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NCL Dawn Fun? or just nice?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by szabo2, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. szabo2

    szabo2 Guest

    I am going on the Dawn on MArch 14th and I was wondering if anyone has been on the boat that time of year.

    Where there a greater number of college students on board? I have read alot about the Dawn it sounds really nice, but it also sounds like only a few people are there to party late into the evening.

    I am 21 i am going for spring break anyone that can let me know anything its much apreciated.
  2. MzLuLu

    MzLuLu Guest

    Hi szabo2
    There's a thread on the cruise critics board about the Dawn from a girl in her 20's I think her name is Joanne.
    Anyway, although she loved the cruise and almost everything about it she did state as well as other did that most people on the Dawn are elderly. Also there are not many things to do late at night for a young crowd. I'm sure you'll have a great time and if you have your own crowd you'll make your own fun...........Good luck, Linda
  3. tortoni

    tortoni Guest

    We're also on the March 14 cruise--but since we are a family of five with no one in the twenties--we can't help you much. We've cruised many times, though and we always see lots of people in their twenties having a great time. I'm sure y ou'll have fun.
  4. Zzannah

    Zzannah Guest

    My husband and I are also going on the 14th for Spring Break. I'm 22 and he's 19. Hope to see you there.
  5. hotchops

    hotchops Guest

    Going that week too, 4 of us, couples mid 20's.
  6. beanierose

    beanierose Guest

    Hi I am going on the dawn, march 14 also and i am bringing my daughter with me she is 19 and i am hoping she can find some people her age to hang out with. i am hoping she can still hangout in the clubs and stuff like that or i hope it is not going to be just like the bars where she cannot even come in. she is on spring break from radford unerversity in virginia and being that i am a travel agent we got a good deal. I know she rather go with her friends somewhere but she could not pass this up for the price and it is a beautiful ship. we are in cabin 5052 maybe u could all meet. i do not have a problem hanging with myself i just do not want her to feel like she is stuck with me and bored. thanks roseann
  7. szabo2

    szabo2 Guest

    My mission is to meet every single person on this ship. Its my final spring break and I am determend to have great time. I think you and your daughter will be fine.
  8. CRAY

    CRAY Guest

    I will be going on the NCL Dawn on 3/14th with my daughter who is a college student on spring break. I think that because it is spring break week for a lot of colleges there should be a good number of college students on board. I know that my daughter is hoping for the same outcome.
  9. tortoni

    tortoni Guest

    Hi Roseann, we are down the hall from you on the fifth floor.
  10. KCooper

    KCooper Guest

    Hey Guys! I'm 24, and we are also going on March 14th...there are a group of 10 or so of us...ranging from 19-24! I'm glad to see that there are some younger faces! I've been on Royal Carribbean and that was awesome, but we weren't too sure about NCL...a lot of older people. However, being spring break (my brother informed us that our week is booked!) its going to be an awesome time!

    We're all staying on the 5th floor as well! Feel Free to email!

  11. KCooper

    KCooper Guest

    And as crazy as this sounds...with the ten of us that are going...we'll make it a party!
  12. CRAY

    CRAY Guest

    We are also on Deck 5....you guys are gonna have a blast!
  13. KCooper

    KCooper Guest

    Is everyone on deck five? I think we have like four people to a room, which I think only has two beds...i don't know how my brother booked it, but it should be interesting!
  14. CRAY

    CRAY Guest

    There are 2 beds that will be pulled down at night. Kind of like bunk beds. Where do you guys go to college?
  15. KCooper

    KCooper Guest

    oh ok! thats good then! I wasn't about to sleep on the floor!!

    Well, I went to Washington College in Maryland for undergrad and I go to Goucher College for Graduate school. This is the spring break I never got :( Where does your daughter go? Tell her my brother is going and he's a CUTIE! ;)
  16. szabo2

    szabo2 Guest

    I go to stockton college
  17. CRAY

    CRAY Guest

    My daughter goes to Stockton too!
  18. szabo2

    szabo2 Guest

    Cray, who is your daughter? Where r you from? You can email me at Milkbone2@aol.com cause this is wierd.
  19. Ac930

    Ac930 Guest

    I am also going on the Dawn on March 14th. There will be 3 of us ages 20 and 21. Looking to have an amazing Spring Break. Hope to meet everyone there.

  20. KCooper

    KCooper Guest

    hey amy! there are ten of us going, 7 of which are guys 19-22, and 3 are girls, 22, and 24.


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