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Navigation system "error" on Legend

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by mhutch, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. kruzer

    kruzer Guest

    A can't imagine how you felt. I hope I never experience anything like that. But I'm with the last couple of responses. I hope as time passes, your desire to cruise will return.
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    scottmalinowski Wrote:
    > What happened? The ship suddenly turned? How
    > could that have caused all the damage you
    > mentioned. That sounds strange. I wouldnt think
    > all that would happen for a navigation problem
    > like was stated. Even if the ship was going 25
    > knots, I wouldnt think that could cause that much
    > damage.

    Scott. I have been thinking about what you said for more than a day now. At first I agreed, it sounded a little much for a "navigation error." And like you, I also believed it happened.

    Then I remembered the Legend has an Azipod propulsion system. With a rudder full to one side or the other it only deflects some of the engine's thrust (I would assume less than 50%) and how much is full over? 35 degrees maybe (more or less)?

    An Azipod can turn a full 90 degrees (actually it can turn 180 degrees - and before I hear it can turn 360 degrees, a turn of 190 degrees is the same as a turn of 170 degrees in the other direction - so 180 degrees is the max - its is like the joke about how far can a dog run into the woods).

    So lets say suddenly the computer tells both Azipods to swing 70 degrees in the same direction. Now, not only are the Azipods acting line a rudder, but 100% of the engine's power is being used to suddenly turn the ship. I'm no expert, but if something like this did happen, I sure it would get everyone's attention in a hurry. Then the laws of physics would take over and the ship could lean a lot.

    I would be interested in your thoughs on my theory.
  3. randk

    randk Guest

    Ok time for me to add my 2 cents worth. I do not fly anywhere. Why because in 1991 after many flights I finially had enough. No more. Did I call and raise hell with someone No, did I call a newspaper, No did i call a lawyer, Hell no, did I get on a BB on raise hell and than get mad when someone would tell me to calm down and thank God things got better, hell no again. And last but not least, did I expect the pilot to get on the pa and do a song and dance and beg me to keep flying and than have the president of the company write me a letter telling me how important I was to them and that their employees were idiots, Hell no. Get over it already. I did 5 minutes after touch down. i still dont fly but so what>
  4. Suzieb

    Suzieb Guest

    Wow what an experance you had, and I don't want to make lite of it. It is amazing what ship can and will do. first I just want to say I think the Captain did all he need to do. He reported to the passengers what happened and that it will not happen again. I really don't know what else the captain need to do. But on to the real stuff. You said the ship was going approx 23 knots, well let me tell you a story. I was on the helm of a Navy destroyer going 20+ knots and we had a 'choper coming in fast from the carrier no to far away and the Officer of the deck gave me a course to come to. Well to make a long story short I used 20 degrees of rudder. The ship took just under 35 degree list in our turn. Stuff went every where, and we had to retie down stuff again! So I would venture that being on a cruise ship that takes a heavy list is going to be scary for everyone, since they don't do that stuff to often. I know that has bothered you but stuff like this does not happen all that much so I still remember the happening and then don't worry about it. Remember if the horse bucks you the only way to show the horse is to get back on it.


    P.S. you should see an aircraft carrier do high speed turns
  5. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    I am sure people ARE suing. Fortunately, my family get hurt or had anything damaged so I wouldn't have any reason to.
  6. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    MSHll412 - I also mean to say, don't be scared. I am sure whatever the problem was, is fixed. They certainly don't want it happening again.
  7. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    a day later I'd thought that... remember the grandeur dock crash that created a hole 6x20 feet?? the only info we posters got was from those on board for two days.... people involved had cameras confiscated and a barrier was put up to eliminate pictures.

