Nassau, Bahamas



Can anyone tell me how far a walk it is from the pier to the Straw Market? And also, how long a drive by taxi to the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island?

Debbie Mumaw

The straw market is right at the pier. You walk off the ship,down a sidewalk just a little way and you are there. The ride to Atlantis is less than 10 minutes unless you hit traffic. You can also take a boat for around $4 pp. Go early, before 9, and you can usually go through the aquarium without paying.



how long is the free entry to the Aquarium ?. Can i visit the Hotel Atlantis without
charging ? Can we have a drink at the hotel ?



From my Galaxy review of our 6/17 sailing:

Day Ten, Nassau. A short day. Passengers cleared ashore at 8am, and due back by 12:45pm. Taxi to Paradise Island public beach access for $4 pp and $1 toll. Sandy beach, crystal clear water, few fish. Vendors provide jet skis, parasail, beverages and chairs. After 90 minutes in the hottest sun of the week, we walked to the Atlantis resort for a self-tour. We used the restrooms, viewed the shops, casino, and public areas including the aquarium where we saw sharks, stingrays, and lot of fish, all for free. Worth the trip. Taxi back to Strawmarket, which is still in temporary tent location, then walked back to ship.

The aquarium is a wall around a restaurant. There were no fees.

The "archeolgogy digs" at Atlantis had a fee, and you cannot use the beach/pool unless a guest. Anyone can use the restaurant, bars, etc.


Perhaps they have come to their senses at the Atlantis Resort. Our first visit there in May of 1999, we were welcomed as cruiseship passengers and touring the facilities on our own was free. We toured the aquarium as well as the beach area and had an enjoyable time. In December of that same year, we returned to Atlantis only to find that management had found a new profit center. Let's charge cruise passengers $25 per person to tour our facility. Needless to say, that did not sit to well with a lot of folks, including yours truly. I know that they have caught a lot of flack about this idea; maybe they have had second thoughts. If so, I will perhaps return to their facility and spend some money.

Debbie Mumaw

Elke, we were there before 9 and walked right in. We walked through the digs and then out by the pool so I don't know exactly when they started charging. We got off the ship early, walked to the end of the pier and there were cab drivers waiting. We took one of the first ones and he drove us over and then came back to pick us up at the time we arranged. It was great but I think you have to go early because they wouldn't let us out by the pool once we came in. Hope this helps. Atlantis is beautiful.


Hi went to Atlantis in March 2002. Felt like a criminal! The brochure of the Royal Carribean's Sovereign of the Seas indicated that we would be welcome, but we did not feel welcome at the resort. There was a charge for the Aquarium, my son, got by, but my daughter & I got stopped. Basically they ask to see your room key. Maybe if your confident, and come up with a room # and what wing your in, you can say your hubby or wife, or kid, has the room key. Never got to see the water park. Did get by to the beach, which was beautiful. Rented a Skido. Found resort to be sooooo crowded, I would never stay there! It was quite luxurious though! Good Luck! Enjoy!