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NCL clean ships!

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by newmexicoNita, May 11, 2004.

  1. Good news for NCL. According to the lastest inspections done by CDC and released only 5 ships received ratings of 100%, 2 of these were NCL ships. One was the Sun and other either the Dawn or Star. I think it was the Dawn. the story can be seen on CC board. just thought some of you would want to know before you go.

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  5. supernova

    supernova Guest

    woohoo i was on the dawn in december and going again in 4 days 5/16 glad to hear this
  6. musicmom

    musicmom Guest

    Hi Nita,

    Read your postings on cc. Going on Crown in August (2nd cruise, last year on Dawn with my kids, 2 and 6.)

    Starting to think I made a mistake. Any insights? Hope the kids program is decent. My TA called NCL after I called him about my concerns about the Crown. Of course, NCL had an explanation for everything, and said the ship was in great shape...can't figure out the truth!



  7. musicmom, I wish I could help but about the only thing I can say is: we cruised theold Star (not the Star of today) when it was part of NCL. It was the original Texaribbean cruise. Many had major problems and we were nervous, but the price was right. In fact so right that our kids gave it to us for a 40th anniversary present. Needless to say we were thrilled. As it turned out the ship had no problems, the cabins were nice sized complete with bath tubs and the observation lounge the nicest I have ever seen. Was it the cruise from Heaven, No, but not the one from Hell either. I think the kids program gets a bum wrap sometimes. There are those who want the kids baby sat 24/7 and that isn't what a family vacation is all about in my estimation. There should be things for the kids to do away from mom and dad, but most of the time the family would want to be together I would think. If you go with the attitude "this is not the Dawn" but a whole new experience you should be just fine. If you read about my favorite ships you will see: one is the Sun, with class and almost Glitz, the other the Sea, with nothing like that, but its own nitch. Have a great time, and lets hope the weather co-operates!

  8. musicmom

    musicmom Guest


    Thanks for your insight. I read a review on CC about the recent Crown trip,and it was fairly positive. I definitely do not want to park my kids in the program all day, but maybe for an hour or two so we can have some relaxation. We have fun just being togetheras a family. I think the parents have more stress about these things and the kids just end up enjoy themselves!

    I was mostly concerned with the overall looks of the ship, whether it was worn out and in disrepair, but I'm feeling better about it. Really looking forward to spending the days in Bermuda.

    Thnk good weather thoughts.....

    Thanks again,


    Would post on CC but my computer isn't cooperating.
  9. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    If there is one lesson I've learned over the 18 plus cruises is...don't judge a ship by it's looks..lol (or a person for that matter) We sailed on a brand new and magnificent ship..gorgeous, cabins and closets big enough for all my luggage, an atrium with a glass staircase and glass views everywhere, but the service was indifferent, food disappointing and let's not even talk about entertainment and attitude of the staff.. Give me a smaller ship like the Majesty or perhaps the Nordic Empress (haven't been on that), the NCL Sea or the late Sea and Ocean Breeze....We could not wait to get off the "new" ship fast enough to run back to our smaller ships...You will find that the smaller ships have hearts of gold, the staff actually seems to care.. I now know that the Nordic Empress and the Majesty will be phased out on their trips to Bermuda within the next four years and larger ships will be used.. It saddens me and many others who don't want to take two days to find the dining room and by the time you learn your way around the ship or even get from one end to another...your back home.. I do k now from past cruisers I've met that the Nordic Empress is a wonderful ship and they make fantastic piazza..lol.. I do know that the Majesty will be refurbished in October, but right now as a friend has told me she saw them replacing the carpeting... Once your in beautiful Bermuda....it won't matter.. We are working on a special cruise for a special anniversary and the line has under 1000 passengers...
  10. musicmom, you are so right about us parents. There was a time and not many years ago where ships had no kids programs or very limited ones and the kids still had a blast. Just going to dinner, beaches, laying out by the pool, things like that can be fun for them. I do agree you want something so you can have a little peace and quiet as well. Just go with a good attitude and you will have a blast. I have not been to Bermuda but hear so many wonderful stories. What Parrotmom said has alot to think about. One of my favorite ships is the Sea. Believe you me, it's not glitzy or classy. Years ago we sailed on the Caribe (now not with us anymore) the ship held 1000 passengers, was very old, the staff did the entertaining as well as everything else. Loved every minute we spent on our cruises. NMNita
  11. musicmom

    musicmom Guest

    Thanks, Nita and Parrotmom,

    We'll most definitely appreciate a more intimate ship (the Dawn was awesome in every way, but very large, with LOTS of people, everywhere.) Been reading the Crown reviews on CC and they seem much more positive. Must take every review with a grain of salt, I guess...

    Today we hit the beach in the late afternoon (we live on Long Island) and I thought about Bermuda and its famed beaches of pink, soft sand. Can't wait!

    Thanks again,

  12. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

  13. gussin

    gussin Guest

    the crown is a terrific ship...took her around Cape Horn last November. its just been redone. there were only two kids on the ship so i don't know about the kids program. the nice thing about the Crown is that there is plenty of deck space especially the afterdeck...and the promonade runs completely around the ship. great food, great entertainment and at 980 passengers just the right size. and she handled well in rough seas... even though we had to shut down all elevators and cut two props to reduce the vibration and slow our speed during a 24 hour period off chile. i'd sail her again in a minute. our next cruise is on the sun and i 'm afraid i'll miss the small ship feel.

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  14. Gaijin

    Gaijin Guest


    One of the best kept secrets in the Cruise Industry is that NCL has the highest fleet average score for USPH Inspections of it`s ships.
    Considering that newer ships almost automatically get higher scores, and considering that NCL hardly has the newest fleet around, it is even a higher accolade to their efforts at cleanliness.
  15. Don't we wish more people did know this? I have cruised NCL 6 times and about to do 7th; never have we been disappointed in the condition of the ships and there are always cleaning. Sometimes I wish they would disappear for a minute or two. ONLY KIDDING about that!

  16. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    Several years ago while sharing a hot tub with a travel agent on the Majesty he remarked tht although the ship was a bit too small for his type of business bookings he was amazed at the cleanliness, especially on the pool deck... and on this particular ship the lounges where you could just go and chill out.. I just wish people would stop NCL bashing...99% of my experience of NCL has been very positive.
  17. carolannmc

    carolannmc Guest

    Just got back from Alaska on the Sun and we were very impressed with the cleanliness. Would cruise on that ship again any time.
  18. reblev

    reblev Guest

    Just returned from the Crown to Bermuda. It was my first cruise, and I loved the Crown. The staff was very sweet and attentive and it seemed just right. I would like to try a larger ship for the experience, but would also be happy to go on the Crown again. In terms of cleanliness, everything was very clean, and they clean the staterooms at least 2x a day. The only thing that was incongruous is that when room service trays were left in the halls, they might stay there for almost 24 hours. I just couldn't understand that, and believe me, I'm not particularly picky in general. It just seemed out of character. The Crown also just renovated the Spa and it is gorgeous, with rooms overlooking the front of the ship, so you can look at the ocean over the aft during your massage.

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