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NCL Epic

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by tc1, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    Hello all;
    Anybody know anything about EPIC. I've pre resd for July 17 2010 voyage. Agent doesn't have much info on cabin size etc. Wondering if it really will be a different sort of ship and accomodations.
    Is there any info out there you know of?
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

  3. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    Thanks for the links. Pretty much it looks like I'll have to wait for NCL to release the specs for cabin sizes deck plans etc.
  4. nmnita

    nmnita Guest


    We are all waiting for more information. Let's hope we get it soon, as you mentioned, your agent doesn't have much info, I am one and I don't have much either..

  5. clayton

    clayton Guest

    Did you book yet???
  6. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    I have booked through my NCL agent 2 balcony cabins. The res is tentative and only required a $100 deposit per cabin until they get back with more details and actual category. We are looking at spa level but think that may be too pricey.
  7. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    Booked !
    Now I just need to find a cruise to take before then.
  8. cutecooky

    cutecooky Guest

    I have booked back to back cruises on NCL Epic for late August thru Sep't. Booked a spa deluxe balcony on 14.I have never had a problem on any NCL ship I have been on.
  9. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    I have only been on 1 cruise with NCL although have cruised with other lines. NCL is as good as any mid priced line. Looking forward to Epic as have never cruised on maiden voyage before.
    Any body have ideas on what to expect on first sailing?
  10. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    we too would love to do the Epic, but have so many other cruises we are considering for next year the epic may have to wait. You are right about NCL, there are several lines that fit into the mid price range and all are equal..

  11. Darthdaddy

    Darthdaddy Guest

    One of the on-line services---Cruises Only?---had a "webinar" about the EPIC this past week. I think it will be repeated next week. It provided some additional info about the ship. Lots of discussion of the various cabin designs. Even more discussion of the resturants and public areas. It was also possible to post real-time questions that were answered during the session. The session was 1 hr (7-8pm). I sat and watched with my kids. t was a fun way to get everyone psyched for our next cruise--not the EPIC :-(
  12. tc1

    tc1 Guest

    Thanks for the info. Will try to locate site and check it out.
  13. Darthdaddy

    Darthdaddy Guest

    Definitely check it out.
    if I find the link, I'll post it later. They seem to have new topics every week or so. It's a pretty good way for the cruise lines to get their message out. It really is somewhat like watching an infomercial, but I didn't mind.
  14. blanceg

    blanceg Guest

    Hello... my wife and I are also booked on the inaugural (U.S.) sailing July 17, 2010 on the EPIC. It is an amazing ship ... over 4,000 passengers ... we've never taken an inaugural sailing, either, but hope it will be terrific. The ship is nearing completion, and, from what I understand, it is nearly sold-out for this first cruise in the Caribbean or close to it. The average NCL cruiseship is slightly over 2,000 passengers ... so, logistically, this will be difficult to fathom (pulling into port and taking on stores between sailings, and getting on and off 4,000+ passengers suitcases in a limited amount of time). Having sailed on NCL, now, over 5 times, we think they should have a pretty good handle on dealing with a ship THIS size. Due to its size, though, it is limited on where it can go -- at present it will be St. Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau, Bahamas. There are constant updates on the progress of the ship. Go to www.NCL.com and click on "EPIC" on the drawdown for "ships". Happy sailing!

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