NCL Dawn hit by 90 foot rogue wave



The Dawn was hit by 90 foot rogue wave today that flooded 62 cabins. Apparently they have people sleeping in the atrium and several people have been hurt. Let's pray no one was on their balcony.


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Freak Wave Damages Cruise Ship, Injures Passengers


Those onboard describe the moment the wave hit the cruise ship as "pure chaos."

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (April 17) - A seven-story-high wave damaged a cruise ship returning from the Bahamas over the weekend, smashing windows, flooding more than 60 cabins and injuring four passengers.

The Norwegian Dawn was diverted from its route when the ship ran into rough weather on the way back to New York.

The 965-foot-long vessel was docked in the Charleston harbor by late Saturday afternoon for repairs, officials said.

"The ship was hit by a freak wave that caused two windows to break in two different cabins,'' Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement.

It said 62 cabins flooded and four passengers had cuts and bruises. The wave reached as high as deck 10 on the ship, company spokeswoman Susan Robison said Sunday.

The ship's hull was damaged but the vessel was not taking on water, said Keith Moore of the Coast Guard Group Charleston.

A wave about 70 feet high slammed The Norwegian Dawn.
Caption Source: Reuters
Photo Source: NCL/Getty Images

"All the passengers had donned personal flotation devices as a precaution,'' Moore told The (Charleston) Post and Courier.

The cruise line said passengers whose cabins were flooded were being flown home from Charleston and the safety of the ship "was in no way compromised by this incident.''

The ship left New York last Sunday with 2,500 passengers aboard. It was expected to arrive in New York on Monday.

04-17-05 16:04 EDT

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Saw this this morning as well. My first thought was about people who may have been on their balconies. I sure hope everyone is okay.


Did anyone see the newsstory on it on CNN? Passengers had shirts made after it happened with deratory things printed on them about the ship. A guy interviewed said, "it was our honeymoon, and now a lifetime of memories are ruined. It just isn't going to cut it."
Friggin' unbelievable. People are mad AT THE CRUISELINE for the freakin' WAVE hitting it. I'd LOVE to say that this pathetic attitude surprises me, but in this day and time, it doesn't.
Sorry if I seem a bit irate, but I am. Pathetic.


I agree. It is scary but so his "Mother Nature". Anyway, I find it interesting that April 15 was the date the titanic went down. Same date!!!


MikeNBec Wrote:
> A guy interviewed said, "it was our honeymoon, and
> now a lifetime of memories are ruined. It just
> isn't going to cut it."

Too bad they didn't interview this guys' wife. I can just imagine her saying "but honey, nothing memorable did happen except for the wave" !!! :nope :grin

I guess this is a life perspective thing... providing that nobody got hurt (which seems to be the case, other than a few minor things) I would look at this as a story to tell the grandkids. And 50% refund, plus 50% off on another cruise (and free drinks all night).... that is a heck of a deal for something the cruiseline couldn't avoid.


I so agree with MikeNBec. I saw an interview with a passenger, I think it was on CNN, and she was irate as well. She was angry that they were offering free drinks (?!?!) as a consolation on the night it happened, and she seemed to think that a free cruise as compensation wasn't nearly enough for her terror and suffering. Come on, people-- what on earth was the ship supposed to do, steer AROUND the wave or something?! Be glad you weren't hurt, and now you have a great story for the grandkids. (BTW, I'd have LOVED if that had happened on my honeymoon, it would have made it that much MORE memorable...)


#9 has an interview of the honeymoon couple up on the website now. Sounds like NCL made a bad call and the weather snuck up on them. It is sort of bound to happen given the number of time they have to make the same call about prospective weather, eh? It would be interesting to know other ships did, if they were headed north up the coast around the same time, but I think it is fair to assume none of the news outlets will bother to find out.

The big wave apparently hit about 6-6:30AM, and after a number of hours of ugly weather, so it is unlikely anybody was out on their balconies.

No mention at all about smaller ships in the storm. Seems likely that some were out there, and hopefully didn't sink, but I'm sure we won't hear about it. If some 40 foot fishing vessel rode out the same storm, it would take some of the edge off the 'terror' on the 900-ft cruise ship...


I saw an interview on Fox News, and these people were also acting as if NCL could have prevented this rogue wave. I mean, come on people, please. There have been a few times that I remember where people here in New England were swept away from cliffs by rogue waves. I remember two particular ones. One in Ogunquit,Maine where a girl was swept off a cliff and her father jumped in after her, and once in Swampscott, Massachusetts. These things are rare, but do happen.


Even though I cruise with carnival, I know that carnival would NEVER give all night free booze, 50% discount AND a 50% refund on the present cruise gone awry!!