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Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Golden Cruiser, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. I am thinking about going on the GEM out of New York in March. Does anyone know how old the ship is? How many passengers it holds? Also, on the website the decor looks like a bad 70's black light poster--has anyone been on it--can it really be as bad as it looks? Thanks for your help!! :lol
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    The Norwegian Gem entered service in October 2007. It holds 2400 to 2850 passengers (depending on how many of the third and forth beds are filled).
  3. uppitycats

    uppitycats Guest

    So it's actually pretty new, and better designed than some of the older NCL ships to accommodate the "freestyle dining" that NCL is known for.

    I've not yet sailed on an NCL vessel...but having sailed on Carnival, where I hated the decor, I'm hopeful that NCL's isn't as bad. But I may be proven wrong!
  4. I'll be on the Gem for 13 days starting 11/14/08 from Barcelona to NYC....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I'll let you know how she is... :)
  5. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    The Gem is featured in the current issue of Cruise Travel.
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. virginialevy

    virginialevy Guest

    Re: NCL Gem-Nov 16/Barcelona-NY

    Hi, Brian! -

    A travel partner and I will be on the Nov 16 sailing also, and we are really looking forward to trying out the Gem's "free-styling" plan!
    She's cruised internationally with NCL a couple of times before, and I've only done a few West Coast 3-day trips on Carnival out of LA -- although I am a 25-year veteran of European travel. Hope we catch up with you onboard!

    Los Angeles
  8. Re: NCL Gem-Nov 16/Barcelona-NY

    Freestyle is great. You will hear some people complain about it on other boards, but I've tried it and thought it was the greatest way to cruise!

    Look forward to meeting you!
  9. rrobynec

    rrobynec Guest

    The GEM is a beautiful ship--the decor is bright, but it lends a cheery atmosphere to the ship. I loved it so much on my Med cruise, that I decided to do one night out of NYC!
    AHHHH to be on the GEM again!=docdance
  10. Skilly

    Skilly Guest


    I went on the GEM last year around the Med and loved every minute of it. It was my first cruise and wanted to try something less formal and thought it was great. I have to say the kids club was fabulous and my daughter loved it.
  11. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    Have been trying to decide between a mini-suite and a regular cabin with a balcony.. Friend told me the mini--suites are no big deal.. and not that big.. Is it true?
  12. nmnita

    nmnita Guest


    Yes, this is pretty true. the mini suites are a little bigger with a full couch instead of the love seat, but I don't think I would spend the extra. I wish NCL will re-name the mini suites, deluxe balcony cabins. Just my opinion.

  13. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    HI Nita.. we did book the min-suite which came to about $60.00 more and for two weeks we think a tad more space considering we are large people.. A friends daughter works for the entertainment group for NCL and works the Jade and said the Gem, Jewel and Jade were the best of the NCL ships.. It bugs me that most of the restaurants have surcharges..especiallly Cagneys.. Other cruise has been canceled, as the hotel in Rome and the hotel in Barcelona is book and two private tours signed up for already..The ports are wonderful.. the only two we have been to are Malaga and Corsica..this time we will tour Rome and Pisa.. Compared to my feelings about the Equinox I am really excited about the itinerary of the Gem. Other friends who have been on it love it, even though it's big..
  14. nmnita

    nmnita Guest

    Done the Jewel, it is a wonderful ship so I am sure you will enjoy the Gem. Yes, $60 would make me book the mini as well.
    I have clients right now getting ready to take the Jade out of Barcalona.. I will let you know how they liked it when they get back.

  15. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    Just received my bill from my t/a for the cruise and I was SHOCKED at how little it was.. her price included port charges, taxes, etc.. Okay. so I figure they are going to get me on alternative restaurants...I think the air fare to Barcelona will ALMOST be higher.. I doubt it.. but I'm waiting to get Aer Lingus rates for November...already booked our hotel
  16. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    We are doing the same cruise in November 2009.. can y ou give me ideas of which restaurans are decent without paying extra $$ and if there are specials like 2 for 1s and which ones to avoid.
  17. clayton

    clayton Guest

    The ship is great.

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