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NCL adult soda card



Does NCL Majesty have soda cards for adults ??
and if so the price for a 4 day cruice soda card ??

thanks BobG

counting the days to the 13th

NewMexico Nita

I am pretty sure they do not, only for the kids. Someone will correct if I am wrong. You may want to carry a six pack or so on the ship. Even though it's heavy it's worth the weight. Happy cruisin


I heard on another BBS that as of Jan they offer an adult soda card for $28 a week. I cannot comfirm this however.


I don't think NCL has soda cards.....but if you want to know where the Top Secret Soda Machine is, on the Norway, you'll have to email me !!! LOL~!!!!

The Top Secret Soda Machine, the only one I've ever discovered on a ship, is in a Top Secret Location known only to a few....for reasons that should be obvious, we don't want the Top Secret Soda Machine to become general knowledge because they might take it away!!!!!! LOL! At fifty cents per soda, vs. approx. 1.35 from the bar, which do you think??????
On the Norway, if you are pleasant to your steward, he/she will assess your trustiworthiness for this info.....My steward showed it to me.....it's almost an initiation on the Norway!!!! LOL!


NCL now has a 7 day unlimited soda program for adults. Cost is $28.75 for the week.
Your wallet will love it. So will your dentist. Soon he will be able to afford the Garden Villa on the Norwegian Dawn.
Drink diet sodas? Your oncologist can take the Villa next to your Dentist.