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Navigation system "error" on Legend

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by mhutch, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    So was anyone else on the Legend last week when the Navigation system went down on the Legend and the ship made a sudden turn last week??? Glasses went crashing. The gift shop was a disaster with glass. There were injuries. Pool water was swept out. People were holding on to the blue polls out by the pool. It happened at apx. 5:00pm so many people were in their cabins getting ready for dinner, luckily. All the dishes from room service went flying across our room. The captain said it was a system error. It won't happen again.. GEE, THAT WAS BIG OF HIM. What is he going to tell the man who had a heartattach and had to get flown off the boat. I have been on 9 cruises (this was my 7th on Carnival). I am so insulted and upset. I don't know if I will ever cruise again but it most certainly won't be on Carnival. I have to say that our cabin staff and the diningroom staff was WONDERFUL. The best I have ever had. AAROL from the cabin and Anthony and Tonka from the diningroom were fabulous. It is truly a shame that this incident had to overshadow the rest of the cruise. If it wasn't for the captains attitude at dismissing what had happened, everyone would have had a different attitude. I just need to speak my mind. Thanks!!!!
  2. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I don't want to belittle your experience, considering what has transpired on cruise ships lately, I imagine it was quite a scary event. However:

    In this day and age of total computer control, there will always be incidents where something goes wrong. I am not sure your response of "I don't know if I will ever cruise again" is warranted. of course you have that right but really, how many times did you have to slam on the brakes last week driving to work because some schmuck cut you off or or how many times has your internet connection gone down or cable tv. Did you say, "I am never going to use the internet again, or I'll never drive again?".

    many times we get irritated at the captain (or other crew) because we dont understand that he is not american and may not seem caring but its just that people act differently. Also, in this case, there wasnt a true emergency and what else would you have wanted him to do?. Personally, an announcement saying it was just an error and it shouldnt happen again is much better that "Abandon Ship!!"

    The only reason it overshadowed the rest of the cruise was because you let it. Nobody is perfect.
  3. frito

    frito Guest

    You really need to do two things:
    ( 1 ) Never cruise again as you said.
    ( 2 ) Get a lawyer as soon as you can, if you haven't already done so.
  4. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Sometimes things happen. I was on an airplane that was ready to land then didn't. The problem was fixed and we landed about 10 minutes later. I still fly.

    You talk about how wonderful the cruise was, then bring up one scarry incident. If you are going to let every unexpected event ruin your trip, soon you will not be leaving home.

    You talk about how wonderful the cruise was, then you say you don't want to ever cruise again. Well, that is your choice. Do you really want to give up cruising because of a computer problem?
  5. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    The staff WAS wonderful.

    Actually, I think that I would love to hear from people who were ON this cruise and get their opinions. You, rshreib, said we weren't in danger. The fact IS that MANY of us felt we were in danger. There was a man and a woman walking by the aft pool who were swept off their feet by the pool draining out and their shoes were taken over board. I think you shouldn't tell me that we were NOT in danger. Part of the Lido restaurant was closed for the next couple of days due to flooding!!!! HELLLOOO!!! THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I have been on 9 cruises. Have been on rocky waters. NOTHING LIKE THIS...........The captain completely belittled the entire event. The staff was VERY shaken up also. Our waiter who has been working on cruises for 20 years said he has NEVER felt anything like this. ALSO, there were several cabins whose televisions came crashing down. Ours didn't, but this is a fact.
  6. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    As I said at the beginning of my post, I am sure it was a scary event, The issue I was bringing up was not whether you were in danger or felt you were in danger or anything but the blanket statement that after a scary event, you were upset because the captain didnt do a dance in the main hall and beg for forgiveness and that you will never do something that, by your own admission (9 cruises) you love to do simply because of a single event. That was all, I am sure I would have soiled my pants but I am also equally sure that I would still book another cruise.
  7. What happened? The ship suddenly turned? How could that have caused all the damage you mentioned. That sounds strange. I wouldnt think all that would happen for a navigation problem like was stated. Even if the ship was going 25 knots, I wouldnt think that could cause that much damage. I do believe you it just sounds strange. I would have hated to be there. Just dont get so down on Carnival. Its the captains job to blow it off as nothing. He is the person people look to. He just didnt want to make anything more of what it already was. I wouldnt let it stop you from going on Carnival again.
  8. itsmefelee

    itsmefelee Guest

    I was on the same cruise mhutch!

    Don't you love how folks that weren't actually there can tell you it shouldn't scare you into cruising again?!?!

