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NCL Dawn hit by rogue wave

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Baystate, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    Apparently the Dawn was hit by a 90 foot rogue wave today. Several people were hurt and 62 cabins were flooded.
  2. debbiet7061

    debbiet7061 Guest

    How do you know it was a 90 foot wave.
  3. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    I have heard varied reports on the news and ncl's website between 70 feet and 90 feet. Either way that's a might big wall of water.
  4. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Yes but consider the ship sustained only minor damage.. Makes me feel even more comfortable onboard.
  5. rshreib

    rshreib Guest




    Where was the ship when this happened?

    Any more details on this?

  7. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    There is a long post with an article on the community message board... I believe they said she was off the coast of Florida. She has now left Charleston SC where she was repaired. Expected back to New York tomorrow at noon.

    Here is the latest from NCL======================================

    April 17, 2005 -- Norwegian Cruise Line is pleased to report that Norwegian Dawn left Charleston, South Carolina at 12:30 a.m. last night after completing successful repairs to the two windows that were broken on Saturday morning. U.S. Coast Guard inspected the repairs and the vessel is now on its way to New York.

    The company estimates that the ship will arrive at noon on Monday and embarkation will commence at 3 p.m.

    Further to the tentative itinerary that was announced 4/16/05 for the voyage commencing 4/18/05 of Norwegian Dawn the company has an important update.

    First, please be assured we are doing everything we can to ensure we have three strong ports of call this week to maximize guest satisfaction.

    The itinerary currently published, was selected because all three ports on the itinerary (Port Canaveral, Miami and Nassau) are ports where Norwegian Dawn docks rather than anchors. That is important because it provides us with a high level of confidence that no further changes to the itinerary will be necessary. When tendering in Great Stirrup Cay, our private island, the wind does not have to pick up very much for us to have to cancel the call.

    We recognize, however, that Great Stirrup Cay is an extremely popular call on this itinerary. Because of the additional distance from Great Stirrup Cay to New York, versus the distance from Nassau to New York, it is not possible to offer a port call in Great Stirrup Cay on Friday April 22nd. The ship has to leave Great Stirrup Cay first thing in the morning in order to meet our scheduled arrival time in New York, leaving no possibility for our guests to spend the day there.

    However, one feasible option to provide a full day in the private island is to replace Miami with Great Stirrup Cay. Norwegian Dawn's Captain will implement this change this coming week, in the event that the forecast on Wednesday (when we are in Port Canaveral) is such that we can be reasonably certain that the weather will not prevent us from offering a safe and comfortable tendering operation in the private island.

    There is no such thing as 100 percent certainty, but if we wait as long as possible to make the decision we can offer an itinerary with the best possibility of three good port calls including what to many of our guests is the highlight of the cruise - Great Stirrup Cay. Please understand, however, that in the event that the weather looks like the tendering operation in our private island may not be feasible, then we will continue to Miami and complete the itinerary currently announced including, Port Canaveral, Miami and Nassau.

    We very much appreciate the patience and understanding of our guests as we plan the schedule for this week that delivers the very best possible itinerary.

    Should there be any further update necessary it will be posted on our website www.ncl.com or via our update telephone number 1-800-625-5672.
  8. sailinggirl

    sailinggirl Guest

    There is quite a discussion on this on another board. I think it was near S. C. The ship had to gock there for repairs. It is surpose to dock in NY tomorrow, a day late. I guess the passengers were very scared as many things broke and 62 cabins flooded. I guess ceilings were falling. Pretty scary
  9. lazy sailor

    lazy sailor Guest

    Any idea of which cabins? We are scheduled to sail on 5/1
  10. jason26

    jason26 Guest

    Definitely scary! I hear the captain let the passengers drink all night for free! I would hafta be there cause I think I would be a nervous wreck other wise(or at least worse).
  11. DragonLips

    DragonLips Guest

    Hey Lazy,
    I'm going on 5-1 too. I've cruised before, but I must Captain Stuebing has me on edge. Why would this guy go through the storm like that. Interviews on CNN from guests said that it was so bad that he just cut the engines and waited it out. I don't get he didn't go around the storm. Better to be a few hours behind, than 2 days late!!!

    Anyone shed any more light on this one?

    Lazy I'm up on 9 on 5/01. Where is your stateroom? I called them today to ask them if the rooms were still there, and the NCL rep chuckled!! I reminded him that this wasn't funny at all, and he downplayed things and said, "it was a bit bumpy there!"
  12. Florida Lady

    Florida Lady Guest

    the S.S. Michelangelo - rogue wave

    In 1966, while crossing from Lisbon to New York, the S.S. Michelangelo (Italian Lines) was struck by an 80 foot wave that tore 30 feet of bukwark off.
    The water smashes through the bridge and into the first class compartments, killing two passengers and a crew member.
  13. DragonLips

    DragonLips Guest

    Re: the S.S. Michelangelo - rogue wave

    WOW Florida, don't depress me even further!!! My concern with this whole thing is how everyone is praising the captain. Yes, the wave hit head on and it was the correct position to be in. My concern is why they were even in that situation!?!? Was he rushed to get back to NY on time??? Why not go around the whole storm.