    IMHO, the cruise lines will do almost anything to NOT report this info. Our thinking they should provide it is a bit off base. My memory tells me that a reporter picked up the info on another board and thats how the story broke... he asked permission to use a cruisers picture.....

    so these cruise chat boards prove that the best way to get REAL info is from the cruisers themselves, which is WHY we're all here anyway. so for the posters who may feel a bit defensive..... just know that people a bit skeptic and questioning... are trying to sort through the event, having not lived it. because it's a negative... and we ALL love cruising... we naturally try to downplay it. No one wants it to happen to them.... !!!!

    hope this helps... and thanks for your time sharing your horrific experience! And know that I've whinned and complained
  8. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    I am sure there are people that are suing. People that got hurt. Fortunately, our family didn't. I am sure the problem is fixed. They certainly don't want this happening again.
  9. "Our waiter who has been working on cruises for 20 years said he has NEVER felt anything like this"
    nuff said... also, do you really think this could only happen to a Carnival Cruise? why? well you do have somewhat of a point since they have the most ships and the chances are greater...
  10. Lizardstew: you are right, all of Carnival's captains are Italian.
    Big ups to Rshreib for knowing what a "list" is.
  11. okay so I should read all posts before I start replying!

    WHY HASN"T THE NEWS COVERED IT? because for some freaky reason, the press decided to actually do their job and cover ROVEGATE. Maybe if we watch the Daily Show with John Stewart we'll see something about this?
  12. randk

    randk Guest

    the press cover real news???that is laughable. This makes better news than some one sided BS that is a he said and she said story. Keep up the posting's this is better news and at least you get all the sides, not just the ones they want you to know.
  13. Besides, the press is too busy with Tom Cruise (that Tom! what will he do next?!)
  14. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Coppertone Girl Wrote:
    > Besides, the press is too busy with Tom Cruise

    > (that Tom! what will he do next?!)

    Cruise of course! :lol
  15. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    Cruizer Wrote:
    > Coppertone Girl Wrote:
    > --------------------------------------------------
    > -----
    > > Besides, the press is too busy with Tom
    > Cruise
    > > (that Tom! what will he do next?!)
    > Cruise of course!

    Geesh! Good one! :)
  16. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    When Tom cruises, I hope he doesn't get seasick- I don't think he's permitted to take anything for it...
  17. Cori

    Cori Guest

    OMG, Mr Utley, that's proceless.

    You know, it really disturbs me when as soon as the most miniscule thing goes wrong, our first reaction is to sue. No, I'm not trying to say that this listing thing was miniscule, but honestly, how many people were: a.-- SERIOUSLY injured (and no, I don't mean they got a bruise on their calf when they bumped into a deck chair), and b.-- not appropriately compensated by the cruise line? I can't believe that anyone who was injured in any way in this incident wasn't given medical care plus some sort of compensation, a voucher on the S&S card, discount on future cruise, whatever.. What more do you want?!?! Oops, it happened, it was a freak error, and unless you lost life or limb, the cruise line is not responsible for ensuring your financial future. We as a society REALLY need to stop being so gosh-darned greedy at every chance we get, you know?
  18. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Cori...I couldn't agree more really. It shows once again what has become of this society and where it's going. I don't see any improvements anytime in the near future. People forget that they are on a teeny tiny cruise ship in a very very big ocean and not in a parked automobile locked up in their garages. And anything can and will happen. Honestly it's fantastic to me that people complain when a ship rolls and pitches. Oh my.. this ship is just so big how can it rock and pitch. Yes ma'am or sir, your ship is gonna move around.

    "The cruise line is not responsible for ensuring your financial future" Very, very well put. In fact, I think they should put that in the back of the tickets. I really do.
  19. I'm just gonna be quiet, but I have to say CRUIZER, you made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.... yeah that's right, I spelled the whole thing!
  20. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Nimbex Wrote:
    "just know that people a bit skeptic and questioning...: "

    I have to say I am not skeptical or or questioning the event at all. I agreed with MHutch that if the events happened the way he describes it, I would have been looking for a change of pants. What I think most are taking issue with is the immediate reaction that

    1) because an accident happens you feel you are entitled to huge compensation. Even if you fell and broke your leg, the most you should expect would be compensation for the medical bills and the cruise and maybe reasonable compensation for inconveniences, you dont need a mansion or a new car.

    2) that the captain of the ship cant make a mistake and once having done so, he should spend the rest of his cruise apologozing over the speaker system.

    3) that one bad cruise means a lifetime of never cruising.

    Those that are questioning I dont feel are skeptical as much as they are astounded because they never thought something as big as a cruise ship could do such things but as Ken so rightly put it, compared to the ocean, the ship is nothing and can be tossed about at mother natures will. You know this going into it even if you choose not to think about it.

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