    Let me ask a question: If you go to a hotel that was built on an earthquake fault line and the ground beneath your feet starts to rumble...Would you still feel comfortable staying in that hotel again? I don't think so. You CANNOT compare the cruise to driving - driving is transportation to a destination, the cruise ship IS your destination.

    If you didn't notice, the OP stated she needed to speak her mind. She didn't ask for anyone to put down her choise of cruising.

    This was not a little tilt people. I heard on another board that a senior official said it was 11 degree angle. It was not. A man in the casino on the 2nd floor was majorly injured and was airlifted. A woman in the cafe fell was walking with a plate and ended up falling on it and the plate was stuck in her leg. My sister-in-law was knocked out of her bed and the end/night tables rolled away from the wall and nearly hit her. Televisions had fallen down, EVERY stateroom had broken glass, kids slid out of the pool (thank God the slide was closed), a 50+ woman was knocked into and fell on the stairs by people rushing by her-xrays were done and nothing broken, only stiffness. Yes, the dining room was clsed for days afters, The gift shop was still cleaning up the following day from the broken liquor. THIS WAS SCAREY. My children were in our room (on starboard side) and saw nothing but sky when people in the seating area on floor 2 saw water ON the window.

    I also agree the captain could have/should have said more. He was in the gym at the time of the tip (my nephew was there and the captain was on an elliptical? machine) He came on the intercom maybe 2 times and said we experianced a 'listing glitch', nothing else. I expected more.
  9. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Where were the other crew? Quite frankley, its the job of the rest of the crew to take care of the passengers. Where the captian was when an "inexpected event" happens is irrelevent. It implies that he would have been able to prevent this had he been somewhere else (neither you nor I can make that determination). The cruise director is the main point of contact with the people. He is the Liason from the crew to the passengers, did he get on the PA and calm everyone down?..Did he say "I talked to the captain and this is what he said"?

    SCOTT: There are several reasons a ship can tilt and it only takes a few degrees to seem like the whole place is going to flip. The first is if the ship makes a hard turn, The other (and most likely the case) would be if a stabilizer (the fins on the bottom designed to keep the ship steady) on one side or the other suddenly made an unplanned adjustment. This would cause the ship to LIST to one side and at a decent speed, the list could be quite bad.

    Ok now for the part where you shouldnt be scared to cruise again.. Mathematically, 99.9% of people cruise their entire life with no significant incident. Of those that do have one(and cruise again), How many have ever had 2??

    I think the main reason everyone is so upset is that this was an "error" and not some excusable event like a rogue wave or iceberg.

    Finally, the argument that "the OP stated she needed to speak her mind. She didn't ask for anyone to put down her choise of cruising." is not valid when you post your rant to a public forum of people who love cruising. It is an open invitation for debate.
  10. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Thank you itsmefelee!! I began to think that I imagined the terror we felt. I guess if you weren't on that ship and experienced what we did, you can't imagine what it was like.

    rshreib - Yes, you are correct, there are other people responsible BUT ultimately, the captain is the man in charge......... When you are the "big" man, you need to take responsibility. Get on the speaker and sound sincere. We are not saying that the captain could have prevented it. BUT acknowledge that we had a terrifying experience.

    Well I usually come home from a cruise very depressed. Last July I booked this trip the week I got back from the Miracle. It was the only thing that got me out of the depression. Needless to say, I will be saving some money this year.
  11. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Itsmefelee stated, "Let me ask a question: If you go to a hotel that was built on an earthquake fault line and the ground beneath your feet starts to rumble...Would you still feel comfortable staying in that hotel again? I don't think so. You CANNOT compare the cruise to driving - driving is transportation to a destination, the cruise ship IS your destination. "

    I live in earthquake country. I have been jolted awake by two very major quakes that occurred below where I live (very scary). If I was in a hotel at the time and enjoyed it, I would go back. I have been in small planes (2 - 4 passenger) when we were jolted by tubulence. Very scary. I have flown in small planes since. I was driving a bus when the right front tire blew. I thought the bus was going to flip. Very scary. I have driven buses since. My friend has been in two (2) small planes (again 2 - 4 passenger) when the plane crashed (which is scarier than having a ship tilt) and he still goes in small planes. Why, because he enjoys it. I can understand that you were scared. I can understand that this was serious and people were hurt. But things like this happen. It would not stop ME from cruising.

    As to the destination vs. transportation issue - so what. A ship is a method of transporation. If it is also the destination that does not change anything.

