ncl, best price guarantee... 48 hours only


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Just need to vent for a second
we booked our bermuda cruise for this upcoming sunday 10 days prior to cruising. 3 days later they drop the price $100 per person and offer on board credit. 48 hours is their limit. RCL refunded me the difference in cruises last time even though I had purchased a month earlier.
not a great way to start the vacation....

I wonder if cruise discounts usu start on monday. If that's the case - don't book on NCL until sat or sun AND make sure you fill out their 48 hr (ridiculous) "best price.... guarenteed" form
I think that Norwegian's 48 hour guarantee is a waste of time. I would much prefer to see a guarantee for those who book years ahead in some cases. The cruise line has your money (deposit) for a long period of time using it to make money. I would like to see a guarantee that if you book in the first month of an itinerary being released you will get the best price.

The RCI cruise I have booked was well over $1000 deposit which we paid 21 months in advance, the cruise line I think should guarantee something for that.