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Navigation system "error" on Legend



Very bottom line Rich and well said. Nothing to add.

I would like to soften my demeanor a bit as well in that if this happened to me barring I didn't get a plate lodged in my leg, you bet your bottom dollar I would have been looking for a different pair of pants too! :lol As soon as Legend righted herself, I would have washed up, fixed my hairdoo, and headed straight for the pizza station for some goatcheez pizza B)


I have seen that a number of legend passengers had posted that the listing of the ship sure scared them. It would have scared me too. I think it would be a shame to ruin you whole cruise memory. I understand it is statistically rare. Of course if you are one of the statistics it doesn't make you feel any better!

Unfortunately we live in a litigious world. If the captain makes a big deal out of it does this open them up for legal issues? I think most companies are hesitant to make strong overatures of apology.
Just my worthless 2 cents


I think this incident was not mentioned in the news or on Carnivals site because they were at fault. It was not weather, not a large wave hitting the ship, no one jumping overboard.... simply Carnival's error. Their computer system, their error. They don't want legal problems. Unfortunetly, there will be issues.


Happycampers.. I have to agree. It's a very litigous world we've become. I can only hope that the courts will not be so tolerant with frivolous lawsuits. I find it to be selfish, rude, and it wastes so many resources. Judges and lawyers are very busy people and their time should not be wasted.

for the cruiselines I say if and only if this was caused by something such as a faulty azipod because a mechanic or technician failed to thoroughly test the propulsion system, then yes. Carnival is at fault.

If it were something in the lines of a 10 ton whale getting caught up in the props, then in no way is carnival to be held liable. Jesus people. When you are on a cruiseship, it's a whole---different---world. Again. you are not parked in your car with the windows rolled up, with the doors closed and the engine off.


When a ship lists like this and no one goes overboard(thank goodness) makes you wonder how all these missing passengers "accidently fall overboard" from a perfectly upright ship.

As for suing, I am sure someone has started a class action law suit somewhere.