence: My friends arranged a private tour with anohter company in Florence (for 6) and the difference was night & day. We didn't get in to see David and back on the ship we heard people saying they didn't have tickets either but their driver knew how to work the system. I'd wished my friends would have used limo in italy.

Villefranche - again my sister & I chose to take it easy and didn't arrange any tours. If you want an easy day just stay in the village and go up the hill to more shops and restaurants for a nice lunch and then hit the beach on the French Rivera. All is walking distance from the ship. The public beach is about a 10 min. walk - there is a bar/restaurant that rents lounge chairs and umbrella's on the beach by the hour.

We had a great time and I didn't want to come back.


We were in Italy last June. it was so beautiful.I think capri is not really important to see. We were in Pompei-2hours with a guide(super nice), on the way to the amazing amalficoast, we saw sorrento from a view point! we rent a english speaking driver (born and raised in naples: giuseppe ) to have the most comfort. he guided us also and told us a bit of everything. i went on the journey with my husband, my two boys (1and 3 years old) and my parents. he got a big van with air condition: very usefull!!! and seats for the kids: the streets are very small. so we felt quiet save and comfortable. he also showed us positano (much better than capri) , amalfi and ravello!
i lost the telefon number of the driver but he got a webside: _sorrento-limousines car service in sorrento and the amalfi coast
( and if you go there don`t miss pompei!!!
ciao luise:loveya


Question, did you take the limo once in Rome, if so how did you get from the Port to Rome?
What transportation companies did you use?

Thanks so much