    That said, if you do not feel comfortable cruising again, don't. But don't expect everyone else to agree with that part of your post. The rest I can understand. If you feel the captain should have done more, I can understand that. If you feel it was scary, I can understand that. If you don't want to cruise again, I can understand that too - I just don't agree with you on this last point.
  12. Well...its nothing I would have wanted to experience. I just thought that it would be hard for a ship to turn so suddenly to cause that major of a problem, but I guess it can. I really cant say how I would feel because it didnt happen to me. If it hasnt happened to other people they shouldnt give to much advice on how to feel either. I just think that its hard to be so angry at Carnival or the captain because he did his job. I can say one thing for sure. If I was on that cruise or any other and I saw any emotion on the captains face other than smiles I would be freaked out. I personally think he did the right thing if thats all he did. He must show comlpete confidence, so that when people look to him they are confident as well.
  13. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    There's no doubt that this was a scary experience for those onboard. If people want to stop cruising because of it....that's their choice. My DB will eat at a restaruant 100 times, but if he has a bad meal, it's unlikely he'll go there again. Drives me crazy, and I've tried to talk hinm out of such things, but that's just how he is.

    One thing that no one has addressed, though. I'm assuming that the Captain is not from the US. I know that I have often seen what seemed to be emotionless speeches from many captains....Is it possible that the cultural/language difference could have made it seem like the Captain was not sincere? Is it possible that the Captain was doing his best, but just not up to whatever "standard" we are used to? Just something to think about.
  14. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Why hasn't this incident been reported anywhere? If the damage was so severe, and so many people
    were hurt, I would have expected a news report somewhere.

    And, even before it gets said, I am not questioning the word of those aboard, and certainly not whether they were sincerely frightened. I am only wondering if some of the stories they heard about damage and injuries were overly dramatic in the mouth to ear re-telling. Otherwise, when a ship with thousands of people aboard has a significant event that causes lots of damage, it normally makes the news. So far at least, I've not seen or heard any reports of this one.

  15. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    You know what Ted D. We asked the SAME questions. Why wasn't it reported. WHY wasnt' it on the Carnival website..... This makes me wonder how many other occurrances don't get posted. I was there. So don't tell me we were overly dramatic.....
  16. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    I can't verify that it has been picked up by the media outlet, but it has been discussed in other boards. Averaving the pitch the boat took, it seems 14 degrees, which is huge,(the higher the deck, you'd feel it more is my guess), is the reported average. Many posters were lucky enough only to be frightened, as others had injurys. I've not found any info as to when how or IF this computer glitch has been corrected.

    me personally, when in a car wreck, I'm very leary of car travel in the immediate future.. which many of us can't avoid. Having been in a plane with 5 attemps at gut wrenching landings with a final deversion... it scared me enough to rent a car and drive 12 hours home. since the OP has the CHOICE of planning a cruise... I understand the weariness and apprehension of reliving it.

    It is at least a good thing that fellow cruisers can share their horror stories with those that understand how a cruise SHOULD be, and we can at least try to put ourselves in their place....but ugh!

    personally I would have wet myself! It REALLY would have taken my husband some fast talking to pry the life jacket out of my hands for the rest of the cruise!
  17. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Nimbex: Thank you so much for your post: You have it exactly correct. I did post this to "share" my story. I didn't realize that the defensiveness it was going to cause from others. It helps to hear others that went through situations "with" you. At least that is how I felt when posting this.

    Thanks again!!!
  18. Jamman

    Jamman Guest

    Very scary!!! The same thing happened to us on the Holiday in the late 80's, but fortunately it happened in the middle of the night. I had just laid down in bed at about 3 am, when I felt the ship lean over hard to the starboard side. I could hear chairs and china crashing in the dining room above us, and then the ice bucket and all our stuff on the vanity came flying off and landed in my bed. Once the ship straightened up, I got up and went out to find out what happened. Stuff had crashed and broken all over the ship, and the crew began to clean up. No one would say what happened (not even the Captain) for the remainder of the cruise which kind of ticked everyone off. Didn't hear of any injuries, but that was probably due to the time of the incident. I'm sure if it had happened at 5 pm, like what happened on the Legend, there would have been. I blew it off as an isolated incident, and gave it no thought when booking future cruises, though I can certainly understand your trepidation. Hopefully, as some time passes, you'll think about cruising again.
  19. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Wow... Yes, hopefully over time it will pass.
  20. mshll412

    mshll412 Guest

    wow i am going on the legend in august and now i am afraid. i cant beleive it hasnt been in the news. and how come noone is suing?

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