    If I were toting a 500 million dollar ship I'd say it would be better to be a half a day late and provide the best cruise experience than limp home 1 day late with dings and dents!!! I know that people can be demanding, especially when it comes to maybe missing a port here and there, but the only port left on this trip was New York!! I don't get what Gilligan was thinking!?
  14. Florida Lady

    Florida Lady Guest

    Return to NY and New Jersey is a reinvention of a bad idea

    If you look at the history of cruising you will see that years ago many people dreaded the voyage from New York past Cape Hatterras because of bad weather. We loved the New York to Florida segments because so many people got off in Florida and flew home. Several times on the QE2 there were only about 300 passengers doing the Florida-NYC leg. We did encounter bad weather on one trip. The Captain warned us of what was ahead. We returned to our cabin and found that the attendant had secured anything that might cause injury. Even the telephone was placed on the floor. The Captain changed the direction of the ship by heading out to sea and we avoided the storm. We did arrive a few hours late but that was OK.
    Unfortunately the return to NY and New Jersey is a reinvention of a bad idea. If you sail from Miami or Ft Lauderdale you are already in warmer waters, If worse comes to worse there are lots of altenative ports.
  15. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Are people insane? SAIL AROUND THE STORM! How?

    The ship usually travels at 20 knots, but this Captain had already slowed down to 4 knots to cut through the storm with the shortest track.... At 4 knots, a one hundred mile diversion would have taken 25 hours, and instead of being in the storm tossed waters for one day they would have been seasick for two days.....

    Come on people, use your brains for something besides a hat rack!

    Hey, they got a free cruise out of this....half off the current and half off the next..... I wish I could get a free cruise.....
  16. rubicon

    rubicon Guest

    I would have to agree with Don Clark. Everyone is a critic when a situation turns bad. This was not the captains rodeo!!! There obviously was some justification for the decisions he made. The captain did not make the decision on his own-I am very sure that he was in contact with the coast guard and with Norwiegn Cruise Line too.
  17. p.g.

    p.g. Guest

    First, DragonLips,( ps I love that name) stop worrying, a rogue wave did the damage. Not the actual storm. Storms may be common, but rogue waves are not. They are unpredictable.

    Second, The Coast guard said in the paper today that the captian handled the situation correctly. I trust the Coast Guards opionion.

    As much as we all like to think of our cruise ships as floating luxury hotels, they are NOT, they are SHIPS, and they are on the sea. And we all know the sea is unpredictable at times. Sailing around storms is not always possible, the ocean is quite large, and sometimes so are storms.

    I have to agree that the 50% off a future cruise and 50% refund on this cruise is a very nice offer, expecially since this cruise was almost over so the cruisers had already enjoyed5 to 6 days of uneventful cruising.
  18. Cruisediva1

    Cruisediva1 Guest

    I was on the 4/10/05 sailing on the Norwegian Dawn. And let me tell you that it was something else. We were hit by a 72 ft wave that damaged 2 cabins 9502 and 10502. Inside these cabins were 4 people who were injured by glass and debris. the people in cabin 9502 were flown home when the ship docked in South Carolina for repairs and the others returned home with the ship. It was a pretty scary journey. The captain kept us informed on what was going on at all times. The ship did a lot of swaying and rolling at one point the roll was so great that everything inside of the closet came flying out and I ended up with life vests and things on my head while I was in bed. Was someone trying to tell me something??? Then it rolled back to the other side and well needless to say everything that was not nailed down decided that it wanted to be on the floor. This continued most of the night. The wave hit the ship at 6:30 in the morning and it was like running into a brick wall. Almost right after that they called a code Alpha 9 meaning that there was a breach in the ship. And the rest if history so to say. Everyone was running up and down the hall along with the water that had paid up a visit. Nothing like bringing the ocean to you. Norwegian does it all. We all ended up in the Atruim all of us that were displaced from the damaged cabins life vest and all, wasn't going anywhere with out it you know. This is a vacation that I will long remember and you know what I will be sailing with Norwegian again in April 2006 aboard the same ship the beautiful NORWEGIAN DAWN. This really is a beautiful ship. An now that she has been baptized by the sea, we know that lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice. Just wanted to let you know that all in all I had a great time even though they cancelled Nassau, and even though we had a frightening journey home. I look forward to my next Sail Away on the Norwegian Dawn............... 347 days to go...........
  19. frito

    frito Guest

    Cruisediva1, I'm sure that had to be very scary and hope I never experience anything like that on a cruise.
    I also want to say I like your attitude and that you are a true " sailor " of the first order.
    Sail on--- sail on !

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