NCL Dawn - With 1 year old



I'm hoping someone can help me. I am a previous crew member and cruiser on Carnival and we found that we liked the price and itinerary. We have never cruised on NCL nor have we cruised with our son. My Question is I have read that on RCL that they will allow parents to bring the little ones in to play in the play room as long as the parents supervise them, saving the parents from lugging toys along with them. Does NCL, more specificlly the Dawn have the same sort of program?
Also how much is the "no swimming unless potty trained" enforced as my son wears swim diapers and has never even peed in the pool here

Oh One more question, which of the restaraunts on the dawn charge an extra fee for dinner?

Thanks so much




I dont think that info on RCi is totally correct, yes, they have some time set aside for parent/child play time for the little ones, but it isn't all the time. I think NCL has something similar but I do not hold me to this cause I am not positve.

As for restaurants with no charge on the Dawn"

there are 2 main dining rooms:

the buffet

the outside grill

the Blue Lagoon, which is sorta a diner or hamburger joint. They have awesmoe Fish and Chips (order a double as the serving are small, but tastey) sandwhiches, great buffalo wings and crappy salads..LOl :daisy:)-D